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Hi! I was wondering if any of you knew what it means to have pluto opposite your ascendant. I can't seem to find much information on the web about it. Thanks!
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    Sun, October 24, 2010 - 7:41 PM
    pluto opp the ascendant immitates.. it grows up as a kid always looking up to the adults and it imitates their behavior and personality as well as their way of expression because as a child, they are vulnerable thus, they seek out the hand that feeds and considers that power.. it tends to be a life long thing growing up.. most of the time these tend to be people that grow up getting it with the adults more than they do with their peers because of their learned behavior but it creates a blind side because since most of their behavior comes from dealing with people one-on-one, a lot of the knowledge that they have isn't from direct experience it tends to be learned from others... and as pluto is the planet of transformation, the person isn't always the one to initiate such changes.. in the seventh house, most of the changes that happen to the individual tend to be externally changed.. it isn't always up to the person's control or at least it may not seem that way.. i don't know.. for some reason it may seem that their environment changed, or whoever they had a close relationship changed, so on and so forth.. a constant thing with the change is that once it's done, it's done.. there's no going back... the trick with pluto there is that they have to see that power within themselves.. projecting it and giving it to others --pluto is one hell of a force.. that's a lot of responsibility on any partnership so the person has to be aware of that because easily the tables can get quickly uncomfortable.. there's a presence there, no doubt, that to some, can feel quite overwhelming so the pluto person has to be aware that they have that power.. they need to learn to hardness it... sort of like that saying where you're told to leave a workplace before you're fired? like that..

    pluto here can also create HUGE changes in other people.... it isn't quick, they aren't fast but the pluto person should never underestimate their regenerative powers because surely, nobody else does.. it's just that it may seem like a hell of a lot of responsibility at first and the person would much rather always seek out a steady flow of power kind of like a child seeking out the safety and comfort of their parents home or protection reminding them of when they were young.

    this person, will never leave a partner feeling the same after they're through with them.. they will never be the same either.. person conj descendant identifies with their partners..

    their appearance may change, they manners may change, and none will be quickly or superficial, all changes made will tend to be permanent.. so it is very important for this person to selectively choose their partners if they know what they want from them.. i don't think it'd be wise to advice them to settle as they can find themselves changing to lower states rather than for the better.. they need constant change, if not, change will be invoked upon them so even in relationships, the person may not always feel content unless they have that 'extra' something.. it can create a very deep and meaningful bond and it can get to the depths of any matter.. so for relationships, this can be extremely regenerative..

    this is the person that will want to know their partner inside and out. they will be ok with uncovering their demons and accepting them as they are.. of course, the table must always be balance! this is crucial because if balance is not there, the trickery and underhanded side of pluto may manifest and if you have this placement or know pluto, it's not always nice.

    pluto here damands equality. fusion. almost at the expense of all barriers... this person would be wise to seek out counseling with their partners or relationship counseling while single even without a partner because it can help them learn a lot about themselves... depending on the sign, sex with this placement can be extremely kinky but one would have to take their mars placement into consideration as well...

    role play... that's a great way for the pluto to manifest in the relationship.. it can burdensome to both parties to have to deal with that intensity on a daily basis so much so that if neither one is able to fess up to it or are able to understand it, there can be separation of both parties either by choice or imposed by them but if imposed, pluto will not be easy to leave.. pluto conj descendant does not easily break up it's relationships.. it identifies with it... one must be very careful.

    it can have damaging effects if the person totally identifies with their partners because if the relationship were to break, the person may feel as if they're whole identity has to break.

    this person somehow seems to be able to call on the powers of pluto when need be.. there seems to be a see-saw effect where the person can either be confronted by pluto or they can themselves be pluto and if they choose to harness that pluto, whoever is in their way better watch out as the look in their eyes will be more than enough to warn a hungry predator.

    this person is interested in mysteries, the occult, investigation *they are great at it* and detest almost anything superficial.

    there can be intense power plays. someone may try to manipulate or they may try to manipulate in turn or alone without anyone doing so to them but it'd be wise for pluto to not do so and work on taking control of themselves rather than the other because this can be very taxing for them..

    when a person results to manipulate the other, they are deeming the person incapable of handling themselves and the pluto person can become the one responsible and the other person may also and maybe willingly hold them responsible and one will never do anything without the advice of the other and the pluto person is just as easily susceptible to them.. if there is any chance of them having a fruitful relationship, they need to learn that that is not the way to go.

    they seek to let go...... they want to feel safe with them amongst all else.. it is a burdensome power to have.

    if they feel their partner cannot give them that intensity or that exclusivity with pluto only has access to, it'd be wise for them to look elsewhere if they want to leave the person as they met them...... hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa...........

    these people don't need to be attracted to the sign of the seventh cusp, in fact, they may not even like them but i've noticed that if they find people with their sun in conjunction to pluto, they may give them that which their seven house needs.

    they are VERY unhappy while single.. close partnership is a must. if the person is even isolated, it'd be a good thing for them to get out and about amongst people.. they don't necessarily need to relate but they draw their power directly from others.. if this is used for the better, it can create immense changes and provide long lasting results which can have an influence for ages. amongst mortals, it's a curse.

    this person has been blessed.
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      Sun, October 24, 2010 - 9:06 PM
      WOW! Thank you so much for the in depth feedback. It was so accurate and dead on for me. I definitely imitated my parent's as a child and spent most of my time with them. I didn't really have many peer relationships as a kid, of course, my life was also under constant change due to my parents...something you wrote about. Still is to this day...

      Relationships are also very important to me. I'm even making my career about them. I'm in school to be a psychotherapist at the moment. Lastly, I do find that I need relationships with that *extra* something, otherwise I get bored pretty quick or just don't engage. I require depth. I find the sun conjunct pluto to be a great placement for lasting relationships. One of my strongest and deepest friendships is with someone who has this placement.

      Thanks again!
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        Wed, October 27, 2010 - 2:02 PM
        you're very welcome. i raelize i typed and never re read so some of it may be confusing.... what i meant by the sun conjunct pluto thing, is that it is great for the pluto person (meaning in this case, you) to find somebody who has their sun in conjunction to their pluto...
        • Flo
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          Re: Pluto opposite Ascendant

          Tue, January 3, 2012 - 4:28 AM
          how dyu know if someone;s sun is in conjunction to your pluto?? am a bit confused about astrological terms like that. Can you please give me more detail? I am a libra sun with someone in taurus do i find this out?
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            Tue, January 3, 2012 - 7:44 AM
            I believe he was referring to finding someone who has their sun conjunct their own pluto in their natal chart. This person would be more of an appropriate partner for someone who has pluto opposite their ascendant in their natal chart. Does that make sense? I believe what you are referring to is a synastry aspect between two people. To find out if someone has their natal pluto conjunct their partners sun you would need to know what years they were born. For example, if your pluto was to conjunct your partners Taurus Sun, then you would have been born sometime between 1927-1935. If your partner was born between 1971-1984, then their pluto would likely conjunct your sun. Have you done a synastry chart between you and your partner? You can find out more information that way.
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    Sun, January 9, 2011 - 11:55 AM
    I didn't think about it until now, but would it make any difference that my Pluto is located at the very of the 6th house?
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      Fri, June 24, 2011 - 1:52 AM
      at the end of the 6th house? depends on how far in the sixth house it is.. mine is too, actually and i find that it can linger between both... for sure, i feel it in my sixth.... work, working out, diet, all of that, i can be a maniac about!!!!!!!! just the same, there is the story of pluto leaving the underworld i think twice, and it was only to capture the one that he loved to bring her back into the underworld... mercury is the only planet that can freely travel between both.... so pluto so close to the cusp, i suppose it could be read as both; maybe even suggesting that it leaves it sixth house things for whatever the seventh house has to offer?
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        Re: Pluto opposite Ascendant

        Mon, June 27, 2011 - 11:17 AM
        fwiw, i have been experiencing this aspect in TRANSIT, and wanted to share something written by Adrian Duncan (at that fits EXACTLY my current situation. though not a natal aspect, some of the dynamic may be of interest.

        "Pluto over the Descendant- Transformation in relationships

        This is a major period of transformation in your relations with others, especially on an intimate level. However much you would like to control another person and get emotional guarantees or relationship security, it is not going to happen at this time. Relationships that lack authenticity will be abandoned, whilst those which are meant to be will be strengthened – but only after an exhaustive period of psychological transformation. The lesson in life now is that dependence on others is a false security. Control or submission, manipulative tactics, the use of erotic power – these things will only lead to desperate and intense emotional upheaval. This process will lead to far greater psychological awareness in your dealings with others. A partner may also go through harrowing extremes at this time. Whilst your support is required, strive to avoid getting dragged into the abyss.

        With Capricorn on the Descendant you prefer to be the softy, whilst your partner often has to bear the responsibility for structuring your life. Pluto on the Descendant shatters this comfortable arrangement, and you have to grow up fast. Those you have endowed with the authority to rule you become more demonic, and you are forced to assume control. This is a drawn-out drama which is exhausting psychologically, but ultimately the tables are turned as you eliminate the power others have over you. You are responsible for yourself alone."

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