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This is the tribe for those renaissance faire participants and enthusiasts who refuse to believe that historicity and entertainment are mutually exclusive concepts. RSS Feed what is XML?

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SF Bay Area
Interesting undergarment find  topic
Shakespeare's Birthday  topic
Italian Renaissance Faire in Ventura, CA Februa...  topic
New faire in Simi Valley in 2013  topic
50th Faire Reunion?  topic
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Military History Fest 2012  topic
16th-century erotic poem discovered in book  topic
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Early Jacobean/Late Scots  topic
German playing cards & Ren symbolism  topic
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Vegas Faire  topic
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Check THIS out. An interesting model...  topic
Reflections  topic
Another screaming success  topic
RPFS - 50th Anniversary book project  topic
Elizabethan Concert in Southern California  topic
Not MY Majesty!  topic
Updated costume standards for our event!  topic
SCA Collegium - 11/5 in San Jose  topic
So Southern Fair  topic
Identify Yourself VIIj  topic

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