some lady courious about eels?

topic posted Mon, October 8, 2012 - 8:52 AM by  ina
Hey ladys!

Anyone out there who would like to try some experience with that?
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Washington, D.C.
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    Mon, October 8, 2012 - 10:57 AM
    I wonder about that one. I saw a tv show where a man had an eel put in his asshole & it bit & chewed his insides &he bled to death! Seems they have teeth so how would that be made safe? An eel in a woman's pussy or asshole sounds very erotic but dangerous if they have teeth. Do all eels have teeth or are there some species that don't? I'm not sure about any of it.Anyone have info on them?
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      Re: some lady courious about eels?

      Wed, October 10, 2012 - 11:23 PM
      I have movies of eels being put in both holes and most of the time they use dead ones. There is a couple of movies of live eels being put in , one lady has two eels all the way inside her pussy
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    Re: some lady courious about eels?

    Sat, January 5, 2013 - 12:26 AM
    i love letting woodlice and worms inside me and eventually would like to work my way up to eels or anything else that can move about in me
    • Re: some lady courious about eels?

      Mon, January 21, 2013 - 12:16 PM
      I've had a garden slug up my asshole & moving inside me. Very strange feeling to be carrying a living thing inside me! My wife has had slug up her asshole & also in her vagina, it went DEEP in her pussy & really gave her some feelings as it moved slowly inside her. We both had to have enemas & douche to be sure they were gone. They didn't bite, still worry about eels biting, that'd be dangerous & at least make a trip to the ER & awkward explanations!

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