i got banned from mycotopia!!!hehehe

topic posted Tue, July 25, 2006 - 3:50 PM by  skullfarmer
i kind of knew it was gonna happen cause i kept stepping on the admins(HIPPE3) toes. making the admin look bad isnt a good thing but he made it so easy for me.a while back i noticed there were a whole bunch of new ppl at the topia that seemed too suspicious and i said something about it and i was gunned down with "paranoia is a disease" remarks from hippe3 and his butt lickers.only one guy there, WAYLITJIM, was the only one man enough to take my "watch who you play with" remarks as being just plain ol' good advice and not try to shoot me down. if you somehow see this post waylitjim,thanks for all the help and i wish you all the good karma in the world.

today i was looking at some of the marketplace post at mycotopia and i noticed hippe3 was warning ppl about who they trade with and he banned one suspicious guy for trying to trade salvia 25xtract for "anything". i posted a little comment about "paranoia being a disease?" and i got banned. that easy.

i know this post doesnt pertain to mushrooms in general but mycotopia is one of the best places on the net to discuss mushrooms so i felt like i had to share this here since none of my friends there would here from me ever again. it sucks but hell,tribe is the place to be.the ppl here dont try to belittle you for their own god like (i'll ban you if you dont worship me) ways.
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    Tue, July 25, 2006 - 9:13 PM
    weren't you the same guy talking about egonauts in the other tribe...

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      Wed, July 26, 2006 - 5:45 AM
      yep,that was glad you got a kick out of it. ;-).
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        Wed, July 26, 2006 - 1:46 PM



        ego let go of my eggo.

        eggo nauts (lol)

        So, you got banned. Mustah ve been for either of two reasons.
        1. you were saying something too true that violated somebodies delusions
        2. you were trolling.

        which was it?
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          Wed, July 26, 2006 - 3:05 PM
          you left out reason #3: being a fed.

          i got banned because no one was supposed to know the feds are on those types of forums and i let the cat out the bag.the admin can ban the feds/narcs all day and night but you wont hear a word of it after the dont want to startle the sheep cause they'll all run away.

          maybe hippe3 was right,paranoia is a disease,a forum disease and if the whole forum gets paranoid because someone gets busted or they find out someone they've been communicating with was a fed the ppl are gonna stop coming around a forum and sharing info and teks if its crawling with feds, like at the topia.

          i'd like to add i've never seen anyone get banned cause they were a fed but there are more than a few suspicious ppl that do get banned for just not looking or sounding quite the guy trading salvia25x for "anything".you dont just give that shit away for anything.sounds like all he wanted was someones address to me and to the admin over at the topia ,but i got banned for saying something before the admin swept him under the rug.

          thats about all i have to say about this whole ordeal.i just had to vent a little.i cant believe i got banned for what i did and im glad there is a place like tribe where you can come and speak your mind ,wether its pointing out the feds or just shooting the bull.i havent seen any feds here yet so all is good ;-).
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    Fri, September 22, 2006 - 7:37 AM
    I'm hippie3, the admin at
    and skullfarmer- you are a liar.
    you were banned for ripping off people and snitching out friends.
    you tried being slick but your friends turned you in, told us who you are
    and so we kicked your ass out like we do any other thief or snitch.
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      Sat, September 23, 2006 - 3:38 PM
      your a dumbass cause i can go post links to everything that went down between you and i retard.its all out in the open my must have me confused with someone else that ripped off ppl.i never traded with anyone at the topia but i did get under you skin for making you look like a dumbass a few times and that last remark i made about paranoia being a disease and me being glad you caught it was all it took for you to ban me.

      since you are the admin im sure your going to scurry over and delete all my post cause i am the right one here,but if anyone really gives a rats ass about this topic,which i dont anymore, feel free to look up all of my post at the topia.i have nothing to hide.but hippi3 does.liar liar pants on fire
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        Sat, September 23, 2006 - 4:13 PM
        llamabox is a mod at the topia.why dont you ask him what kind of dude i am.i donated a ton of seeds to the free ethno seed ring cause im good like that.marsofold,ever hear of him?he's an old pal from dmtw.ask him what kind of dude i am.anyone know mindzeye of mindzeyecreations? ask him what kind of dude i sure all of these guys will speak highly of me and i didnt have to threaten to ban anyone of them from anything.i traded or donated plenty of things to ppl at other place besides the topia but if you go to mycotopia the first topic you see is "donate money to the topia".money,money,money.thats all you care about while you sit there hunched over you keyboard.i bet ever time you hit a key it makes the sound of money chinging.

        im curious to know who these friends are that sold me giving names left and right and you dont have any cause your a liar.please,im begging some names liar.or better yet,stay you sorry ass away from tribe unless you can back up what you say bitch.

        this is a link to the free ethno seed ring that is run by llamabox.the site is a little screwed up at the moment but if you look at the donators i believe you'll see me.i must be one of those rare kinds of ppl that steal from ppl and and then give stuff away?LOL

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