Random Acts of Irreverent Dance

public - created 03/09/06
It has been WAY too long since LA has seen some proper guerilla dance theater. Its time to have our own Dance Dance Revolution. This is a call to action.
Here's what I am thinking. We'll start off easy. Short, spontaneous, mobile dance parties, staged in shopping malls, on street corners, wherever dancing does not usually occur, and perhaps some places where it does. I am thinking of starting out using 80's tunes, but I could be persuaded into other genres. We'll build up to some choreography....think Busby Berkley on acid, faux Fosse, and interpretive dance to cheesy Journey songs. Think of Michel Gondry's video to Daft Punk's "Around the World". No formal dance training required, in fact, having two left feet might be a plus!
It's Random Acts of Irreverent Dance, and its coming to a crowded intersection near you......

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