Hygeia Halfmoon: The Case against the Florida DCF

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I am including Hygeia Halfmoon's letter in the hopes that other Primal Parents will see it and support this wonderful woman during this horrific time in her life!

With much love and respect,


My name is Hygeia Halfmoon, mother to Jasmine Kokee
Halfmoon. My fourteen-year-old daughter is presently
being held against her will by the State of Florida
DCF agency, and has been so held since February 15,

In the beginning of February 2006, our nomadic family
departed from winter camp in the Great Sonora Desert
of southwestern Arizona, arriving shortly thereafter
to the San Pedro National Forest of Central
California. We set up camp and I began my work as an
author and health consultant, researching and
incorporating the latest findings in the state of
California's Proposition 215 Medical Marijuana Act.

Our nomadic lifestyle of eight years is the outgrowth
of my Hawaii-born, home-educated childrens' interest
in the national forests, deserts, mountains,
wild-life, rivers, lakes, and streams of North

One morning, while preparing to get supplies in the
nearby town of Santa Maria, Jasmine expressed her
frustration over having to restrain her affection
towards her fiance, when in public. The age
difference between she and Nathan (at the time, 13 and
25) posed a legal threat. Jasmine misinterpreted my
concern and felt I was being oppressive.

While her brother and I were in town getting supplies,
Jasmine and Nathan left. They traveled to Florida,
where someone called the police based on the age
difference and that's where this case against the
State of Florida DCF Agency begins.

Soon thereafter, Jasmine learned she was approximately
four weeks' pregnant. Medical intrusion was forced
upon her, and a combination of repeated ultra-sounds,
mis-diagnosis, and other medical assaults upon my
daughter contributed to the loss of her child.

This medical coercion persisted, as Jasmine was and
still is continuously harassed for not allowing the
AMA to vaccinate her. She has stood firm in our
familys' educated and responsible decision not to
vaccinate. This medical procedure is not only
unnecessary but also dangerous and potentially deadly,
as more and more adverse effects are being reported
throughout America and abroad.

In the four months that Jasmine has been in the
custody of the State of Florida DCF Agency she has
experienced numerous traumas, both mental and
physical: medical coercion; the loss of her
consciously concepted child; "cold" social workers;
running away from the Alpha House Pregnancy Center(due
to her inability to any longer endure the cold
attitudes of the workers) and ending up on the streets
of Tampa where she was sexually molested; being denied
contact with me; witnessing the incarceration of her
fiance; and the continuing pressure by DCF and the AMA
to be vaccinated.

Nathan was released after more than thirty days,
because no charges were pressed against him. Jasmine
now faces further emotional trauma as she is not
allowed to communicate with her fiance or myself.

According to the psychological report, "Jasmine is a
sweet girl with an adult mentality." Her attraction
to a young man of Nathan's age makes perfect sense in
light of her maturity.

Nathan is an Arkansas Country boy, with an
un-complicated personality that is steady and loyal.
His cultural background includes early age marriage
(his grandmother married at thirteen) and he comes
from a state that recognizes marriage at age fourteen
with parental consent.

Since the onset of our involvement with the State of
Florida DCF Agency, my family has endured disrespect,
oppression, and inconsistent communication. In my
initial conversation with Heather Gates of Pinellas
County she referred to Nathan as "in jail, right where
he belongs." She went on to say that the foster care
system of which Jasmine was now a part is a "bad
situation", another example of the danger my daughter
has been exposed to since February 15, 2006 at the
hands of the State of Florida DCF Agency and the
Judicial System.

Jasmine continues to be frustrated by the neglect on
the part of her case manager, Heather Henri. Despite
Jasmine's repeated efforts, this case manager does not
return her calls. Jasmine's aunt, Lisa Reeves, has
efforted to communicate with this case manager.
Lisa's messages, too, are not returned.

Since May 23, 2006 I have emailed this case manager
several times, emailed her supervisor, and left a
telephone message with the director of this Agency.
To date, I have received no response.

The main barrier with the State of Florida DCF Agency,
aside from the lack of prompt response, is their
limited view of family stability. This Agency's
blatant discrimination against our family's values,
nomadic lifestyle, and commitment to voluntary
simplicity has forced me to protect the rest of my
family from further encroachment by the DCF...a
necessary act on my part that is classified by this
Agency as "non-compliance".

Given the challenge of communication irresponsibility
and several counts of discrimination against my
familys' religious, educational, health, and lifestyle
values, International Media exposure is the next step
in my commitment to have Jasmine promptly returned to
her family of origin. In the words of my daughter,

"My mother has taught me all the Native American ways
so that is what I am about and I would love to be
returned to the only family that I have ever known."

Hygeia Halfmoon
mother to Jasmine Kokee Halfmoon
grandmother to the late Sativa Halfmoon,
Jasmine's child lost in this family tragedy
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  • Hello, i don't know how to start here with i wanna say, because i dont wanna offend noone! But, i came here ( to the States) mainly, because i always thought this is the "Land of Free". Now, when i read this with Hygeia and see around me other Stories like that, i wonder what happened to this "Freedom". I saw a lot of people here on Meds like Prozac, i was wondering if this could be, because people are not as happy as it is pretended to the "Outside World"? To me it seemed that it is not that much wanted to have "Thinkers", more expected is the "Follower"! And the ones they wanna live their lifestyle and live their dreams ...are getting themselves here in nothing but problems! They even get their kids taken!
    Unbelievable to me..... if you live a nomadic life you can get in conflict with the youthservices, but if you are forced thru poverty to live in the car with your kids than it is o.k.?
    If a girl decides to have a child, they make a drama and force her thru medical "treatments" until she looses her child, but in a lot of states they have an abortion ban?!
    Maybe someone can explain this to me, because i have since over one year serious problems, trying to figure it out......
    • If someone could explain it maybe we could start fixing it! It's pretty unbelievable stuff, isn' t it. All we can do is live our lives our own way one life at a time to try to change it, until there's enough momentum built up. Or we wait until there's such widespread devestation from this that something has to give. I guess....
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