Why do we want a penectomy?

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I've seen the question asked to castration wannabes why they want to be cut, so I'm curious to all the reasonings behind why those of us on this site want to be rid of our penises.

Is it a religious thing for you? Do you suffer pain and want to finally be rid of it? Do you hate your genitals or just love the lack of genitalia women seem to enjoy? Or is it merely a matter of aesthetics?

For me, the penis doens't give me all that much pleasure and seems to be more in the way than a beneficial appendage. And now that I have a urethral relocation, the penis isn't used for urination and ejaculation. It's merely a wad of meat that is more sensitive than other body parts.
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    Well I cant ever remember ever loving the thing and thought of it as just that, a thing.
    Although I have enjoyed the ejaculative rush at the height of intercourse, the pleasure of that has never overcome
    my resentment toward my penis. I was just born that way as many other men are.
    I know that I wont enjoy some of those lovely feelings again but I am happy in the
    knowledge that my over sensitive piece of meat will no longer be a part of me, the same goes for my nuts.
    Nothing stored, preserved, mounted, all in the rubbish bin. I don't give a shit
    Genital removal is not a fantasy for me and I can live with it. Nuff said.
    Be happy Guys
  • My reason for wanting to remove my penis is probably the opposite of most.

    Sexual stimulation and enjoyment both mentally and physically has always been an important part of my life. It is one of the few great things in life that is free and I try to take advantage of that every day that I can. My body modifications have always been a way of enhancing my sexual enjoyment. My permanent hair removal has made my skin more sensitive and appealing ascetically. My nipple piercings made my nipples more sensitive and gave me numerous ways to play with them along with the mental stimulation that goes with thinking of those ways. The same thing goes for my modifications to my genitals between my legs. I have explored every possibility for new ways of enhancing and enjoying my sexuality. They range form my meatotomy which sculpted my glans and allowed for additional ways of stimulating my urethra, anal stimulation from inserting all kinds of objects, penile piercings to create new ways of stimulating me and my partner during sex along with the physical and mental enjoyment from the weight of metal and feel of gold hard metal attached to it, and even including living out my female fantasies of having to sit while peeing and having my penis for strictly sexual enjoyment by never having fluids of any kind exit from it I accomplished that through my urethral reroute,

    My most recent sexual enhancing modification worked in a way that I did not expect and introduced ideas for new ways of sexual enhancement.

    I'm referring to my glans liberation which I performed to allow me additional ways of being stimulated by touching the underside of my glans and from feeling it able to move freely from my penis shaft. The one thing I didn't think much about before performing it was that I would be cutting through a lot of nerves and ultimately reduce the sensitivity of my glans considerably. Yes, there are new sensations from the underside of my glans but they are much more subtle now.

    That was the part that I didn't expect... that I would actually enhance my sexuality and improve my orgasms by reducing my sensitivity for sexual stimulation through my glans. Yes, less - can truly be more!!!

    So now what is it that excites me about loosing even more of the parts of my body that has provided so much stimulation and sexual enjoyment. Well, the answer is two fold. The first is that it will give me more of an opportunity to slow down and smell the roses.I have found that the most significant enjoyments in life come from the process of achieving things and not the result or outcome. Less stimulation requires us more time for enjoyment and requires more participation from other parts of the body that were overpowered by the penile sensations in the past.

    The second thing is that I have spent my entire life knowing very few ways of pleasing a woman and myself. It has always ultimately been about penetrating her with my penis. Since my glans and penis have always been so sensitive this always result in bringing on the end to the process and therefore the enjoyment very quickly. So the thing that excites me most about loosing my penis is that I will be forced to find new ways for sexual satisfaction of my partner and myself. The mental and physical stimulation of finding those ways excites me in ways I never thought possible. I have always welcomed change and I believe having to reinvent my means of enjoying sex and sexual stimulation will keep me aroused for the remaining part of my life.
  • For me a penectomy is inseparable thing together with my plans of my castration and to become eventually Nullo.
    All my life I was dreaming to have women’s type of genitals. No, I love men’s genitals too, but not on my body. To be honest I love to feel them inside my body. I’m not a gay; I’m bi-sex if considered to my sex orientation. But I am more lesbian type of men. I don’t need my penis to give a pleasure.
    I always had craving to have flat look and feeling beneath my belly. And while I’m becoming older I clear understand I can’t be a woman in this life. But I know and sure I can do something to be closer to my dream. So, I don't expect for further feminization at least now. I just extremely want my penis and nuts to be cut off.
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    I have a good dick and balls but my prefernces are much more to be fucked than to fuck. Indeed to be a fuckable thing. Than's wgy i'm seriously considering to be nullified. The firts steps are almost done. Nos i'm hairless over almost all my body (lasered). The next step when i will saved enough money is to travel to Germany to be castrated or nullified. depend on the money saved
    • My wonderful father sadly died of prostate cancer. On doing research about how it could be avoided I discovered that as a guy gets older the prostate enlarges. When there is no more room to expand internally, tissues rub together and get sore and may turn cancerous.

      I also had an issue with when sitting down to poo, on occasion my 'not so big' cock would double up under the toilet seat and send pee out the front of the toilet and on to my pants and the floor. I began to hate it.

      After my first marriage ended, my then girlfriend didn't want anymore kids, neither of us liked condoms and she couldn't take oral contraception. So I had an incision cut through to the urethra to allow liquids to come out low down on the shaft. I read about the risks. I discovered that if the penis and its root were removed, it would give the prostate more room to expand unhindered.

      I started to do more research and chatted to guys that have been through it and began to want mine removed....especially as my girlfriend enjoyed my tongue more.

      After that relationship ended, I wanted to blame something, so I picked on my feeble cock. I met with a Master, who introduced me to CBT and MM fun. I loved it. I found the the pain in my cock and balls, gave me amazing head rushes. I wanted more. Much more. I love feeling a huge cock inside me, I love not being in control, I love the unexpected jolt of pain, I love the fact that no matter what is done to my genitals, it heals up good.

      My interest in having a penectomy, but keeping my balls (for a while longer), grew. It turned into desire, its now a need.

      Luckily, my new wife is bi-sexual and has accepted that my cock will go. She loves what I do with her, without needing my cock to please her. She knows that if she wants a proper sized cock, she has my blessing to find one. If she wants to play with another girl, she can. She knows that I want more cock inside me and she knows that I want to be controlled by a very strict and extreme Master.

      My cock will be removed one day soon......I hope giving me one final, but ultimate that I will remember for a long long time.
      • moi parce que je n aime pas ma bite , je la trouve laide et toujours moins belle que tous les mecs que je vois meme les jeunes ados en ont des plus belles et grosses , elle est nulle elle eseras a rien ,
      • I can relate. My wife i love her with all my heart and soul. i have a small cock and dont mind if she does bigger other guys even if i watch. I love the cock in my ass and that will never change. i like to be dominated. my wife wants to cut mine off but i want to do it safe so no death involved. She wrenches and pulls and kicks and hits as hard as she can. She tells me everytime we are together she wants to cut it off slow and painfully. as you can see by my pick i have tatts and piercings. it really turns me on and want it done. i could be happy just being a slave.
  • Up since I was a child, I knew I was a slave, un'animaletto for slaughter. Fantasizing about scenes like the comics dolcett. Meanwhile masturbate my small penis ... Now that I'm an adult I just want to be used, and enjoy my mess. I love feeling helpless sexually, my penis is always less erect. females turn me less and less and I like to be fucked by males or females with strap-on. See my penis soft like ... I want to be totally isolated ...
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    Easy answer. I'm transgender and will never be able to afford the SRS to be able to have a vagina so I might as well become nullo. I hate the broken appendage that leaks and it's unsighly, a pain to clean and barely works as it is.

    I would love to have a smooth groin for my birthday this 22nd and when healed get it tattooed with an under construction or an out of order sign.

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    i want to have a penectomy because of the sexual feeling..... the feeling of the cutting procedor.... tu know howw it feels when the scissor or the knife drives through the penis.
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      I'm also in this category. For me it is really a "fetish" in the sense that the act itself is what it interesting to me -- the intense pain, the "horror" of the permanence of it all, etc.

      I'd also be interested in the after-effect of the torment of not being able to easily orgasm and lack of ability to have regular sex with a woman -- the sheer frustration and horniness would be exquisite.

      But to me it has nothing to do with actually wanting it gone, or not liking it, or wanting to look smooth or different. It is the sensations -- the sensations during the act and the sensations afterwards that intrigue me to the point of obsession.
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    Well, for some reason I have always sabotaged every good thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I have always felt like I don't deserve any happiness. I don't have any vices, I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, though if you offer a joint I'll smoke it. I get joy out of eating, sleeping and masturbating. Obviously I can't quit eating, and I have to sleep. I've always used my dick to get me through depressions, anxieties, sadness's, anger, etc... it literally started when i was 5 years old, and it has been a constant.... I don't hate my dick, I love it... But my dick is a vice that is preventing me from dealing with life issues. Sort of like alcohol to an alcoholic, I need to play with it to feel better emotionally... I play with it all the freaking time... every day... I wake up a good two hours early before work just so I can drink coffee, play with my dick and look at porn... So anyway... I have wanted a penectomy for well over 10 years... I have had several opportunities to have it cut and modified, but each time I would chicken out. Each time afterwards I wished sorely I would have taken up that opportunity... I have destroyed it aesthetically by having it tattooed completely black. I look down at it and it looks dead to me, and it has only heightened my need to have it cut off.

    So with all of that long winded explanation, this is why i want my dick cut off... I want to live my life in the present, forced to deal with every emotion that I use to hide from by playing with my dick... I also am a bit of a masochist, and i don't know if there is such a thing as being emotionally masochistic, but I want to spend the rest of my life rubbing a stump, and I want to long for my dick... I want to regret it, I want to spend my days wishing I could wrap my hands around it and play with it... I want to experience the habit of reaching for it when things get too rough in life. I want to look at every single guy and want his cock. That is why I want a penectomy. Also, I am a sub. I have an analogy that is the following: If I have an iPad, and you have an iPad, there really isn't much joy, for me, to play with yours because I already have one to play with... Now, If my iPad were to get stolen, and I couldn't afford to buy another one, and you let me play with your iPad, It would be a lot of happiness based upon the memories of all the fun I had with my own iPad. So when I am in a sub position, you better bet that I will suck cock better than anyone in your entire life has every sucked before. I will enjoy man on man sex so much more without my own dick getting in the way... I believe that only a dom/Sir should have a cock in a master/slave relationship.
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      Wow, actually this describes me really well. I am incredibly lucky and successful in life. Everything alwasy goes well for me. I'm tall, energetic, extremely strong/athletic, did amazing in school (started university at age 16 with full academic scholarship), did amazing in career -- was multi-millionaire by age 28, do everything right. Except I have this one extremely gripping obsession with genital self harm. I love being male and love sex, but problem is I like it too much -- my main vice. I notice that it is like a self-sabotage -- when things are going best is when I start to take steps towards genital self-harm.

      Thanks for sharing this. It really resonated with my situation.
  • ...aesthetics mainly. As a total submissive, I have no use for my penis other than the orgasmic feeling of self-pleasure. Receiving oral sex isn't an interest to me; I'd much rather provide oral sex (I love the taste and feel of cock and cum). this slave would enjoy being a trans-gendered eunuch (but it has no desire to become a female, unless a Master wishes it to be).
    As a slave, it believes that the ability to masturbate and acheive orgasm is not only selfish but distracts from what is truly important...and that is a Master's pleasure. this slave's focus should be centered entirely on pleasing its Master.
    • When I was 4 in kindergarten, I was caught by a teacher for showing my erected cock to the kids on my table. She got so mad at me when I allowed the girl who sat next to me to feel my cock. She pulled me aside, pulled my pants down, took my cock out and threatened to cut it off with a pair of scissors. I started crying and bagged her not to cut it off. She proceeded to shut the blades, but stopped short of cutting it off.

      That's how my fantasy began - even since that day I always dreamed of getting it cut off forcibly with a pair of scissors, just like that day. As I was growing up, my parents would often caught me masturbating and my dad especially always threatened to cut my cock off. I remember getting excited everytime he said it. I masturbated regularly from the age of 5 and I didn't hit puberty until 13.

      My penectomy fantasy grew a lot stronger through puberty. My cock has always been small, at 4" hard and 2" soft. It didn't grow much through puberty, and it is uncircumcised.I have a long foreskin, covering the whole head even today. Kids at school would often made fun of it and I was very embarrassed by it and hated my cock. I wish I wasn't born with one or someone would just cut it off and throw it in the bin. It is a piece of rubbish really.

      I hate my cock so much - no girl would let me fuck them, because of its size and my foreskin. I use it to wee and masturbate - which I really wish I could stop, but the urge is too strong and I waste so much time to please that piece of meat.

      If my cock was to go, my fantasy is to have someone pin me to the ground, pulled my pants down, take my cock out and start cutting away.
      • My thoughts on this.
        I have been a eunuch for 30 or so years. As a result of my castration I am completely impotent and have been for almost 30 years. My dick, such as it is is tiny. I am less than 2 inches. It has certainly shrunk and withered since castration. So my dick has no sexual function. A pee hole will suffice for the other obvious function. That is why I would be glad to see the back of it.
      • About the time I was three Ive been tormented and drawn to having my penis cut off. I’m not sure if the two elements of this instance occurred simultaneously, but my memory of it melds them together. There was a song by Perry Como called “Hot Diggity” I think. As the lyrics went “Hot Diggity Dog Diggity (boom) What ya do to me (boom) Its so new to me… and on and on
        Well for some reason when I heard “What ya do to me”, I wanted to play with my penis. I did it almost every time I heard the song. I would just giddily flop it about and watch how it lands. I was really having fun and all was well with the world far as it concerned me, till my mom walked into the room and saw what I was doing. She got quite angry and yanked me off the couch and dragged me into the kitchen. She then pulled down a kitchen knife, and with the other hand yanked down those little boy’s elastic shorts. She then cradled my little penis in her hand and said: “Do you want me to cut it off!!? If you touch it like that again I’ll cut it off”. Frankly I don’t remember what my response was but my guess would have been no.
        I think that was the seed planted, because later around my 18th year, I was traveling and stopped to visit my sister living in the woods by N Cal. There was lots of hiking to do and some time then I came across a tree stump that must
        Have stood about waist high or so.
        For no particular reason, I whipped out my penis and laid it on that tree stump and then waited- for something. I don’t know what I was waiting for but my penis sure looked good on this tree stump and as I let it lay there, I watched it. Then my penis started to swell with pleasure as soon as having it chopped off came to mind.
        It was a weird thought but at the same time erotically fascinating. That was a memorable day because it was the first time I ever entertained the idea of cutting my dick off.

        Years passed again and nor it’s the internet and I have a computer. A quick search made me realize that I’m not the only one that fantasizes about this. And that revealation in and of itself started turning me on, hoping that someday I’ll meet a guy that had his dick cut off and he’ll let me play with his stump.

        So my fascination with this has grown over the years and now, I’m not that certain that I won’t go through with it someday.

        My penis is usually soft all the time and I can’t get a decent erection worth a damn. I’d always said to myself when it no longer pleasures me, is when the time for it is near.

        When Ilook at pictures of penectomized men, its their stumps that fascinate me, and I wonder what level of frustration they are enduring by not having a cock anymore.

        I often think I would like to face frustration like that, drying to deal with my sex outlet being gone forever. That perhaps more than anything else is what makes this all so erotic to me. Having to deal with being a penectomized man.
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          My penectomy fantasies also started when I was quite young, although I was never threatened with it (not that I can recall, anyway). I was always curious about cutting it off. I'd sneak into the kitchen when my parents were asleep when I was very young, pull my penis from my PJs and hold a knife to it. I'd stick it in scissors when I'd get a chance, too. I can safely say my first erections came from thoughts of cutting it off, long before I knew I was supposed to put it in a girl. As I got older, I enjoyed my penis - a lot. I loved jerking off, and I loved sex, and got as much of both as I could. Still, the thoughts of cutting it off never went away. Then, a few years ago, my ex - the love of my life - left me. I was devastated. I never found someone else (as if she could be replaced), and I'd think of her when I masturbated, which just made me sad. I decided the time had come to remove my penis. Fortunately, I have a friend who is a surgical nurse. I confided in her my desire to cut off my penis. She told me - begged me, really - to seek therapy. I never did, knowing that eventually the outcome would be the same. I called her one day, and told her that I was going to do it, with or without her help. Not wanting me to bleed to death, she agreed to help. She refused to do the cutting, which was OK, since I wanted those honors anyway, but she came equipped to patch up the damage. I chopped it off, and the sight of my severed cock was the most exhilirating moment of my life. I picked it up and tasted the head, and I loved it. I never had a cock in my mouth before or since. I put it in a ziploc bag, put it in the freezer, and let my friend do her work. I thought I would want to preserve my penis somehow, but after a few days, the sight of it just seemed very strange, so I threw it away. Sometimes I miss it, wondering what the hell I've done, but most of the time I'm OK with it. One benefit has been some very intense wet dreams, which are my only real outlet anymore. My dreams are almost always about my ex, and the incredible slow blowjobs she always gave. I wake up, covered in cum, and I always find myself reaching for an organ that is no longer there.
          • The second part of your post started to sound like "penectomy porn' but that's ok cause I too drift off like that to my special place. The idea that I wanted to have it removed must have been from my early childhood. Although I mantioned in recent post that i had an emotionally castrating mother might have been the genesis of this obsession. I'm pretty sure that she never liked a man's penis and probably wanted only to hurt them all very badly. I'm beginning to even wonder if- while she was changing my diapers- she might have made threatening remarks directed to my genitals that i picked up on. I also think there's some "naughty" aspect to all this, though I haven't yet made that connection.
            Just recently I think I turned a corner. I found myself in a curious state of mind that brought out at fever pitch- a wave of penectomy fantasy in writing and videos.
            Its just possible that that event may have defined me in terms that have Always been about me- although, for the sake of youth and inexperience, I was unwilling to admit to myself that I would ever actually really DO it.
            Until now.
            I now see that I could have my dick cut off- and the emotional impact on me would probably be minimal or nil. About the only thing i haven't worked out yet is pissing. I do not want to endure the inconvenience of having to drop my trousers and then shorts -just to pee. That alone gives me pause. But past that- I don't imagine that I'll ever be with a woman again, and feel confident that within the gay community there would be guys interested in what it's like to be with a guy that's had his dick cut off.
  • me this is something i have dreamed of most of my life .i think i have always wanted to be a girl but the cost is to mush so i must settle for the next best thing .i have look at all the pictures where all these guys have there dicks cut off and it is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.i never knew there was anybody else out there that wanted the same thing i did .what a revelation.i have cut off my dick 2 times only to have it sewed back on because i was afraid of bleeding to death.can some one please please help me tell me how to cut off my dick without bleeding to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i personally like the someone being in control and me being nothing. i dont want or like my cock. i have hated it since age 13 and love sex with both men and women. i dont need my cock to do either. i just want to feel free.

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