Ultimate mod — permanently numb

topic posted Sun, June 3, 2012 - 3:55 AM by  Paul
Ken has modded his penis invisibly but very drastically
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    Wed, June 6, 2012 - 9:15 AM
    I have completely number the entire right side of my cock, especially the right side of my glands. I now would prefer the left side be the same. I currently am unable to cum unless I take some time and focus on it alone. Even then I can stroke it for a long time before I am able. Sex with my wife last a lot longer than it ever has and I hope numbing the other half will make it last even longer.
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    Re: Ultimate mod — permanently numb

    Wed, June 13, 2012 - 1:00 PM
    It's been over 5 weeks now since I did this procedure, and my entire cock head still has absolutely no feeling in it what-so-ever. I'm being to believe that this is really permanent. Still have not been able to cum since making it numb. Very frustrating.
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      Thu, June 28, 2012 - 9:25 AM
      since Ken has left tribes, did anybody else do the procedure in the past and is able to report?

      I am still wanting to do it, but I am looking for a longer time experience to convince me finally.
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    Mon, July 16, 2012 - 2:33 PM
    I have wanted this mod for a long time. I know where the nerve is but would like some help getting it cut. Haven't been able to find a cutter to help me yet. Anybody have any luck with this yet?
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      Wed, July 18, 2012 - 4:31 AM
      Useful BME article
      Virtual Penectomy that really works

      By Anonymous · Sept. 01, 2008
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      I have been a visitor to BME for about two years, I particularly like surgical mods. But I would like to have a total penectomy, the only problem is that I would like to understand just what it would be like without actually doing it.

      Therefore the virtual penectomy seemed the way to go. So I tried banding the penis for increasing amounts of time up to 60 minutes, this was only partly successful for about 2 hours. There was always some feeling still present with severe poking or flicking of the glans. There was also some response to the anal sphincter when the glans was squeezed very hard. (The autonomic contraction of the anal sphincter muscle was still present).

      I next tried 2% xylocaine injections into the base of the penis on the dorsal and ventral surfaces on both sides. This was satisfactory but wore off within 20 minutes and ejaculation was achieved.

      Then I tried 70% ethanol injections into the dorsal nerves on each side of the penis with some very small numbing taking place, but not nearly satisfactory enough.

      Then my breakthrough came with the use of a tens machine to find the exact spot or position of the dorsal nerve that I wanted to destroy.

      I did this by sitting on one electrode, and holding the bare wire on the metal needle attached to a two mL syringe with about 1mL of 70% ethanol in it. I pushed the needle through the skin on the right side of my penis about 2cm from the midline of the top surface, an just pushed the needle backwards and forwards until I felt the intense stimulation of the dorsal nerve, even the branches came alive.

      At this point I had to turn down the tens machine as the stimulation was very intense, when I was sure that I had a bullseye on the dorsal nerve on the right hand side I injected about 0.2mL of the 70% ethanol water solution 70 parts ethanol 30 parts water.

      Within seconds the right hand side of the glans was totally numb as desired. I then repeated the procedure on the left hand side, again very successful!

      It is very difficult to achieve orgasm and ejaculate, but very tiring trying.

      I havn't proceeded to the underside nerves as yet as I still wish to have hard erections, and I believe that this is only possible by stimulating the frenulum.

      It has been about two weeks since the procedure and I think that the glans is just becoming slightly sensitive to a hard pinch with the fingernails.

      At this point I feel that it may be permanent, and if you wish to try I suggest that rather than treat the base of the penis shaft rather treat the shaft about 3cm back from the glans.

      It works well! do not underestimate the difficulty of having an orgasm, you need to be sure! very sure that this is what you want.

      I also have a bisected glans which made it easy for me to do each side in turn and to feel the difference as I progressed. The other problem is that after you are turned on by this procedure you may desperately wish to have an orgasm. It is not good if you can't you may even damge your penis in the vigorous attempt, as I did a couple of years ago with extended banding. It was about two weeks before I could orgasm, I even rubbed my penis against brick walls until I had abraded all the surface of the shaft. So if you are doing this neurotomy of the dorsal nerve for kicks I suggest that you cease at once because that the chances are that you will succeed with this method and it is permanent. ( from what I have read the insulating layer around the nerve shaft will eventually repair but this may take from 6 months to 1 year.)

      If you wish to try this I suggest that you try the xylocaine method on the dorsal surface of your penis on each side of the shaft at the base of the penis, remember this is not permanent, unless you sever the nerve with the needle tip.

      The other thing is that you must not use xylocaine that contains adrenaline as this can cause gangrene of the penis by restricting the blood supply to the little fella.

      It feels good to rub a toothbrush over the surface of the glans and not feel a thing, but to have enough nerve ending to still achieve an orgasm even if it does take longer.

      I have to rub the base of the shaft and the frenulum at the same time now to achieve and orgasm, and this could be about 20 minutes of firm steady rubbing, whereas before I could do it in about 2 to 3 minutes.
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        Re: Ultimate mod — permanently numb

        Fri, September 21, 2012 - 5:27 PM
        I was very interested in this procedure but after I tried numb cock for a couple week I've decided that a dorsal neurotomy for full numbness of my cock doesn't suit me, instead what I prefer is a little bit of feeling to keep so I can keep hard but anything more than that will take significant effort. Maybe a selective neurotomy or keep banding until i'm at the right level.
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          Fri, September 21, 2012 - 11:39 PM
          I understand absolutely. For three years I could not have sex, and was presribed anti-depressants to shut down any attempts at erections. My genitalia were just too damaged by a hospital acquired infection. Thanks to good reconstructive surgery I got my dick working again. This is why I feel strongly that permanent mods should enhance, rather than subtract.

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