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True story...

Several years ago I had to make a business trip for work. A trip to Tampa! But I had to drive down instead of flying. From where I'm at this is about a 12 hour drive. Being young, horny, single, and a lover of all things on the beach, I could hardly wait.

I started out fairly early in the morning so that by midday I was already nearing the FL state line. I'd been thinking on the way down about getting the chance to go skinny dipping in the ocean and needless to say by then I was already excited and decided to take a bit of a dare. I pulled over to the side of the interstate and without getting out stripped. My heart was racing at the thought of being naked going down the road with all these other people. I was in a newer Camaro and was fairly low to the ground so that anyone getting directly up beside me on the passenger side would be able to see in well enough to know I was nude. To keep myself from backing out I threw my clothes in the back out of reach and decided on setting my cruise on the speed limit so that I wouldn't accidentally get pulled over for speeding! That one would have been hard to explain!

After several hours of driving I had grown quiet comfortable with the idea and didn't pay so close attention to the traffic around me. By the time evening rolled around and I was getting close to Tampa, I had my leg propped up, cruise set, and the windows down enjoying the wonderful, warm ocean breezes. This is when I got my surprise.

In Florida, especially middle and southern Florida, a lot of the highways are toll roads! I had no idea that I had taken an exit and gotten on one. I came around this slight curve and was right on top of a toll plaza! The cruise was set and I had to jump and fumble around to keep from flying right on through it! I finally hit the brakes but was way too close to stop or try to turn around and grab something to cover up with. What really worried me as the cop car sitting off to one side!

I slowed down and drove up to one of the lanes without any traffic right in the middle of the plaza. An older lady was working and she didn't even seem to care that I wasn't wearing a shirt. From her vantage point that was all that she would have been able to see. She held out her hand for my money. I had to ask how much and this seemed to annoy her. She told me and fortunately I had enough change in my dash to pay her. I handed her the change and just as she was handing me a receipt the girl from the booth next door came walking out of her booth to talk to the older lady. The new girl was right at the front of my car on the passenger side. We looked at each other at about the same time. She looked at me, down me, up at me again and broke out in a huge smile. She bent over and kind peeked in the window and pointed at me to the other lady and said, "He's naked!" and started rolling with laughter.

This caught me totally off guard and the toll arm had just finished raising so I gave it the gas and pulled on through. I could see the young girl step over to the other booth and wave as I drove off. I just knew she was going to have the police after me and arrested for something though. I got just far enough away to pull over and reached back and grabbed my shorts. I didn't put them on but threw them at my feet so I could pull them should I see any signs of pursuit. It never did come and I had a blast even though it scared the crap out of me for a short time!
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