Rebecca, Energy Healer and Shaman from Pura Vida, will be conducting sessions in SF Bay Area 21-23 Dec 2006

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For those of you who are near or will be traveling to the San Francisco Bay area 12-13 December, Rebecca, the energy healer from our Pura Vida retreat will be offering sessions as outlined below.

Also, for any of you who live in the SF Bay area, Rebecca is still looking for a place to hold the sessions and help organizing them. If you know of a suitable space and are interested in helping organize in trade for a session at no charge, please contact her directly at the email listed below.


ENERGY HEALER, REBECCA SINGER Rebecca singer is a healer who works in the Shamanic tradition. Her first teacher worked in the Lakota Indian traditions, and after learning from her during 12 years, Rebecca went on to develop her own form with the help of Shaman in Costa Rica, where she lives. She has worked with children and adults, focusing on physical, mental, spiritual well being. Issues that have come up in sessions include: relationships, illnesses, life purpose, ancestral lineage, karmic roots of problems, healing from abuse, finding one's voice, healing from anxiety, night terrors, cancer, the effects of chemo, fibromyalgia, and other chronic diseases.
DURING A SESSION, you are asked to lie on a massage table, fully clothed. Rebecca takes you through a relaxation exercise in order that you are present in the moment. She then says a prayer which is respectful of all religious/spiritual practices, and which acts as a portal for her. With little or no physical touch, she then "sees" how the energy flows in and around you, and receives information about your energetic being. This information can be in response to a particular area of your life that you would like her to concentrate on, or it can be general information. She will tell you what she understands, where and why your energy is blocked, where your points of strength are, and how to work towards a more balanced energetic state of being. She uses touch, singing, crystals, stones, light, and sometimes talking to heal. You are an active participant and your questions and feedback are welcome at any time in the process. Because Rebecca is likely working with you for one session, and sometimes sessions include a lot of information, she will leave you with a written explanation of a range of normal reactions to a session. Generally a session is about an hour and a half, cost is $150. Rebecca is careful to leave you grounded and with information that you can integrate.

To schedule a session, contact Rebecca via email at Sessions must be canceled within 24 hours or full payment is due. Please make every effort to arrive a bit early.
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