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This is a tribe for anyone who is interested in penismods and is something they want to know about ... now show yourself and your own mods and tell all of your experiences in the modification arena, everything goes in this tribe. RSS Feed what is XML?

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butchered cock  photo flag
Fresh meatotomy  photo flag
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Upper Glans Split (BME)  topic
split head  topic
Meatotomy - healed  photo flag
Meatotomy - cut  photo flag
Meatotomy - after clamp  photo flag
Meatotomy - clamp  photo flag
Small cock split  photo flag
would u like some  photo flag
Please cut off my cockhead , Wer Möchte mir me...  photo flag
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snout  photo flag
frenulum from a beginner  topic
silicone injectins  topic
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How to fishline cut?  topic
basal penile ligament  topic
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stents or not?  topic
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My fetish!  topic
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