1 night stands and hook ups!

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OK I'm not going to be judgemental on anyone since I've had 1 night stands/hook ups but for myself personally they're not something that I do that often. I only do them if I'm on vacation or if I meet people who are hot who I'll regret not having sex with, and we connect in ways that aren't just sexual.

But here's my question:
when you have a 1 night stand/hook up are there things that you will or simply won't do with someone sexually because they're a stranger?

I know men who won't go down on a woman if they don't know her, some guys who won't suck a dick but will get theirs sucked by a stranger, some guys who don't do anal sex with strangers at all, and I know other men who only do safer things like using toys on someone, jack off/rubbing/making out/light bondage or SM as a top with someone because there's little/zero fluid exchange with sex acts like that.

Or are you even into 1 night stands/hook ups?

I know people who have tried them once/a few times/a lot, and decided that they hated it compared to sex with a person who they date/have a relationship and really know.
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    Re: 1 night stands and hook ups!

    Fri, April 18, 2008 - 9:37 PM
    I'm sorry i missed topic but Dave, This is great question.

    I suppose that in being versatile i won't bottom with a 1 night stand but i surely will fuck him. I'm somewhat oppose to giving head but I will depending on mood. I wont swallow. And feel sort of guilty for not doing whats done to me.... yet...ahhh... truthfully one night stands will always put me in the TOP position...only seldomly have i ended up in a "bottomish" position. But i'm a lousy bottom so it ends quick. The guy will be like shut the fuck up and pull out and we'll whack off together. end of story. safe sex.
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    Thu, December 18, 2008 - 3:41 PM
    When I was younger, I used to be foot loose and fancy free, I'm still single after having been burned several times over.

    When I say I was burned several times over, I don't mean with stds, I mean emotions wise. I used to hop into bed with women that I thought was hot and they thought the same thing about me, in my opinion, I think that's the hottest sex that there is.

    I usually did it after I drank some booze and I was ready to fuck. She drove me to her home and we fucked all night long. My last one night stand lasted 20 + years, off and on. She became my fuck buddy, until her depression got the better of her. But DAMN she had a hot, hot, hot pussy. After that, my sleeping around came (sorry about the pun, lol) to a grinding (lol!) halt :( Oh well, that's ok, I was going through some emotion changes anyway, so no love lost.

    But would I do it again, if I had the opportunity today? Yes, with several condoms and several dental dams and lots of lube, lol!


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    Re: 1 night stands and hook ups! A CAR HELPS

    Thu, February 12, 2009 - 7:27 PM
    BEFORE I stopped having contact sex with men on Sept 1, 1996 (near nervous breakdown), I was driving cars. And before the Internet as we know it, I placed lots of personal ads, free and paid ones in the vast array of Gay magazines and Gay porn mags with my home phone number, there wasn't address tracing features on most phones or internet tracing as there is now. I also had numbers to answering service numbers to get guys leaving their phones and descriptions. I became a fetish addiction filling my address books with all those numbers and footnotes of body and dick and ass details. Like a scoring game.

    In a huge connected spread city region like Los Angeles/Southern California, having a car or vehicle was one of the only efficient ways to get around and to neighborhoods or homes in hilly areas or gated communities to meet contacts. I soon learned that contacts that either weren't attracted to me or me to them and the drive was up to 30 minutes away or longer, was what I didn't want to keep repeating. I ultimately took an L.A. map and made a boundery in red pen over how far I would drive to a potential sex partner. After 1991, I only did mutual jackoff and dry humping because of the huge amount of HIV to active AIDS patient males I was meeting, particulaly males toxified by the AZT drug years or getting into mental dementia. So much times, irregardless of the race, even looks of the man, smooth or hairy, I just asked them to roll over on their stomachs on a bed and let me dry hump their asscrack till I came. Sometimes they would pump with me and come quietly, other times I came and bid farewell, just dropping my pants and underwear to dry hump but not fully undressing. I would mark my address book like a scorecard of the conquest.

    Now 13 years later, I seroconverted to HIV positive and have CMV retinitis, plus don't drive anymore. Am looking over men that want to meet up in the future for a jackoff session that have contacted me, though with the internet there is webcamming and photo swaps to get a varied idea of what to expect. I haven't gone to the local bathhouses or sex clubs because the STAPH boils scare epidemic and most the Gay friends I know how attend them got the boils or rashes and costly VD clinic treatment.

    I definately miss ONE NIGHT STANDS and SPORTSFUCKING with no strings attached, but a vehicle beats the problems of buslines or costly taxis and I hope the STAPH and other VD issues get tracked more or better meds so a trip to a bathhouse or sex club will make the variety all in one place. Being HIV positive now, the goal is not to get worse strains of HIV or VD that could make my strains more destructive. To quote TINA TURNER "What's love got to do with it, what's love, but a second hand emotion"!
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    Re: 1 night stands and hook ups!

    Tue, April 14, 2009 - 10:43 PM
    Sometimes I do them and sometimes I don't.

    I'm not into totally anon sex with random strangers who I don't know anything about who just want me to go off with them and go over to their place and blow and go.

    I flat out DO NOT do any leathersex/bondage/SM to someone who is a complete stranger.

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