Pluto Transit conjunct Part of Fortune

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I've this transit coming up in the next few years. Have any of you ever experienced a conjunction, square or opposition to their Part of Fortune from transiting Pluto? What happened?
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  • Hi pof is close to my Taurus sun in the second. When Pluto opposed them, I found my "dream home"...lots of land and an old farm house that needed lots of it was a money pit for a while and now 14 yrs later I'm still hangin in. Though it can be expensive to maintain, I do love's like a retreat. My friends call the 'the ponderosa". Now I have goats and well, too much grass but I do have my privacy which is the main reason I wanted it. So hey, Pluto could just bring you a gold mine....
    • Hi Cindy, my natal pluto opposites my part of fortune in 10th house, I want to find the meaning of it ... I want to know if it's maybe the reason why I have been so lucky with material things. Would you please tell me your birthday and exact time of birth, I'm very interested in reading your chart

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