Kage Baker of the GreenMan Inn call for support

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Hi Folks,

Many of you in the faire community know of Kage Baker, she is part of the dynamic duo, along with Mother(Kathleen), that runs the GreenMan Inn, she is the wonderful SciFi writer of the critically acclaimed Company Series, and an all around wonderful and beautiful person.

She is also currently in the hospital, the following is forwarded by permission from Kathleen on Kage's current condition:

"Yes, you have permission to post Kage's health situation wherever you think people might need to know. The reason it has not been posted before is that she did not want to make it public. It was literally only yestreday when she gave me the go-ahead to let the larger Faire community know. She is a very private lady, and simply was not ready to make her condition known widely.

However ... her health is really extremely fragile right now. She is fatigued to the point of falling asleep on a moment's notice, and so weak and dizzy that she cannot stand unassisted. She cannot walk. She cannot sit in a chair without help. She cannot usually reach the phone in her hospital room. While messages, cards, etc would be much appreciated, I would ask that they be sent to our home address, rather than her hospital room. Honestly, she cannot physically cope with anything else. And of course, anything sent to my email for her will be printed out and delivered ASAP.

Theobromos will make her smile, although at the moment she can't really eat it - it's taking all my persuasive powers to get her to eat anything at all.

As to how bad it is ... dear heart, it is about as bad as it can be. It started out as uterine cancer, and the surgery for that went well - but on Christmas Eve we discovered it had metastasized to her brain. She had a craniotomy the day after Christmas, and an inch-long tumor was removed from her cerebellum - three weeks later, it has regenerated to the size of a golf ball. She has begun both radiation and chemo this week, and they do seem to be helping: but it will be a week or two before we know if they are making a sufficient difference to save her life. At this point, it is a race to see what dies faster: Kage or the cancer. There are also 5 tumors in her lungs, though all of them are mercifully smaller; they are responding fast, too, and she said tonight that she can breathe a bit better already.

If we are lucky, the therapies will win her a few months; if we are incredibly lucky, 6 months to a year. If she gets more than that, it will be a literal miracle. What we are aiming at is as much time as we can get, in as much comfort as can be managed. She is not giving up, though, and neither - obviously! - am I. I have been her caregiver for 8 months now, and am not going to surrender as long as there is the smallest chance of her living through this.

Anyway, YES - she needs all the prayer she can get. She has now agreed to let others beside her nearest and dearest (ie the Guild) know about it. For one thing, it may soon be time for people to tell her Goodbye, and she realizes she owes people that chance.

Email address:
And our home address is
Kage Baker 331 Stimson, Apt. B, Pismo Beach CA 93449.

As for me - well, I am tireder than I have ever been in my life. I am just going day to day, doing what I can and must, and trying not to think about what will become of me. I don't have the time to cry that much, and I need to stay angry to fight as hard as I can. I'm doing it, though.

Keep us in your prayers. Especially Kage.



Please if you know Kage or read her books please send cards, thoughts, prayers and all the healing energy and love you can!

Again emails of support will be printed and read to her immediately
emails can be sent to:

Letters, notes, cards and anything else you can think of can be sent to her home:
Kage Baker
331 Stimson, Apt. B,
Pismo Beach CA 93449

Thank You!
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    Re: Kage Baker of the GreenMan Inn call for support

    Fri, January 15, 2010 - 12:02 AM
    Thanks for letting us know. Kage and Kathleen (and the Green Man crew) figured prominently (SIC) in my faire life. They figured majorly (they and their Guild) in my short (one season) reign as King of the New Ale at southern in the 80's. That pageant replaced the Tyburn hanging one.

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    Thu, January 28, 2010 - 4:01 PM
    One of my friends posted this update in her blog. I figured I would share it here, although I don't know Kage. She has my prayers.:

    Many of you know that writer Kage Baker has been fighting against cancer in the last several weeks and months. To that end, the Green Man Review has just posted the following note from Kage’s sister:

    Kage’s doctor has informed us she has reached the end of useful treatment. The cancer has slowed, but not stopped. It has continued to spread at an unnatural speed through her brain, her lungs and – now – reappeared in her abdomen. It is probably a matter of a few weeks, at most.

    Kage has fought very hard, but this is just too aggressive and mean. She’s very, very tired now, and ready for her Long Sleep. She’s not afraid.

    We’ve been in a motel the last week or so, in order to complete her therapy. I’ll have her home in her own bedroom by the weekend, though, so end of life care can take place in more comfortable surroundings.
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    Mon, February 1, 2010 - 12:43 AM
    I've meaning to write her but didn't get to it. I've admired her novels and her work at the Faire for years, and picked up the copy of 'Rude Mechanicals' she donated the the auction to benefit Daivd Springhorn when his home got caught in the San diego fire. Meant to have her autograph it, didn't get around to that either.


    I'm glad her departure was in good times.I'll miss her presence, even though we were never remotely close.

    Too many god damn people in our little village are passing. I know that's the way of it, but I still don't like it.

    Once again, FUCK!

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