Have you ever met a dickless dude?

topic posted Sun, September 13, 2009 - 7:06 PM by  Jimmy
I have met one man who had performed his own glansectomy. Then at a later time he removed half of the shaft. Then he subincised it. It was at his home when he, his friend, and I had a show and tell. ( My split head. His friend's large PA.) I thought it amazing that the man that' reached orgasm first was the man with NO DICK. I knew that I would some day have a stump of my own. Now I do. Since I have joind the ranks of the headless horsemen I have yet to meet another man in real life who has a penis stump. I welcome the day that I do.
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  • I am more interested in meeting a dickless gurl. you know what I mean? a submissive little sissy, well on her way to becoming totally feminized, her hairless little scrotum all by itself, hanging from her smoothly shaved pubis with a thin, faint scar the only trace of her cock. Without a cock of her own to play with, she will be more than happy to devote her time and energy to the cock she can play with, mine. Her frustration at no longer having a cock of her own would guarantee that she would do almost anything to get my cock in her tight, hairless little ass, since that would be almost the only way she could cum anymore, from a hard cock massaging her prostrate, it's many piercings rubbing in and out of her ass as i thrust in and out of her ass.

    She might be a dude, and she would be dickless, but she would be treated like a lady, romanced like a woman, and fucked like a slut in heat.
    • This is damn hot, I would like to be treated in this way, being dickless, no chance to wank and jerk of myself but being used and abused and only allowed to cum while my prostata is being fucked.
      Back to the topic, I never met a dickless dude yet, but I would love to meet one.
  • 2001, Brittany (France) plage naturiste de la roche sèche, Erdeven
    1cm stump, naked in the sun
    19/08/2011, ravenna,( Italy) spiaggia naturista lido di dante
    2cm stump
    29/08/2011 Brittany (France) plage naturiste de la roche sèche, Erdeven
    1cm stump, naked in the sun
  • 2001, Erdeven, plage de la roche sèche,brittany (France)
    1cm stump
    19/08/2011, Ravenna (Italy), spiaggia naturista lido di dante
    2cm stump
    29/08/2011, Erdeven, plage de la roche sèche,brittany (France)
    1 cm stump
  • Hey Jimmy. Welcome2 the beautiful men club, exclusive2 guys with no ugly bits! HopeU feel perineally proud!

    I saved the hassle by being born penile & testicular agenetic. It happens2 about 1 in 20 million guys, but nearly all R forced in2 gender reassignment as toddlers. Cheated outa their masculinity!

    So the odds of me finding another natural agenetic are one in no-fucking-hope-at-all! I'm kinda depending on U guys, the cutoffs, to find another guy as beautifully, smoothly perfect as me.

    So, any of U perineally perfect guys ever come2 London, Uk, message me.
    Hey, why dont we group up in a world naked bike ride. I help organize the London job!

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