Pogo™/Peanut Labs Surveys are a Scam!

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This tribe was created to help spread the word about EA Sports, ™, Peanut Labs and the "Surveys for Gems" scam currently being perpetrated on

First and foremost, if you taken surveys and earned Gems this Tribe doesn't concern you except in that it may help educate you to the fact that there are many more of us who answered the same questions, as you, only to be disqualified. You got yours but for every one of you I believe there are 2 -3 or more who don't. Just look up the ™ page on facebook. The vast majority of posters there are "sure" it's a scam, taking surveys. But don't take my word for it, go read for yourself.

• Remember the goal is always to separate you from your money. This includes, in part, your time. Your time IS money to them. It makes no difference whether you or anyone else thinks your time is worth anything or not. They save a boat load of money "paying you" with Gems for taking surveys. If they had to manually go out and collect all the information we provide them for free (or gems, sometimes) it would cost them a fortune. Believe me, they’re saving A TON! The insult is that after spending much time taking surveys and getting DQed you get paid nothing for your time, efforts, personal information and most importantly … your opinions.

This is pretty much what the scam is:

• ™ has to give out some Gems. Too much complaining could lead to too many people filing complaints with the BBB (a whole other game that EA probably plays well) and maybe the Feds (interstate commerce laws apply). The “innocents” who “earn” Gems are likely encouraged to read and post in the forums on ™ in response to posts like mine. Others do so at their own volition and that’s fine. They’re happy. This note doesn’t cover or concern them. It covers what I believe are the many tens of thousands ( ™ recently touted over 1.5 million paid subscriptions folks. How many freebie accounts are there? Think about that…) who never say anything. They take a few surveys, get disgusted, say nothing, quit and move on. Meanwhile we’ve provided thousands of dollars worth of information, some of it personal, and opinions for free.

• Many alts were created, long before ™ went online and was still in Beta, and are employee used. They continually monitor and post often in the forums. Mods delete posts like mine … and not because they’re “negative”. They delete them because I'm pretty much on target.

• From the ™ Gem page, "Pogo Gems™ are Pogo’s virtual currency." The term "Virtual Currency" means a temporarily simulated medium of exchange. They are worth nothing except to ™ in two ways.

1. When we purchase them. Since Gems have no monetary value, whatsoever, PL/Pogo/EA are out nothing. The creation and maintenance of this aspect has been paid for many times over.

2. When we provide peanut labs our opinions via the surveys. This costs ™ nothing. In fact ™ make a boatload of money renting space on their website to peanut labs.

Since the only place they do have any value to “us” is *on ™*, Pogo loses nothing. Even if Pogo were to give each and every one of us a million Gems per account the only things you can “buy” are the computer generated imagery and only use them on Pogo! How many times have you wished that you could “take your mini with you”? Yes, you can take a screen shot and crop it out or share it on Facebook but I’m asking about “taking” it with you to other social networking sites. You bought it but don’t own it.

• On the other side of that coin we have PL/ ™/EA making a small fortune, charging those vendors/companies for this “service space" AND the "captive audience" to glean OUR personal information and opinions. This is why there are so many company (re: EA) alts claiming to have earned dozens, if not hundreds, of these Gems and why posts (in the Pogo forums) like mine get responded to so quickly by someone claiming to have earned Gems on a continuing basis. Actually now my posts are summarily being deleted without consideration. Then there are the legitimate "Gem earners" mixed in. Remember, Peanut Labs do have to give out a certain amount to give the appearance of being on the up and up.

• There are hundreds of companies in cyberspace that claim that they will pay you for doing the same thing there. The difference is that, on Pogo, it’s like dipping a pole into a bucket of fish instead of the ocean. Some will offer money as well as tangible goods as compensation. The vast majority of these entities are cons just like the surveys on Pogo but there are a few legitimate companies out there. They will compensate you for you efforts and that compensation would far exceed what you “earn” here. Well at least you’ll get legal tender for your time and opinions.

• Then there are the issues that very well could go along with giving your personal information out like your e-mail address, home address, CC numbers, etc. Spam would be the least of your worries, identity theft (or more?) a serious concern.

• There are many that believe that Peanut Labs is a separate entity. It may be but it‘s doubtful. Be that as it may this is still an issue that Pogo is 100% responsible for. This website is --- ™ --- not Peanut labs dot com. Peanut Labs are on Pogo because Pogo rents space to them making Pogo the landlord. If your apartment manager rented an apartment to a drug dealer and you complained to your manager and their response was, "That's not me dealing drugs, talk to him!" or, "That's not my issue, confront them" you wouldn't buy it, would you? This is what is going on at pogo . com, exactly. It's really that simple. The mods, alts and gem earners tout that line (email peanut labs about your issues) but it's a line of bullshit and it's unacceptable to me. How about you?

• Finally, this note, the one you’re reading now, was summarily deleted by a mod after I originally posted it in the Pogo forums, Surveys and Offers. I've edited it to include more information and I continue to post it in Pogo's forums and it continually gets deleted. Am I on to something here or am I a spammer? I'm not trying to sell you something or pimp a website that nets you "gems for free", like the real spammers do in Pogo's chat. I'm just trying to pass along pertinent information regarding the "survey's" and my opinion. This is what pogo's "forums" are all about, exchanging facts and opinions, no? You may not agree with me but that fact should be troubling, that the mods here are very selective about what they allow to stay up and, especially, what they take down. There are others here who share my opinion and their posts are allowed to stay up. Just because I'm a little more "noisy" about it, it seems to rattle some cages. Hmmm … RSS Feed what is XML?

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