Pluto in Scorpio conjunct Scorpio ascendant

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Can anyone shed any light on this? Is this a major placement, what does it mean? I remember reading somewhere that this kind of placement can cause people to be turned off from you, as you have a magnetic as well as a repelling nature to your personality?

I've a feeling that throughout life people have hated me for no reason and steered clear!
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    Oh dear, I think I know exactly what you mean. I have that particular aspect as well, and I've always felt like people avoided me. Recently, I had a friend tell me that 2-3 years after I transferred high schools there were still kids who remembered me because I scared the shit out of them. This wasn't because of anything I did, but it seems that it was because I'd have this look that seemed like, as my friend put it, "GTFO!"; entirely without so much as thinking that sort of thing, mind.

    On the other hand, I was more popular than I ever had been once I entered high school (which isn't saying much). It was really odd to have popular, preppy girls that I didn't even know say hi to me by name in the halls.

    That isn't even covering non-school situations; I've had similar experiences with my parents and my friends. Not so much, but it has happened.
    • Yes I totally relate to that. Its a very 'love me or hate me' kind of thing, I've had people really like me and those who hate me for no particular reason. Second to that, its been magnified in school where people sometimes assumed I was giving them 'evils' but I had never intended to!!!

      I think its all about having pluto 'built in' to your personality which means you can attract and have a magnetic type of attraction for some, and for others a repellant nature that just can't be controlled I suppose...
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        All my friends are plutonian. In fact, it seems that the more pluto aspects someone has, the more I tend to like them. I think that might be because it feels as though they get where I'm coming from in how I relate to people.

        Despite that, I'm the most scorpionic/plutonian person I know (none of them have Scorpio rising anyway). The second most scorpionic person I know has almost as many pluto aspects as me and pluto in Scorpio in her first house (Libra rising, though). She totally gets my sense of humor. (Like when she said, "Can't spell slaughter without laughter". I really like word puns, which might somewhat redeem how hilarious I found that.)

        There seems to be a tendency for the people who like me that aren't my friends to think I'm really great at anything I do; this also seems to make people almost like me but get jealous instead. It's both frustrating and nice when I find someone who doesn't think I'm that good at stuff I know I'm not good at, because at least they're being honest (with themselves). Does this ever happen to you?

        Just wondering, but do you have pluto aspects to the personal planets? (sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars)

        Oh, and you can look at my chart if you want. I won't mind. (It's in my photo album in my profile)
        • In my chart pluto is actually sitting on top of the ascendant - both at 14 degrees in scorpio! Thats the only aspect pluto has in my chart, but I also have Venus in the 1st house not that it makes so much difference cause pluto is so powerful when its that close...

          I've always had jealousy and awe with anything I do, like whenever we did tests half of people would be obviously jealous and others would always claim that I'm the best. Likewise at times I've felt like I'm the best and that somehow I will come first in everything! Not in an Aries way but more of a Plutonian thing!

          I love scorpio people, the intensity seems to be be really attractive. But I'm definitely the most scorpionic of my friends, two have Scorpio suns but they don't have any other planets in Scorpio (apart from Pluto of course). The funny thing is in the year I was born no planets (apart from the Moon) went into Scorpio for another 9 months! Most of my friends seem to be either fire or earth signs though..and they don't really have a strong Pluto/scorpio.
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            My pluto is 7 degrees away from the ascendant in the 12th house, but I have some sort of pluto aspect to literally everything in my chart except Jupiter.

            I know what you mean about the scorpionic intensity being attractive. There are people I've known that definitely could have been Scorpios, or at least have been strongly influenced by it. I don't know anyone that's actually let on that they have a Scorpio sun, though... which is amusing in a stereotypical Scorpio description sort of way.

            There's a definite emphasis on air suns/moons/ascendants among my friends. I typically like air people, as long as they express it in the form of humor and intelligence - actually having common sense helps too (some have a distinct lack of that). It's partly because I don't have to do too much in the way of conversation, too; they manage that by themselves.

            I think we might have been born in the same year.
  • I definitely can relate.

    Pluto conjunct my Scorpio Ascendant -- though Pluto is in my 12th house not my 1st. I am a Gemini with my Sun, Merucry, Venus and Chiron all in the 8th house. Needless to say, I am probably the least "superficial" Gemini I know of and tend to take things to extremes both verbally and physically though I am sure my Mars in Capricorn in the 3rd house doesn't help with my blunt truthful way of communicating. Though I am somewhat charming and charismatic many folk seemed to be turned off by me instantly. I tend to have a very direct and penetrative way of dealing with things I can see the truth and the heart of any matter almost instantly.

    Interestingly enough I am attracted to Plutonian types too. Perhaps coming from a Plutonian family is part of that. My mom has a stellium in her 8th house in Aries, my dad is a double Scorpio 4th house stellium and my sister's Pluto in Scorpio exactly trines her Pisces moon. My brother is also a Scorpio rising. This all definitely makes for a very understanding family life but outside of that many see my as downright intimidating.
  • Pluto in Scorpio conjuncts my Ascendant in Scorpio at 2°13'...yeah,people usually don't like me'__'...I'm used to it right now but this thing got me depressed for 3 years.I finally got out of it & I'm trying to enjoy life & I'm much more agressive with the people that have something to say about me & I noticed that if I face them they shut up.
  • i have this placement and i have the same problem myself but not with all people. the thing about being scorpio ascendant in the first place is that people will feel as if they are under pressure around you. i know you dont mean to do it, its just who you are. pluto will only intensify this as it has to do with the deepest parts within the soul, the deep unconcious to be exposed. scorpio ascendant, rather they know it or not, thier real goal is trying to penetrate this with other people if they have pluto conjunct. that gives us a tremendous gift in psychological matters of healing. the real reason people stay away from you or tend to dislike you is because THEY SEE YOU AS A THREAT to them. Rather it be you stealing all the attention, to you being the alpha male/female, or w/e kinda of ego garbage that they have going on within them, they will project it on you, and will leave you tired, depleted, angry, and questioning "is it me?". it is you that is making it them. dont be fazed by this. people who are confident in themselves will be the ones who show you good energy and respect, we automatically, spiritually, have a "good person" detector within us. dont be moved by those ingrates and dont let them steal your energy. dont play their game and dont attach yourself to their misery. instead, teach them, in a firm, but compassionate way that will leave you feeling bright and with your head up.
  • This is definitely a significant placement. I have my scorpio pluto conjunct my Sagittarius rising. Because of the sag rising, I naturally seem more optimistic and approachable than a Scorpio rising. But I definitely seem more intense than the typical sag. I love to get to the root of things, and i like details and intensity where as sag's typically like things short and to the point and don't care about unnecessary details. This may also have to do with my sun and mercury in aquarius. I have always wondered why people either love or hate me and the jealousy thing is an issue as well. I have a hard time with people disliking me for no reason. People tend to be intimidated by me and I've been told i have a very intimidating stare. Everything everyone was saying is very true with what happens with me. Scorpio in Pluto is also in my 12th house so my jealousy and possessiveness is something I try to hide. I think this placement makes us seem mysterious which is very alluring but at the same time intimidating.

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