Are psychics born with their gift??

topic posted Wed, June 30, 2010 - 12:45 PM by  Jenna
I'm trying to understand all of this. l I really wish I had the gift a lot of you do, but I have to get over that.
Anyways, is it something you're born with? Or does it develop over time?
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    Wed, June 30, 2010 - 1:50 PM
    as far as I understand it, everyone is born psychic ~ some use it, some develop it, some block it out, some ignore it, some never speak of it, some call it something else in their heads, some hide it, etc.

    for most of my life, I thought I wasn't *psychic* ~ I had no idea what that word even meant ~ then some things in my life shifted & I started to experience all kinds of synchronicites/strange occurrences that forced me to question my non-psychic-ness (& my sanity!) ~ once I started to reassess the whole concept of what *psychic* means in light of my personal experiences, I began to *see* how I had always been psychic, but had ignored that part of myself in favor of different aspects of me that could be confirmed by other people ~ in other words, I focused (to the point of exclusion) on stuff that other people around me also perceived & let the rest go ignored ~ it wasn't like I ever made the conscious choice to 'turn it off' ~ it just happened as a side-effect of other choices I made ~ now that I look back on my childhood, I can clearly *see* that the signs have always been there ~ at that point in my life, I just wasn't reading them

    paradoxically, sometimes it seems to me that the people who are best able to use their innate *psychic* gifts, are those that are least consciously aware of them

    love all-ways,
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    Thu, July 1, 2010 - 1:21 PM
    I do think that people have a sixth sense, but if they do not use it, it atrophies. In indigenous cultures, the sixth sense is encouraged. In modern cultures, most of the modern cultures across the planet, use of the sixth sense is discouraged, in many many ways. Usually, the biggest way, is simple denial. When children start talking about their invisible friends, or describing other psychic experiences, most parents laugh and say that it is their imagination, or they get angry or frightened and say, "Don't ever talk that way again."

    It takes courage and daring, and bit of a sense of humor, to learn to work with our sixth sense. We have to be prepared to be wrong sometimes. Even professional psychics are wrong about 20% of the time, and they will admit it.

    Different people experience their sixth sense in different ways. Some "see" visions in their imagination....which symbolize psychic realities. Some have empathic feelings or get "gut" feelings, or hunches. Some just "know." There are many other styles of psychic sensing, too.

    If you want to wake up your psychic sense, you can do simple exerises, like guessing who is calling on the phone, guessing what is in the mail today, guessing who you will see. Take not of the random images and thoughts that come to you. Take note if you are feeling emotions that don't make sense.

    Some great books that helped me:

    __Develop Your Psychic Skills__ and ___Expand Your Psychic Skills__ ...both by
    Enid Hoffman
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    Fri, July 2, 2010 - 7:45 PM
    A dedicated person with modest abilities can become a great pianist after years of applying themselves. A person with immense abilities can also become a great pianist without having the dedication of the modest person. I consider my abilities modest but have experienced some incredible things. To be sure we are all "psychic" so Jenna, "Take whatever talent you have and run with it, experience life through it and become all that you can be. You have an open mind so take comfort in knowing that however great or modest our abilities are, we are all kindred and you are amongst people who support you !" :-)
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      Sat, July 10, 2010 - 8:58 PM
      I recommend Julie Soskin's book "How Psychic Are You? - 76 Ways To Boost Your Innate Power. It is a fun way to practice and develop and learn. Always remember, there is no one way or correct way to do any of this...make it your own! Anything visualized is possible, and the variations are as prolific as personalities! We all do things slightly different from one another, and psi skills are no exception. If you are told "that's not the way its done", go on and do it your own way anyway! You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself...and it is important to find others to support and encourage you.

      Psi support and development groups can do this, but only if it is a group you are comfortable in (just like any other thing). I have been in shamanic and psychic development groups, and in the presence of others like me - the power of psi seems to square by volume! But, be judicious - I have also been around some groups where things went awry. Control freaks are not among the non-psi alone! But for the most part, abuse of psi is almost the negatives deplete themselves and are largely inneffectual. Stay on the light and positive side and you have little to fear from the dark intentions. They are weak and ego driven and pitiful! If my intentions are egoless and pure, I can stand any and all assaults...even when attacked by covens of many or the entire dark side! Do not fear the dark as it is full of travelling light, everywhere. Darkness is a great illusion! Never understood why so many are enticed by it. Why be an energy vampire when there is a pure river full of cosmic energy and reiki for everyone - just above us and ready to be tapped into?

      Be brave and fearless...and stay in the light and do great things with your psi side!
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    Mon, July 26, 2010 - 9:33 PM
    Hi Jenna,

    I pretty much agree with the other people who posted here. =-)

    I think that some people are more sensitive and in touch with the energies around and within them than others,but I believe that the one's who aren't immediately "in touch" can develop that ability with practice.
    I've always been empathic and possibly, unknowingly, telepathic,but I wanted to develop all of my abilities to be the best they can be. So about 5 years ago I started practicing to see what I could do, and I'm at the point now, that I can see people who are long distances away, (I guess it would be remote viewing,but not quite the same), I can pick up thoughts more clearly when I'm relaxed, I can tell the difference between what I'm feeling and what emotions I'm picking up from other's,I can see aura's, cool stuff like that.

    I believe you can do it too. =-)

    Success to you=-)
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    Sat, September 25, 2010 - 5:45 PM
    It depends... I know for the longest time, with some people I could just "feel" them... but when I was 18 I experienced my first most of awakening. I saw something that wasn't there on the West Point school ground grave yard, in broad daylight. It sort of opened up this huge door for me. Ever since then I've gotten stronger and 10x's more aware of my "gifts'.

    Some people are born with strong gifts, some do not unlock it till they reach a certain age, some only have it come forth after a crisis, some become more open minded, and some just stop being in denial that these gifts do not exist and start to embrace them.

    I know they say everyone has "gifts", but to me I think that usually falls under intuition for everyone... especially women. I do believe however that it's more likely to happen to people who do have at least one grandparent or parent that is gifted in this area for it to be easily unlocked in their lifetime.

    But also practice makes perfect and so does good meditation... negative energy can make oneself close off the gifts easily and that can make it more frustrating. I always take time to relax, get whatever is bugging me off my chest, and come back when I'm more focused. Usually if I'm sick or had too much alcohol, my gifts are also blocked out. I also have noticed that drugs don't help either.

    A clear mind, is a gifted and aware mind....