Teaching a fag to serve straight man

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An intelligent male can do any reasonable job well if he is taught how to do it. The important first lesson a queer needs to learn if serving or accepting a paying position as a servant with a straight guy is to get over any inhibitions the fag may have about being a cocksucker. A straight guy may have difficulties is teaching this lesson, but one suggestion would be to have the queer naked at all time in the house, or where it is possible, such as a weekend residence. The queer will hopefully lose some of his embarrassment at being naked, but ignore his erections and do not let any sexual discussion enter into his service of you, the straight guy. There can be small references, as tell him to go jerk off if he is going to have a hard on all afternoon cleaning the floors. He may quickly become confident in being nude around you and be able to assist in your morning shower and preparations for work. This is assuming you want a full time servant. Here, I m assuming you are a straight guy wanting a queer servant for more than sexual release. The queer should fairly soon be able to give you a blow job as easily as any other task you need done. He can be in love with you, but his touching you in bathing, washing your hair, and even giving a blow job are all to be "duties," and not enjoyments. It must be work time, and not play time, in your house unless you decide you need to cum. You can soon judge how quickly the faggot can adapt to working for you. It will no doubt be a turn on for the queer to see you naked, but do not lose your confidence. It is fine to let him love and worship you, but he cannot touch without permission.
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    Sat, May 7, 2011 - 11:45 AM
    I'm a straight black guy, but I've messed around with fags sometimes. Sometimes u just want to get blown without having to pay for it or go through a lot of bullshit. I used to live next door to a white cocksucker who gave me head whenever I wanted, whatever time, day or night. I loved that! He always offered me a beer or a mixed drink while putting on some porn to get me in the mood. Then would suck my dick for as long as I wanted. He loved it when I talked nasty, like calling him a bitch, telling him that sucking dick was his only purpose in life. LOL! But it's true! Fags aren't like the rest of us. They were born to suck dick and do what they're told.

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      Mon, January 21, 2013 - 12:11 PM
      i really love your description of how you use your fag cocksucker Sir. i live in a smaller town so its harder to find Men like you that just want to use me as their hole to cum in and kick me out. i really wish i lived in Philly so i could go kneel for you
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    Sat, May 28, 2011 - 8:12 PM
    You Master D sound like a dream come true..It would be great to be taught to serve You..To learn to be Your slave and full time servant for just the way You like it..
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      Tue, May 31, 2011 - 1:43 AM
      Thank you for your note. My personal slave has been in my service for about 15 years now. I continue to discipline him daily and give punishments as needed. I am also training a new slave who is working out very well. He is obedient and working at getting rid of a wretched ego and idea of self-importance. There is only one Master in my house. I enjoy training males and hope you find a master to take you on. I am a bit too rough for most queers, but I am very open at the start and let the queer know that I will whip in a split second if I wish to do so. I also enjoy a slave that is marked and proudly walks on a beach or other place where the queer whipped back is clearly visible. I will order a slave to take a very hot shower to condition its skin before I work on the queer's back and ass. Hot flesh marks very well. I also use switches on its genitals and have no fear of the queer masturbating. The fag has enough pain in its cock just using a urinal. I am a sadistic Master and pleased with my sexual decisions. In spite of my kinky interests and severe discipline of cock suckers, I have never had a problem in finding a suitable male to serve me. One of my best slaves was a straight military guy who begged to be taught how to please me sexually, as if he were queer. The relationship worked very well. Once enslaved, he begged permission when he needed to cum. I ordered him to do so at times to make life easier for him. Incidentally, I would welcome more information about you. Write privately if you wish. Thank you again for writing. Master David
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    Thu, June 2, 2011 - 6:22 AM
    I wonder if Master David knows of any young colleagues with His outlook in the UK?
    And might He suggest they look at a possible candidate for training?
    I have no ties from which I cannot be uprooted, so relocation is not a problem.
    Humbly hopeful.
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    Fri, January 30, 2015 - 10:51 PM
    I am pleased to see that my fellow masters and str8 men are the ones answering questions in this tribe, I'm stunned that any of these faggots have any rights to request training, inquire about how to serve a man and worst of all whining how much they wish they had a daddy like ....

    First of all, you cocksucking, cum swallowing fuck hole don't reply, don't type anything and don't make eye contact or think you can.

    Second of all, what the fuck do you think we're gonna do? Send you a training booklet? You''re fucking cocksuckers who spread like a pussy and get fucked... It is instinctual for you. You know what to do and you know you don't need training. This isn't boy slaves for human trafficking. This is under the stall panel in the mens room.

    Third of all, and most enraging bad habit, why the fuck do you think you can tell me what you like, what you're looking for and what you want me to say or whatever. You asshole AIDS collecting filth are allowed to exist with men only because you know your place. If you think you are expecting something..I am not even listening to you.

    I have a faggot son and a str8 son. For his birthday, the faggot wanted us too k9 him while we watch...Since my birthday and my str8 son is 4 days later, I arranged our k9 and let the faggot watch and clean us up....that's a great thing to do. Whatever the faggot tells you = you should do or arrange that for yourself. Ignoring and forgetting where you left that piece of scheinder. Always play to their possessive needs and obsessive feelings of joy or love....tell him you love him when alone then at his gang bang he will tell all about the faggot's love and all the str8s. Maybe a str8 boy should go as far as to become engaged and then laugh at his loser trust and throw him out.

    I am an expert, guys...was a faggot forced into subservience for 17 years, by my dad. Leather Master by 39 and dad of two adults.
    I welcome any feedback from the men.