Should dicks be chopped off in public?

topic posted Mon, November 25, 2013 - 8:07 AM by  Jay Perry
If laws were passed allowing the Penis-Guillotine to be used on young bucks and grown men, do you all think the criminals should lose their dicks in public or not? I'm in favor of it for young delinquents at least. It could be a real fun event for the public, they get to see the prisoner pay for his crime with his dick.
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Jay Perry
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    Mon, November 25, 2013 - 1:15 PM
    Beyond fun, why not charge a "modest" admittance? I've never meant a municipality that was averse to generating income when the cost to acheive it was virtually...nothing. The criminal has already cost them monies in terms of trials, being jailed, here's a way to get some of the costs back. Also, put it on a slding scale; Cock only, one price, cock and balls, slightly more and if the cock and each ball are removed separately, more yet. After all, a simple ziiiip chop takes but a fraction of a second, when you begin to do more, and with the same criminal, the longer it takes, the better the value for a higher price. Then there's the issue of sales of newly removed genitals. No questions asked as to the purpose the buyer might have in mind. And, for those days when you have multiple excisions, tail gate parties, one every twenty or thirty minutes-or longer depeding on how many pieces are to be removed. Maybe sell the rights to a network after all, this represents your tax dollars at work.....There would certainly be a charge for pre-drop interviews and for the downright intrusive reporter who wants to be with his subject from first being brought from his cell until cauterizing and the auction for his formerly owned parts, major dollars.
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      Tue, November 26, 2013 - 2:39 PM
      Yeah, I like all your ideas, Lew. I think people would pay a lot to see a guy's penis guillotined and to watch more than one get his all or part of his junk cut off. Internet, radio TV & papers spend a lot of time reporting on crimes & criminals so they could help drum up bigger crowds with pre-drop stories about who's gonna lose his dick and what for. I really like having the 20 or 30 minute wait between taking each prisoner to the Penis-Guillotine, so people could have those tailgate parties. But, I'd put the men & young bucks who have to go to the Penis-Guillotine into stocks where they can see each prisoner go before him, watch their penises drop into the basket, hear them scream and see them led away with nothing but a bloody stump or hole where their dicks used to be. They could be guillotined from oldest to youngest or based on size or maybe a wheel of misfortune spun around until it lands on their names. Their victims could be there to tell the public how much the crimes cost them in money and grief as the criminal's dick sticks through the hole, waiting for the blade to snip it off. The off time between the guillotinings could be filled up with people throwing rotten fruit & eggs at the prisoners as they stand naked in their Stocks. Put juvenile offendors to work erecting the Stocks & Penis-Guillotine, washing the garbage off prisoners and helping display the chopped off penises for the auction....give those boys a close up look at what could be in their future if they keep breaking the law.
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    Tue, November 26, 2013 - 9:29 AM
    I'd volunteer to have my mushroom head choped then my dick then each balls and auction off to highest bidder in fact highest bidder choses what gets chopped first and all done in public love to see what they do with my choped off junk
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    Thu, December 12, 2013 - 3:00 AM
    It seems a lovely idea.
    I think we all crime event only cut a small piece dick, and cut it every the crime time even a small piece dick for each new offense.
    That can increase the deterrent that can always cut more it will not be a one-off, and then he can go back to stealing.
    What to do with the pieces severed penis? There are many friends who would love to cook and eat them gourmet food.

    I will love to try all of that myself...
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      Sun, March 30, 2014 - 12:28 AM
      YES! The public funds encarceration of criinals! I do not agree with this. The criminal should be dealt with at the monent of conviction by public castration or penectomy! I think that it would create a huge revenue to cover the costs of true criminal justice rather than pampering the criminal for the life of their encarceration.
      And it would become far more popular than "footbal" or "socker" taking us back to the real day of the Roman empire!
      Is that a problem? Go figure. If you rape a girl you might get convicted and get a few years rent free accomodation and food or you might LOOSE YOUR GENITALS! Go figure! Doesn't make it hard to decide hey!
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    Sun, March 30, 2014 - 10:13 PM
    Yes, i could not agree more, if a dude breaks the law and needs to be punished, his dick should be cut off in public for all to watch, i know if i was to be punished for something i would expect to be tied naked in public and have my nuts cut off or my dick cut off for all to see.

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