Sun square pluto

topic posted Sat, May 10, 2008 - 2:09 PM by  Leo
I have been going through this transit for almost two years and holy shit....... it is the hardest transit by far I have ever faced , I mean Now I really identify with it and truly understanding what is happening to me but I ask has anyone else ever gone through this transit?
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    Tue, May 13, 2008 - 7:42 AM
    I have sun square pluto natally and believe after 50 years it does get a bit edgy?
    I realise now that that other people's unconscious motivations enter my life and am very cautious about the effect i have on other people. I am a scorpio, the square is a critical degree and now can use it to good effect, or in some cases i can be a badarse guy to know. I can become invisible in a crowd, i can influence people for good or ill, i have the power to percieve the pomposity and falsehood of others, i often find myself trapped in other people's unconscious projections, fantasies and become embroiled in power conflicts that need serious resolution. on numerous occasions i have been the victim of fraud or have uncovered frauds, scams and skim-offs while innocently going about my business. But Pluto and the Sun are well-aspected in many ways, since the sun (literally heart of our solar system and pluto (about as farout as you can go in our solar system) are fundamental polarities. it is very empowering but at the same time scary!
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      Tue, May 13, 2008 - 9:47 AM

      I also have sun square pluto natally (i am 55) and everything you wrote about your experiences has mirrored my own. I mean, everything. It's spooky. I find this square to be a "friendly square" as my Sun is in Scorpio and Pluto is in Leo (I assume same with you); Sun/Leo, Pluto/Scorpio. The only thing I would add is that this square has made me somewhat conflict-oriented. I do not shy away from arguments or confrontations very easily. I also tend to turn my own inner tensions and conflicts into energy that can be directed and apllied in various ways. My former lover knew this about me and called me an Assimilation Monster, transforming whatever difficulties came my way into something useful.
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        Sun, June 22, 2008 - 7:43 AM
        Lets look at it this way. Pluto is depth, the Sun is the spiritual energy. When a square, opposition or even conjunction of the sun to Pluto, it creates Depth Perception. In trine or sextile, the effects of this transit will run in harmony with your energy. But in Square, it creates and sets a direction, in opposition it creates a confrontation. More steps on the ladder of evolution. Pluto FORCES the situation. Its unstoppable. Go with it, discover the depth that lies in yourself. Pluto opens doors of inner reality. No matter what planet it squares it sets in motion a transformation either waxing or waning. What we are experiencing are the Road Blocks of conditioning. Pluto shakes the past out of the life. It takes the past and reinvents it. For all you Sagiderlrious out there, did not pluto, when transiting your sun, completely change the way you perceive life and reality. Those with Neptune in Sag, do you now want to know the real truth. Those with Uranus in Sag. the need to expand and individualize without boundaries. Saturn in Sag, the need to continue to expand and learn and experience. Looking for greener grass.

        Soon a whole generation with Uranus and Neptune and Saturn will be in Capricorn, interesting times ahead for our young people. Either they will accept or they will reinvent capricorn. I say with Neptune and Uranus they will reinvent. In 10 yrs this place will not be the same. That will include the Governments. Hundreds of millions where born with this. And with Pluto in Scorpio natally. Sextiling Cap. Almost sounds like a revolution.
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          Sun, June 22, 2008 - 12:48 PM
          "For all you Sagiderlrious out there, did not pluto, when transiting your sun, completely change the way you perceive life and reality."

          hmm. its not so much that is changed how i perceived reality. its more like it changed how i relate to it. pluto has now retrograded back to 3* past my sun (at 26* sag). i am still integrating the changes - for instance my world has gotten much smaller, i have less people in my life, i don't go out to bars or socialize world has sifted down into focus on spirituality and my guru, plain and simple. i still perceive the world the same, i am just not interested in it the way i used to be.
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            Re: Sun square pluto

            Sun, July 13, 2008 - 9:24 AM
            I have to agree about the Pluto Transits and reinventing yourself. Pluto no matter how it touches you sextile or square, you will be in neeed of transforming yourself in that area. If it is love, you will need to evaluate and reinvent the way you see, perceive love or act upon love. DOn't fight change , but see what can improve without the need of destroying everything. PLutonian energies are very useful when you want to re-invent the wheel sort of thing. Every time I think of Pluto I think of Madonna and how she re-invents herself every so many years successfully! That's my opinion!
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    Tue, May 13, 2008 - 4:52 PM
    Yes. Right now. My sun's at 28 Pisces so I'm with you on this ridiculous fucking journey here.

    It's hard and horrible. Pluto in 4th square Pisces 7th house sun...Moved too many times to count. Relationship drama. Both of these fed off each other. Natal Neptune and Jupiter conjunct in 4th didn't help either. Pluto is conjunct my neptune right now too.

    WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT FIGHT IT. Will just make things worse. Did that last year and EVERYTHING got screwed. Eclipses didn't help with stability (sure it didn't for you). Example: should have gotten out of a relationship but didn't. Pluto wanted me to. Two weeks later, moved and fell head over heels for someone else which screwed me over, my ex, and the new guy and my whole life. Didn't cheat or do anything like that but just went through hell.

    Other example: should have moved but tried to fight it. Lost apartment, relationship...etc. Those are the calmer things...

    Now I just do what Pluto wants. Also the past year some people have tried to take advantage of me at school. I guess its my Scorpio 3rd house, Taurus 9th house...some how that Venus-Pluto thing doesn't work out well in that I have a lot of bureaucratic shit to deal with.

    I think I'm at the point where I can listen to Pluto and gain power over the struggles I'm going through and the people that are causing it. Recognizing that a lot is coming from the inside/bad choices/not listening to my gut and Pluto.....

    Also Pluto is sextile my natal Pluto now: more lessons about power. And it was and will be again sextile my Venus: intense relationships.

    Oh yeah and I kind of went crazy last week...felt like a herion addict trying to get clean. Don't know if that was Pluto of Saturn.

    Everything I've heard about Pluto square Sun is that it is hard and it's like being eaten alive from the inside out. But I guess you come out new. I'm still waiting!!!!!

    Hang in there. Maybe look into counseling-it might help.
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      Sun, June 22, 2008 - 12:29 AM
      >>I can become invisible in a crowd, i can influence people for good or ill, i have the power to percieve the pomposity and falsehood of others, i often find myself trapped in other people's unconscious projections, fantasies and become embroiled in power conflicts that need serious resolution.<<

      you just described my life's guts.
      After 38 years i am so tired of taking on other people's dark projections but it just won't go away. So where i've come to is that i can't change other people, that it's their Karma if they want to be so cowardly as to blame me for their own shit, and that the only thing i can really control is how i handle what comes my way in life. Someone sent me a quote but i can't remember who said it, "How other people treat you is their Karma. How you respond to it is yours". I am repeatedly a mirror for people's fears and insecurities, i have had lots of people take their anger out on me, and i sense psychic power struggles between myself and others that i don't feel i asked for and certainly don't want. The only way i can diffuse it is to bow out gracefully and remember to think kindly of people, wish them well if they are in pain, and refuse to accept the weight of their baggage.

      I am an 8th house Capricorn Sun (2 degrees) and my Pluto is at 27 degrees Virgo in the 5th house. People often assume i'm a Scorpio without ever asking, and then later when they find out i'm a Capricorn they insist that i once told them i'm a Scorpio. Well, i didn't ever tell them verbally, but maybe it just oozes out of me. I get a lot of unwanted sexual attention too, interestingly it's often from Virgos.
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        Sun, May 31, 2009 - 6:04 AM
        LOL I have venus, neptune, mars all in scorpio and uranus/pluto in the 12th but sitting on my ASC (within a degree) I either get perceived as a FIRE SIGN usually Leo or SCORPIO ... when people say, what sign are you? I often just smile, and without fail, 90 percent of people either say Scorpio or Leo ... they're both fixed signs maybe that is what they see ??? Anyway I guess perception is just that ... perception and most definitely a personal thing ...
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        Sun, March 27, 2011 - 11:33 PM
        It's sort of a relief to read this thing about people projecting dark things onto you , likely because
        of sun square pluto.....this might explain why I always feel like people are looking at me as I'm suspicious
        or "bad" or evil. I always assumed when that happens its just that whoever is giving me the hairy eyeball
        its because they are just highly uptight and conservative. Now reading sun square pluto people saying they are
        tired of being projected on is really interesting. I have wondered if I'm overly sensitive {yes} but I do think
        I get a lot of hairy maybe I know why. Well, ok I have read about pluto and I knew mine was
        placed strongly in my chart, but this forum has reminded me of a lot.
        I have my Sun in the 8th house, square pluto in the 10th. I know the 10th is a very angular {strong} house, I think it
        is the most angular of all houses if I remember correctly. So that powers up the pluto even more. I have
        Neptune and Jupiter both in Scorpio, the Neptune is rising {almost right on top of the ascendant line}. So I do
        have a Scorpio aura plus the Neptune thing of other-world so I guess no wonder. People I get along best with
        are artists or musicians, or anyone who is very laid back and not conservative. They often don't even blink.

        I have very dark brown eyes, dark brown hair and pale skin. I wear eyeliner and I like make-up, and
        seem to make many people uncomfortable so I try to remember to smile more often, but with Saturn in
        Capricorn in the 3rd house I am more comfortable looking extremely grim ! In fact I think better that way.
        It makes me look probably angry or just not pleasant or overly serious. Stern.

        As far as people projecting their fears on you or whatever they project, I do think it is that they sense the
        Scorpio {which as you know pluto rules}, and if you are a Scorpio type , people who are not so Scorpio
        will not feel at home with you, they will think you are "sinister". The more Scorpio you have aside from
        the pluto square sun the more of course you will have that aura. Since Scorpio does rule a lot of not so
        innocent things, well, I guess we all know why we looked at......

        I try not to be juvenile with it, I don't "enjoy" seeming scary and I try to be as nice a person as possible,
        but at the same time you order to accept yourself and to not , how do I put it ? to not force
        yourself to be more "shallow" really do just have to own it. Go ahead and feel your power
        and don't let people make you feel "bad" over it. I tell myself that I know I have energies that are apparent
        to others but that I'm still very good !!!
        And in my artwork I use them and its a good outlet. But I no longer feel apologetic about seeming like a
        Scorpio ! Because yes it gets OLD to have people look at you as if you are a freaking criminal.
        It bothers me......I'm a very nice person {Taurus !}. I admit in the past if someone annoyed me in that way
        {if they were enough of a jerk} I would get a little dramatic and go ahead and act out a little because I do
        know how to smile one second and verbally take someone's head off the next. But thats not spiritual progress
        so I have toned that down.
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          Sun, March 27, 2011 - 11:36 PM
          In reply to my own post {!}, I forgot to say that I am not Italian or Middle EAstern but have had many
          people think I'm Italian, { all Italians too ! }, one older man actually argued with me about it !
          He refused to think I was not. Then he said "or Middle Eastern or SOMETHING !} was amazing.
          I think he has a point but I'm not Italian as far as I know. But that is my , ?, appearance to a great
          degree I guess-
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    Wed, July 16, 2008 - 4:51 PM
    I have sun (Cap) square pluto (Libra) natally too....but i haven't really noticed the projection of peoples stuff onto me or my crazy effect on them. I have been told that I have an intimidating oresence but I attribute that to me Leo Ascendant and Scorpio Moon...
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      Mon, July 21, 2008 - 9:06 AM
      Is Sun inconjunct Pluto natal aspect similar to the square or the opposition? I know of a guy who has this aspect in his chart and he is literally a tyrant and narcissistic .
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    Re: Sun square pluto

    Sun, August 3, 2008 - 1:57 AM
    I've had this transit for dunno...6,7 years. I'm still having it if you consider a larger than 7 degree orb for the square, and the main thing I have experienced was constant conflict with my father. Typical power struggles-the who's right type of conflicts.
    We went from being quite close to not being able to stay in the same room without arguing.

    Another thing was my slowly shutting down from the world, and getting a lot more suspicious of everyone, and a lot more quiet and secretive, and I haven't gotten fully over it, yet.

    All in all, can't say it was THAT bad. It's nothing like having Saturn making squares and oppositions to almost every planet in your chart-what I went through this past year.
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      Mon, August 4, 2008 - 2:59 AM
      I have natal sun (Aquarius) square Pluto (Scorpio).
      I am now 23 years old. I don't need to speak when I am angry, a look would suffise, also yelling is for me "overkill". When I am really angry I get extremely calm, I mobilize myself on the inside because I get this feeling that people are too emotional to listen to words, they only listen to fear - fear they need to feel.
      A couple of weeks ago I was at my best behaviour with this guy I was seeing for the first time: joking, laughing, relaxing, discussing. He was pretty cool and grounded himself and I felt comfortable. The next day he told me he admires me and that he'll make sure never to make me angry! ...I can't explain it, maybe it's this Pluto fellow, maybe something else on my chart...but this confirmed the imagine people have of me.
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        Sat, August 23, 2008 - 6:49 PM
        "he'll make sure never to make me angry!" ... I can relate!

        Was also born with Pluto square my Sun ... and now that I've achieved being old, I'm getting the trine!

        The Plutonian obsession and quick to anger or inspire anger that the Sun Square Pluto nativity brought has ripened into a better understanding of the use of power and regeneration. The Trine helps use those Plutonian super-powers for good not evil. lol!

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    Fri, August 29, 2008 - 9:57 PM
    "Soon a whole generation with Uranus and Neptune and Saturn will be in Capricorn, interesting times ahead for our young people. Either they will accept or they will reinvent capricorn. I say with Neptune and Uranus they will reinvent. In 10 yrs this place will not be the same. That will include the Governments. Hundreds of millions where born with this. And with Pluto in Scorpio natally. Sextiling Cap. Almost sounds like a revolution. "

    Thank you, i feel proud!.

    And i also have a aquarius sun square a pluto scorpio! Maybe in time it will be beneficial, but now..nah lol.
    i also have a pluto sextile with most of my planets (i have 5 planets in capricorn thank u very much)
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    Sat, August 30, 2008 - 2:01 AM
    Oh yes, right now I am going through Pluto square Sun and that is nooooooo fun at all.

    I have inner tension up the wazoo thanks to that transit!
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      Sat, August 30, 2008 - 12:32 PM
      pluto transits usually have to do with power dynamics, exploitation, etc . There are great lessons that can be gleaned from these transits - while it may feel like all the energy is coming at you from the outside (altho with the squares it is usually internal) look inside and see what the causes are and how they have manifested. pluto likes us to dig around a bit and find the root causes for things. its usually a great time for psychotherapy or some other process to look inside and find out what's "really" happening.
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        Mon, September 22, 2008 - 8:26 AM
        eeck, I'm going through this now - with my Sun at 28 Virgo.

        it's odd, i didn't really feel it so hard during the retrograde and before, but now that Pluto started going direct again, i feel it all over.

        power struggles have definitely been coming to mind. i've been getting into endless fights with my boyfriend and have been finding it harder to snap myself out of them. i find myself very involved and attached to my side. despite it all, we're still very happy together.

        a lot of latent anger and fear has been coming up. fears of being exploited or used. fears of being disrespected or not treated like a human being. fears of being treated without emotional support and empathy.

        i've been avoid talking to my dad recently, because i fear a lot of anger will surface if i will. he just recently called me to wish me a happy birthday and i'm hesitating calling him back. my dad has always treated me well but all i can seem to think about lately is how absent he's felt from my life and tugging fears that there were always a lot of secrets in the family while he and my mom were still together. on the other hand, my relationship with my mom (scorpio asc, aries sun) has been growing stronger and i feel like i can emphasize with her better than ever before. my dad is a 29 virgo so is also going through a similar sun-pluto transit so i wonder how it's affecting him.

        thanks for sharing friends.
        • Re: Sun square pluto

          Wed, November 12, 2008 - 3:43 PM
          ---power struggles have definitely been coming to mind. i've been getting into endless---

          You have just spent the last umteen yrs with Pluto in Sag...of course by this time you have learnt how to see thru the illusion...we all should have..being so..the illusions you do see thru...have ignited an inner energy that will recreate are doing this by losing your temper or arguing...its setting a direction...thats deconstructs while it reconstructs...rise form the dead...we all do it...but at this point it squares the now its creating a direction or setting in motion of how you are going to develop this aspect until it trines......30 yrs from you got to understand..the struggle is inside you....its time to make a Decision...that is now that I see this illusion clearly (for me) how do I handle this for the yrs to come when the energy harmonizes...without me..none of this how am I going to handle what I know as the turth...Sag...

          You only got one Dad....
  • Re: Sun square pluto

    Fri, November 14, 2008 - 8:11 AM
    Although I think 2011 and 12 will be good years for me I am kind of dreading the years after with Pluto and Saturn transits....

    I have a natal T Square of My Sun in Cap, Pluto in Libra, and Saturn in Cancer. So in like 2012/13 Saturn will be coming up on a conjunction to my natal pluto activating my T square followed by and maybe even overlapping transiting pluto in cap that will be conjunct my sun in 2016...opposing natal saturn and sq natal pluto. Uggg...
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    Sat, November 15, 2008 - 9:10 AM
    I have this natal position: My Cancer Sun in the 2nd house square Pluto in Libra in my 5th house....
    Intense, since I also have a Scorpio Moon and Pluto is currently transitting through my 8th house.....Power struggles with males in general every now and then. Deep intuive perception of other's feelings (wether I want to or not). Difficulty dealing with authority figures.
    My dad has Sun-Pluto tightly conjunct in Leo, with a Libra Rising (intense fellow).

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    Sat, April 30, 2011 - 6:35 PM
    Hey fellow Plutonians...

    My 10th house Pluto in Scorpio is:

    -conjunct my 10th house Mars in Scorpio
    -square my 2nd house Sun in Aquarius
    -sextile my 1st house Jupiter in Capricorn
    -sextile my 1st house Neptune in Capricorn

    Pluto is transiting my 1st house in Capricorn right now, which is packed with various planetary forces, both personal and transpersonal: Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Neptune. Before it made it to my first house though, it transited through my ascendant in Sagittarius.

    Pluto is headed straight for my Sun in the 2nd house, and then I will be having my Saturn Return (I have an 11th house Saturn in Scorpio).

    On top of the fact that Pluto and Mars in the 10th are aligned with my Libra Midheaven...

    I loathe hypocrisy and secrecy and am constantly sniffing out what lies beneath the surface of all things. The motives of others are very clear to me, even those that are covert. I have been a whistleblower in the workplace and slandered in the face of speaking up about what is really going on behind the scenes. People are either repelled by me or magnetically attracted to me. I have been projected onto by many people who are attracted to me and put in an idealized role, up on a pedestal of some kind, which is always sabotaged when I shatter the image they believed I was. This happens in the workplace, with friendships, and with family. Most of my life has been spent misunderstood and without many friends or support from family. Big difficulties with authority. I am drawn to gloomy, somber music, writing, and people and am almost more comfortable with sadness and grieving than I am with happiness and sunshine. I look a bit like a small elf or fairy, so a lot of people think I am the opposite. To the world, I seem like I come bearing candy and rainbows. So, people are quickly let down or disappointed when I come with the hard truth. I'm all about exposing it when I see it and can come across harsh. As it passes through my packed first house and heads straight for my sun in the 2nd... most of the "friends" and family in my life have fallen away. Almost all the things about my personality/life that I once identified with, are disintegrating. I am very isolated and feel like the goo a butterfly turns into while in the metamorphosis of it's cocoon. Nothing solid to grab on to... just caterpillar soup.

    Anyone with sun square pluto can relate to constant struggle and suffering and also empathize with the suffering and pain in the world... We are very sensitive and powerful people who are here to do a service unlike others. This life was not meant to be an easy one for us. Perhaps we are being summoned to learn lessons that we have rejected or run from for far too long. My condolences to you all...
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    Sun, December 25, 2011 - 7:35 AM
    I've been dealing with Pluto's transit since the outer edge's of it's orb began touching my I.C.(bottom of chart) around 2004.

    So far, I've been through;

    Pluto making hard aspects to all my angles(squaring Ascendant, conjuncting I.C., squaring Descendant and opposing Midheaven)

    Pluto squaring Natal Pluto(conjunct my Libra Ascendant)

    Pluto squaring my Vertex and Anti-Vertex

    Pluto squaring my Venus(my chart ruler)

    Pluto squaring my Sun

    Pluto being part of a Grand Cross on all my Angles and Planets near those angles in August of 2010. It felt like I was going to explode into cosmic confetti, kind of like an FBI agent on a recent episode of FRINGE where an electronics expert was altering the space/time continuum.

    Basically it's similar to being pounded on by astrological sledge hammers 24/7 for the last seven years. If I didn't have Pluto conjunct my Ascendant, I probably wouldn't have made it through the transit.
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    Mon, August 12, 2013 - 8:42 PM
    my sun is in pisces and my pluto is in sagittarius. my sun is square pluto and it is literally the main struggle of my life. im 15 and im just realizing now where all my problems are coming from. my biggest worries are that im "not showing people my true self" or that even i dont know who i am- constantly having to remake and reinvent myself all the while having to do this in secrecy engendering suspicion and thinking too much about what i project and how im preceived. everyone else seems to be having such an easy time projecting thereselves and never seem to struggle with a constant mutability in character than sun square pluto causes. It make me interpret things negatively and in general just fucks with me all the time. so yes ive gone through this transit because i live it. im trying to harness this strange energy in beneficial ways but i still trying to figure it out so anyone who can help me with this speak out. i keep hearing "embrace your dark side and accept plutos shit" but its hard ! anyone else have sun square pluto? how do you deal
    • Re: Sun square pluto

      Mon, August 19, 2013 - 7:39 PM
      I have similar aspects as you sun in pisces pluto in sag in a square, 15!
      Accepting my darker side is kind of hard yet easy for me, but I dunno if its just cuz I spend way 2 much time alone to ponder stuff all the time, I definitely know that theres something more to me that people never see right away... they just label me as cute, shy or spongy... and I hate to stand up 2 people 4 the fear of them seeing the dark side I agree with you
      and there have been times when I forget who I am too! and sometimes i hav seen my life sort of spin
      its very hard, when you know that you're different somehow n every1 seems to hate u 4 it
      sometimes i think my mind is really backwards when I draw weird things.. but when I do its like letting go of that "I have to hide that part of myself away so no 1 will c'"
      so i guess thats how i deal...

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