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I put this tribe together to give people a place to be helpful and inspirational to each other. And also to discuss a variety of topics from serious to completely silly. I created this space so folks can talk freely about things that troubled or inspired them or simply engage in fun senselessness. This place was created to "help" through honest and down to earth advice or guidance, as well as to ease the tension of life through tasteless non-pretentious humor.

Please no baiting people here. Don't pretend to come in here looking for answers only to react when you get a reply you don't like.

This is a sharing tribe..we listen with respect and we express with honesty. And we also make fun of the irony of life..cause raw is not perfectly packaged in fluffy nonsense.

However, some times people think that to speak freely it means they can say whatever they want and not worry about the outcome. You can't tear into people in the name of "Raw" because that's not the goal,

If you instigate trouble, you will reap what you sow...

This tribe is about natural insights, human wisdom, natural humor and generous exchanges. Not insults. We can be witty. But if your wit is laced with sacrasm, designed to "hurt" then it's not useful.

Join us in finding ways to mend real life messes...this is not a light path new age blame the world tribe. This tribe challenges you to meet your fears head on with real solutions and real courage. Or at least laugh at yourself for getting stuck in useless cycles. Tired of going in circles blaming your parents for your adult misbehaviors? Well, get real and let go...we'll help you with straight forward, down to earth guidance via chatting, inspiration or practical tools. In this tribe we'll keep it simple, real and non-fluff. We do welcome all types...

Here's food for thought:

"Peace is not absence of conflict"

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