transiting Pluto quincunx/inconjunct natal Sun

topic posted Thu, August 20, 2009 - 1:28 AM by  wabi-sabi
What am I expected to gain from that?

The quincunx aspect is not very clear to me.
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    I had it about 4 years ago and it was heavy. The most intense jealousy I ever experienced, lasting for months in a row because pluto stayed all that time right on my sun (and all because my ex had a new lover - I was totally obsessed with that woman which is so much NOT me). Also, weird stuff with water. I was building a new roof those days and one day, during extremely heavy rainfall, the water managed to slip through all the plastic covers, dripping two floors down straight on to my electric power box. It nearly set the house on fire and at least caused short circuit which affected the entire area. Yes, I did that. LOL. Costed me a small fortune because I had no ensurance. Also, when I looked after the plants in a friends house who was on holiday, it was extremely hot so I decided to give that big plant a few drops extra. All of that extra water went straight through the wooden floor, into the ceiling of the guys who lived beneath, who had JUST re-decorated their ceiling. Yes, I did that as well. The good thing was that I could no longer sleep for more than six hours after that transit. So ever since then I sleep 6 hours and wake up all refreshed. Before that, I needed at least 8 hours.
    Still, don't worry. All of this happened completely out of the blue and I survived ;-)
    I guess I was empowered as well and to say the least, I had tons of energy.
    • That's just weird.

      Thank you for the answer, btw. It's good to hear about the benefits you earned... although I can't clearly see how sleep is related to your jealousy and water issues....

      How long does this transit last?
      Is mine over already?
      My Sun is at 29'45 Cancer.

      I did have pretty effed-up experiences late last year and earlier this year. I had thought it was t. Pluto's conjunction on Neptune. But then again Neptune is quincunx my Sun... It involved trust, fake friends, or maybe gullible friends who then compel you to get sucked into games, just like themselves....
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        Re: transiting Pluto quincunx/inconjunct natal Sun

        Fri, August 28, 2009 - 11:00 PM
        My Sun is 28 degrees Cancer so I'm going through the same transit. I'm not having any trouble with friends, though. What houses are t. Pluto and your Sun in? So far I don't know what this means. Quincunx usually points to an imbalance of energies, from what I've read. Transiting Pluto is where tranforming experiences are going on right at a given time, so perhaps a quincunx to the Sun means that we feel the world is changing without us at the moment, or in ways that we can't personally identify with.

        From Cafeastrology:

        "Pluto transits to the Sun challenge us to face up to unexpressed or poorly expressed traits of our Sun sign, house, and aspects. We discover our own power and strength, and we re-work our very sense of identity, which invariably affects our life path. How we have defined ourselves to date is now challenged. In some cases, women live this transit through key male figures in their lives. These transits force us to confront our will, power, assertion, and authority. Sometimes, the relationship with the father or other important male figures come into focus. We face the need to be more independent, assertive, and autonomous. Perhaps most importantly, Pluto transiting our Sun puts us face to face with exactly what it is that has been holding us back from living life more fully and meaningfully.

        Look for Leo in your natal chart, as the Sun rules Leo, and this is an area of life that will be directly affected by the transit (in addition to the house where the transit actually takes place)."

        Perhaps, we'll become painfully aware of where Pluto is missing in our lives, a great imbalance between who we are and what we can become, dealing with the placement of the Sun and the house Leo rules. Conjunct Neptune, it might be through Neptunian soul-searching that we discover this. Now what will be really great is in 14 years, Pluto will oppose our Suns :D
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          Re: transiting Pluto quincunx/inconjunct natal Sun

          Fri, October 23, 2009 - 12:58 AM
          i have it this transit right now also, i think you should not pay too much attention to it...
          quicuinx/inconjunct is a minor aspect.. with natal charts you should only use it up to 1 degree i think

          i have sun at 4deg leo, and jupiter at 4deg capricorn..... they are exactly inconjunct, and i still did not figure out the exact meaning of it.. it has to do with re-adjustment.. it's like the planets that are inconjunct dont blend, they must constantly adjust to each other

          pluto has been on my neptune for ages and soon pluto will conjunct my jupiter and thats my main focus right now..
          (jupiter in 8th, ruler of 7,8)
          rough time for relationships/money i guess........
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            Re: transiting Pluto quincunx/inconjunct natal Sun

            Fri, October 23, 2009 - 1:52 AM
            Ze, I have pluto 135° from my sun (the so called 1.5 square) and I noticed we both are strangers in another country. I guess that is one of the expressions of a "minor" sun/jupiter aspect. I no longer feel at home in the country I was born, but will always remain an outstander where I live now, even though I changed nationality. So I guess it has something to do with an identity conflict regarding living in a strange country.
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        Re: transiting Pluto quincunx/inconjunct natal Sun

        Fri, October 23, 2009 - 12:01 PM
        Oops, Peekaboo, I see I owe you an answer, sorry, didn't see this post until now...

        Looking back on that transit now, I guess the common theme was utter powerlessness. I didn't have the power to prevent my ex to choose a women far more pretty than I am (which sucks!). I didn't have the power to make myself prettier than she is. And last but not least I didn't have the power to stop all that water from destroying material objects and having to pay for the damage.
        So I guess this transit showed me the limits of my power. It put me in my place, so to speak. It forced me to accept that I cannot control all and everything. Well, during that transit I couldn't see those "lessons". I was just & only in shock. But today it makes sense.

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