Queers Serving Straight Men

public - created 01/07/08
A tribe to allow straight guys and fags that know their place to meet up and chat.

In order to encourage participation, this forum is currently open to anyone to join. Because it isn't a members-only forum and to honor the spirit of, we won't have any formal posting rules -- but mutual respect in public is always expected. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Teaching a fag to serve straight man  topic
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Faggot searching for a superior straight man  topic
cocksucker in winston salem nc  topic
I am your MASTER, you are my CASH FAG  topic
Where are the masters in the uk?  topic
Straight married guys in Boston area?  topic
Tokyo Fag  topic
any fag cocksuckers in DC?  topic
Straight, Obsessed with getting Head  topic
I'm Western Nebraskan Faggot Cocksucker Rick St...  topic
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Any straight guys in the Philly area looking?  topic