Pluto transiting north node

topic posted Mon, September 27, 2010 - 8:38 AM by  Hillarie
Pluto is transiting my 6 degrees Capricorn north node in the 12th house. What should I expect? My north node is three degrees away from my ascendant. I understand it necessarily has to involve loneliness because I think it's about learning self-acceptance apart from anyone else's approval, but is there a way to make it easier? I feel like I'm trapped in limbo.
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    Wed, November 24, 2010 - 9:03 PM
    Hi there,

    My experience has been that it wasn't until Pluto actually hit my NN at 5 degrees Cap last April (stationed on it)
    that the real fireworks began. Before that, there were only suggestions.

    April 2010 IRS audit of my business. My natal moon is in the 8th house in Gemini, the north node transit is in the 3rd
    house. A VERY intense time, lots of fear.

    Sept-Oct 2010 Wrote my book on Spiritual Turning Points as Pluto approached the NN again.

    Nov 3 2010 Pipe bursts in upstairs bath, floods house. We are now moving out during repairs. walking a fine line
    between destruction of the old and future rebirth. Had to disassemble my home office (Gemini, computers, book, counseling)
    and am living in limbo.

    So that's it so far and I could never have guessed what Pluto had in mind for me though I tried hard to! As it turns out, most
    of what is happening does have to do with natal moon 8th house issues (IRS, insurances) playing out in the 3rd house of daily

    Also Uranus will be moving into my 6th house of work habits at the same time my Pluto NN transit hits and when I will be working
    out of a hotel for 6 weeks. Moving back almost exactly when Pluto will conjunct my NN.

    Perfect really.


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