Permaculture Europe and her Dragonmill

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Holla and Holle !

Permaculture means to support sustainable habitats and systems.
The term Permaculture was Originally used for permanent agriculture, orientating at the manifold habitats in nature. The purpose of permacuture is to give help to save nature as well as humans a durable subsistence - in a ecological, social and economical way. Base on long term observsation of plants, animals and all the other parts and their functions and under use of old and new knowledge, models are developed, on how living systems, can maintain and regenerate themselves.
Thanks for understanding .
So: If you want to change the results and you cannot change the circumstances, then you must change what is possible. This website is dedicated to reinventing what is possible:
Just stop. Build an ark.

So : We are inviting people from all over her World to come to her Dragonmill and Support on her Land ... with the guidance of good natural teachers: This might be helpfull.
We would also appreciate some teachers to come this spring and summer ... 2008/12 to teach with us permaculture classes working on the land of mother earth to establish new gardens, sustainable technology as well as sustainable / intentional community design:
By Example : BioRegional Animism, Practical Agricultural Skills, Ethnobotanic, Ethnobiology, Psychedelic Paintings, Music, Yoga, Meditation, Community Building, Consensus Decision Making, ...

"all plants are carnivours... they eat you in the end."
Bill Mollison

Dragonbrother Christian, Melanie, .... the Dragonmill and her Mothers Land.

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