How can we understand Vesta?

topic posted Wed, February 21, 2007 - 12:25 AM by  ari moshe
I decided this is an important topic.
It's so easy for us (and I mean all of us) to fit in our ideas about ourselves into interpreting our chart. So I say we dedicate this tribe to discovering the real meaning of Vesta.

Just one thing to know. Websites aren't always valuable sources of information.Every planet is infinitely deep. Therefore never will a paragraph of explanation give us a wholistic awareness of that planet. Lets not settle into the illusion of understanding something when we have only glimpsed at it.

My intent in this thread is to really allow all of us to become educated. This could be exciting!

I'm an astrology student, working towards my certification. My teacher works with Vesta which is a blessing because It's allowed me to experience it a lot. Whenever I give a reading, I use Vesta. However I do not assume any position of high knowing. I am most definitely a student of this.

I say we share whatever information/understanding we have and then feed off of eachother.
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ari moshe
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    Wed, February 21, 2007 - 12:34 AM
    I'll start!

    First, here's what I understand about Planets (and I'll call Vesta a planet just for simplicities sake).
    From a human perspective, Planets are functions of the body-mind-psyche. They operate within us. Mercury is perhaps our left brain; how we learn, how we communicate what we know, Jupiter is our right brain; our intuition, conceptual understanding, larger nominal awareness.

    So what function within us does Vesta relate to?
    I'll start with a postulate. Lets say Vesta is energetically correlated to Virgo (call it ruler of Virgo, what have you...) then what would Vesta be like?
    Well Virgo's mission- her entire modus operandi is to experience itself as completely selflessly dedicated to something that it experiences as higher/ more important than its personal self. Being a vessel for a higher cause. Virgo will get off on opportunities to be of service. The more attuned Virgo is to themselves, the more they will be channeling their selfless energy towards higher, meaningful causes.

    From that perspective, Vesta correlates to where we awaken to a selfless sense of purpose and dedication. Where we can endlessly, lovingly give of ourselves to a higher good.
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    Wed, February 21, 2007 - 2:35 PM
    I think Vesta is very strange. I've done some research & one website I saw says Vesta was the center of Maldek which was the true ruler of Virgo over Mercury (since it's round, maybe Ceres was it's Moon), it was destroyed by human-like creatures who destroyed it being greedy & it became what we now know as the asteroid belt. Idk if I believe that...

    But Vesta is interesting, it's only about 1/15 at the largest the size of Earth's Moon & the length of New York state (330 miles). It rotates in about 5 hours, has a 3.6 year orbit & kinda looks like a brain.

    From what I've read, it's associated with sexuality, but in different ways then Mars or Pluto, it's more discerning & patient with the subject (much like Virgo), it's also associated with protection & where we place our greatest services to (I'd suggest we mix the glyphs of Mars & the Moon to make an astrological glyph for it).

    I know, most of this is just rehash, but it does seem to be true. I've also noticed it's kind of lucky, when it was in my second house I was getting money left & right, & nothing could explain it, now in my third I've been doing alot of thinking.

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