Fag slut for poppers and cum

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So I like being a slut, fucked by multiple guys till the cum drips down my inner thighs, I get a really horny feeling knowing I have cum from differerent guys mixed in my ass. My favorite place is Elysian park in LA at night, a little on the dangerous side, fucked by Mexican Guys and horny homeless guys, stoned on pot, with a six differnt bottles of poppers in my sox that's all I have on, and they feed me the poppers while they fuck me calling me a puta, and a fag. Iget naked in the dark restroom an get fucked while guys keep watch at the door, an they take turns fucking and cumining in me, i shot my load too fast once and tried to leave, but they held on to me and raped my ass. I got beat up once, but the fag in me luved it. And I go back for more cum coz its what I need and what I'm for, a puta fag that's me !
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