I'd rather date the Internet than you...

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"The poll found that 24% of Americans said the Internet could serve as a replacement for a significant other."


How's that for a Psychological Effect? Yowsah.

I'd be one of the 24% for sure. What about everyone else?
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    did I mention YES YES YES YES?!?

    Absolutely 100% yes!
    • There are definitely internet people who I would much rather date than the actual people that I know, so, yeah, right now that would be accurate for me <lol>. Of course, I'd *rather* that those people were here, and therefore NOT on the internet, but hey ; ).
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        It's not even just the people, it's the Internet itself. Access to things that interest me. Over in the Trivia tribe, we've had several rocks to identify. Gee, that sounds boring. But it wasn't. It was fascinating, and I ended up bookmarking 50 sites or so, on crystals and minerals and meteorites. Things I didn't know existed.

        The whole world, and therefore, the Internet, is full of such things that I have never heard about, seen. It's an adventure, every time. I can go to high mountains, under the ocean, to other planets. Sitting around with some guy sounds dull after that. Unless he was into the adventure too.
        • Boys Schmoys.

          [apart from James .. lol!]

          Nope, I agree ... it's the internet i love, the people too, but the internet itself is my true love.

          And books, I'd date my library too.
          • nope. i could do without most people but i would never trade my s.o. for the net.
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              I know that couples don't spend every single moment of their lives together, but I thought of questions for the couples...

              Does the Internet eat into your couple time?

              Do you ever come online to avoid interacting with your s.o.?

              Do you consider the Internet to be "me time" where you entertain yourself or pursue hobbies or interests?

              What would you be doing, if there was no Internet?

              Like what did you do with your s.o. prior to having a computer with access to the Internet? (that's for couples who've been together awhile)

              I'm just thinking back pre-Internet and I did couple things, when I was part of a couple. Occasionally we'd do things separately, but mostly we spent our time together. Because we were a couple. When I was married. When I was living with someone. Even when I was dating. The couple bond was more important than a lot of outside interests. Is that weird? Do people do a lot of couple things still?
              • i love the internet, but if i had to choose between online access & my hubs, my hubs would win hands down. for me the internet is an enjoyable pass time, but i could live without it. my husband is a big video game geek. his xbox360 is is other spouse. so while he's playing games i noodle around online. when we are without internet or are bored of games/internet we usually just dork out mr. & mrs. brady style & read curled up in bed.
  • OK, it looks like the Internet wants to date me.

    I just received a PM in my Tribe 'other mail' from a new user Vivian (age 22) in New York telling me about how important love is. I'm swooning even now. :)

    Of course, Vivian is probably a 40 year old guy named Raoul, and if he knew what my current financial situation was the thrill would be gone, I'm sure.

    Farewell, Viv, we hardly knew ye!
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      Don't swoon too much, because you will fall out of your chair.

      Hey! Want to work in my city, for my city?

      I guess I would fail the exam. Because I glanced at that listing, and thought there was a job with the option to "try it out".

      I wish I could get into Recreation and Parks or Fine Arts. But besides not being qualified, I bet they'd frown on someone scooting around in an office chair in a bath robe. Or just lying on the floor, as needed, for my back.

      Which is another great reason to hang out with the Internet. It doesn't get all huffy if I decide to go lie on the floor.
      • i have been married for twenty nine and a half years. to the same person. we sit in the same room, listen to music and get on the net. we share things that we come across that interest us. he is not on tribe and i am not on his social networks....mostly steve hoffman forum. but we have conversations about interesting things and we are together. we used to sit together and read seperate newspapers or books...adn still do much the same way, sharing what was interesting. we also do 'couple' things but we both have a big need for alone time, so we aren't attatched at the hip.
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          Congrats on 29+ years! Woo hoo!

          So the Internet is a way of doing things on your own, but also of sharing them. And the bonus is that you can do those things in your own home and if it's really interesting, bookmark it, or have him come over to take a look at what you found to BE interesting! That's great! You can share your interests right away, or later on. That's very cool!
  • Not a bit of it. I'm tiotally addicted to breasts and women's underarms, for instance. The internet only has pictures - these don't do anything for me. I realize I'm unusual in that way.

    Plus, even on my worst days, beautiful women (and the occasional beautiful men) flirt with me and make me feel hot and attractive, so, fucking the internet just doesn't rate high up on my list. I like the flesh'; I like the meat, I need the smell. The smell - that clean, wonderful, lightly musky smell - for instance that place on a woman between her shoulder and her breast: there is no website I'm aware that emanates that scent.

    So. For once, I'm in the larger percentage. If it can't punch me suddenly in the face or pull me down into a pile of pillows, I'm not interested in trying to rub my penis against it.

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