Reclaim Your Sensual Self Through Orgasmic Meditation

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Poly or mono, learn how to have your sex life soar though the roof....

NEXT TUESDAY at ONE TASTE! Join Nicole Daedone as she presents a 2 hour introduction to our practice of orgasmic meditation. For those who want to get a taste of our work, this is the perfect venue! To register, visit For more info about One Taste Urban Retreat center, visit

Course description
Learn the tools you need to experience greater sensual freedom with this hands-on offering. This open and safe introduction will start you on a journey to experience a deeper conscious contact with pleasure and desire and can transform your life.

Participants reclaim their sensual self through Orgasmic Meditation, taught by Nicole Daedone, founder of One Taste Urban Retreat Center and the Insight Institute's Sensual Research Center.

You will learn how to re-evaluate your orgasmic experience by her approach, which:
<> Introduces a basic principle which draws on developing awareness, approval in the here and now and a deeper capacity to feel
<> Teaches a simple technique that can be practiced daily to expand connection, intimacy and sensation
<> Expands a person's ability to manifest their "turn-on" into other areas of their lives, transmitting pleasure throughout. This gives the individual a method to use their sexuality to transform all aspects of their experiences
<> Helps you uncover and speak your deepest desires with ease
<> Shows how a person can access raw sensuality anytime, anywhere with anyone
<> Reveals a set of specific tools, which will help you unlock emotional blocks that prevent you from living life fully
<> Teaches proven methods to move through resistance and gives a comfortable knowledge of the most sensitive parts of women's and men's bodies.

Nicole Daedone is a graduate of an intense experiential course geared to expand female orgasm. She was first educated at Temple University and later at San Francisco State . Daedone was mentored by Dr. Dean Barnlund, an early collaborator of Alan Watts, graduated at the top of her class and awarded The Golden Key, presented to ten percent of the country's graduate students. She has spent the last seven years devoting her energy to the work of Dr. Victor Baronco, founder of More University . Daedone has taught courses for the past 11 years, starting at San Francisco State . Last year she founded One Taste and The InSight Institute to share her techniques of self-actualization and transformation.
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