Congressman Seeking to Deport Iranians

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Tell Rep. Barrett (R-SC) that deporting people who are in the US legally based SOLELY on their country of origin is unacceptable.

Congressman Seeking to Deport Iranians

If you are an Iranian in the US on a work visa or a student visa, Rep. Gresham Barrett (R-SC) thinks you are a national security threat and should be deported.

Rep. Barrett announced this week that he plans to reintroduce the Stop Terrorists Entry Program (STEP) Act, which he originally introduced in 2003. If passed, the bill would deport all Iranians on student visas, temporary work visas, exchange visas, and tourist visas from the United States within 60 days. It would also make it illegal for Iranians to travel to the United States, though some exceptions may be made for medical emergencies and political or religious asylum after "extensive federal screening."

According to Rep. Barrett, he is reintroducing the STEP Act in response to the Fort Hood shooting, carried out by an American citizen, and the Christmas-day attempt to blow up an airplane over Detroit, attempted by a Nigerian national. The bill, however, targets citizens and residents of Iran, Cuba, Sudan, and Syria, along with Yemen.

At a time of increasing repression in Iran, this proposal will impose even greater burdens on Iranians seeking refuge abroad. Iranian Americans must unite to tell Congressman Barrett that this legislation is offensive to American principles, harmful to US interests and discriminates against Iranians and Iranian Americans.

Tell Rep. Barrett that you object to the STEP Act, and call on him to reconsider this shameful legislation. We encourage you to add your own personal story to the letter below and send it to Congressman Barrett today.
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