Rainbows and Kittens

public - created 03/29/06
Sara thinks she's dark.

She keeps trying to prove this to Lucky (Bastard) and (Big) Rick
and I.

She's not doing a very good job.

This was how it first started:

We tried to convince her that if she dyed her hair blonde
that her (not so) dark ways would seem darker. We even illustrated
the difference for her:

At some point of late-night brillance recently (beer influenced, I
know you're shocked), Mr. Lucky Bastard started chanting "rainbows
and kittens." She resisted. What happens when you resist?

She said: "kittens and the rainbow thing btw has to stop."

What does that mean?

We're taking it further, as far as we can. That's where you all
come in... any of you that have the time, please join our tribe, celebrating rainbows and kittens, and Saratonin.

Step 1:

Thank you in advance for your cooporation figuring out what Step 2 might be.

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