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Dickless dudes and their admirers. DO NOT post photos that have water marks from other sites. Do NOT post links to other sites,. Do NOT post "wish" photos. Those are photos of your entact cock wishing to be dickless. Before and after photos are fine. RSS Feed what is XML?

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El Paso
torture my cock .PLEASE.  topic
Looking for Japanese woman to emasculate me  topic
Had it done but kinda regretting it  topic
Just curious.  topic
close-up of urethral orifice  photo flag
examination of penile stump  photo flag
erection of penile stump  photo flag
partial penectomy/ partielle Penektomie/ Penist...  photo flag
empty forskin  photo flag
Soon to be gone  photo flag
Looking for CBT session in Betlun  topic
happy dicklessness  photo flag
i'm a cutter in az phx  topic
Per Italiani  topic
What's with so many unrealistic posts?  topic
Mobile, AL  topic
Want to be an Eunuch?  topic
take them  topic
new group  topic
I really really want to cut off someone's dick  topic
Pay for destruction an bloody cum and final cut...  topic
not a bullshit post  topic
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