First DMT trip

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Ok so I've finally had the chance to wrap my head around the experience. I've been able to thoroughly experience Lucy, Salvia and Psylocybin mushrooms. I'd been preparing myself, learning as much as I can about DMT and it's implications.

So finally the opportunity came to procure not only the straight DMT, but also the smokeable Ayahuasca(changa), which is the maoi version. So my lady and I heading for a mountaintop to try it out. I like to go to memorable places, especially mountains, every time I try a new psychedelic. So I fired up a bowl of the changa and it started to come on. Keep in mind the changa gets you in the mental state, but doesn't have visuals nearly as strong as the DMT, pound for pound. Make no mistake, though, it gets you there, and you don't need to smoke a lot of it. I was given a tip that smoking it makes the straight DMT 3x stronger. So it came on as about as smoothly as you can expect a chemical like DMT to.

So I can already feel the strong undeniable connection to the "ether" at this point. I've noticed that there are certain mental checkpoints that I identify as I'm coming up and at a certain point you KNOW you are connected to that universal consciousness. Your thoughts seem to be guided and flow very fast. You feel the clarity. It was also cool to look up at the stars and see the little lines connecting stars or various constellations. I also had a feeling of little r2d2 type things working on my head as they did in Star Wars while the ships were flying through space. Very similar feeling because I started to feel like I was in a spacepod type thing. I'm sure it helped that I was sitting in a car. I also used to work on fighter jets so that probably contributed to the feel as well. But anyways it seemed like they were fixing my head for the hyper blast that was about to begin.

So I loaded up some straight DMT and took a couple of big rips. The taste was somewhat plasticy but I didn't think it was nearly as bad as people say it is. It wasn't any harder to hold down than weed. The guy I got it from said it was pretty clean, though. I have no frame of reference. After the second hit It felt like the pipe and smoke melted down from my mouth to my chest. Kinda bizzare. I then felt my body vibrate and it was T minus 3 2 1...ignition!!! I felt a sensation similar to when I smoked Salvia and blasted off, but was immediately received by a masked godhead looking entity who looked like a cross between Scorpion and Smoke from Mortal Kombat. I was able to somehow see though all of the other intense visuals taking place. It kinda looked like It had a staff like thing and I felt like it was telling me to lose all of my fear otherwise that fear will fuel the staff into my chest, so to speak.

Superimposed in front of the being was incredible visuals that looked like a a corridor of different psychedelic visuals and It was like a first person shooter game where you're going rapidly through different halls with the masked entity standing behind. A feeling of ascension was still taking place. It seemed to rotate between Arabian, Aztec, and machine gear-like motifs. The gear-like motifs also has tentacles coming through in between the gears. Each of the gear teeth were tiny cryptic looking symbols and tiny different videos. Also making up the images were hieroglyphic type symbols, incredibly detailed.

All of a sudden I felt like I was completely weightless. It was like the scene from contact after she goes through the wormhole and the was weightless and that bracelet or chain thing floated by her face. It's also important to point out that you feel a physical force on your body. Some kind of gravitational force that has a slow and smooth rocking motion to it. Almost as if I as feeling a force that is always on up but our bodies get used to and block out. While there I was in the "dome" as many people refer to it as and in the middle was a Mayan calendar looking disc that was spinning on a vertical axis(like a coin) in this green and purple color. Many of the colors are unimaginable.

Also I should mention that meanwhile I'm getting this major much needed spiritual lesson from whatever guide It was the ENTIRE TIME. Through all of my psychedelic trips there seems to be about 3 or 4 different types of guides that I'm able to kind of recognize. The inner voice this time almost had a Dalai-Lama type of charisma, if you've ever heard him talk. Very friendly and funny. After coming down I felt a post-trip feeling of peace and love that has extended itself to today. The entity was helping me focus on letting go of negativity and also said that the more I focused on dying, the more I will start to die. I've been through a very unusual amount of funerals for family and friends this past two years, including two grandparents and a friend who committed suicide and a cousin was was ran over in a freeway tunnel after being ejected from his car. That coupled with a year and a half of psychedelic experiments created a personal pre-occupation with death that I didn't realize I had till it had taken hold, and it was beginning to affect me negatively. I also laid off from a great job and went through a bankruptcy last year. I was in a very dark place. So it purged me of that and also cleared out some artistic mental blocks and insecurities that had been holding me back. All of them GONE! The trip was a little scary during the come up(as with any trip) but the amount of love and comfort I felt annihilated any fear or sorrow I had in my heart. It felt like the whole experience was being was being guided by some higher power, or my higher self, or both. The beauty is sooooooo frustratingly indescribable. Lucky for me I record and make a lot of music so I have an outlet to express it through.

There is so much more that I wish I could explain about the experience but this is all I've been able to remember and articulate. I'd like to also mention that I was listening to Shpongle the whole time. Great albums to trip to.

Day 2:

So This time I decided to go again about 2 days later, and my lady who I've been preparing for this, did some as well. The experience was similar only this time felt more Alien. Also, I did it without music to better hear any audio anomalies. So as I blasted off I was able to hear any ambient noise from my house start to digitize into some mosaic/alien/robotic type textures. The visuals were also 4 times as brilliant. The detail of everything was amazing and I still have a hard time letting go of the beauty and profoundness.

Here's something interesting, my girlfriend tried it and partway through I held her hand and she said as soon as I did all of the visual color turned into this indigo/purple color. She said it was as if she was feeding on my own energy. Whenever I trip with a trusted friend there always seems to be a stronger, almost telepathic connection. I guess that's what it means to squeegee your third eye, as Bill Hicks often said. At least that's how it seems.

As I remember more I'll come back and update the post, if I can. All in all my DMT experience was better than advertised. I'd recommend it to anyone seeking spiritual/artistic healing and enlightenment. Just please learn about it before going in and prepare. It'll pay off in the end. I recommend at least reading and watching DMT: The Spirit Molecule, about Dr. Rick Strassmans clinical trials.

Also, PLEASE message me if you'd like to get a conversation going about it. I'm always up for something like that. Lets face it, there aren't too many people who can relate to these experiences and we're now blessed to have access to information and people over the internet.
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    Wed, June 29, 2011 - 3:33 PM
    What a great post, thanks for sharing.

    Definitely can relate to many of your experiences, especially your comment about tripping with others, it does add a certain dynamic which is not present on solo rides. The one thing that you mentioned which I'll try and pay more attention to is the color patterns depending on where and who I'm with. Cool thing to notice from your girlfriend's part.

    on a side note, great choice of music. I just bought my ticket to go see them in Vancouver July 14 :)
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      Thu, June 30, 2011 - 12:09 AM
      Ya I was glad she mentioned that, it was pretty nice insight into making more sense out of these experiences. Shpongle is on a whole other level musicwise. I listened to the same thing when smoking Salvia and the music worked so well with it that I thought Posford was some Alien Magician for a few minutes until my head was able to catch up. Terence Mckenna used to say the same thing about Salvia as far as it hitting you before you even get a chance to realize. Very bizarre(but legal:)). There was a certain female spiritual presence with salvia, which turns out is partly where it got it's name. I believe it means Mother Shepard or something along those lines. It kinda floated down in an angelic fashion and then it seemed like she was singing along with a part on Shpongle's nothing lasts forever where it slows down and there's that female vocalist. Blew my mind!!
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    Wed, June 29, 2011 - 8:57 PM
    shot pool with a guy one time in a small hick town in Ohio who lost . He pulled out a joint that later turned out to be coated with DMT.
    Wow. Electric squirrel disco extravaganza.

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