The best partner for a scorpio ascendant

topic posted Wed, September 7, 2011 - 2:16 PM by  LilKitty
Astrologically, it would be a taurus ascendant right? They are supposed to soothe our troubled souls, and theyre the ones we gravitate towards and are naturally attracted to?

But ive always thought leo ascendants are a pretty good match for us too - their possessive and protective nature complements our nature nicely..

what do u think?
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    Re: The best partner for a scorpio ascendant

    Wed, September 7, 2011 - 2:44 PM
    I think it has to do with much more than rising signs, I´think it´s more down to venus and moon signs, maybe even sun sign, but not ascendant - that´s just the outside.

    I think peope who are deep and passionate, yet loyal are our best match. People with alot of leo, cancer, scorpio, maybe even aries and taurus influences. I knew a taurus guy with pisces moon who was I belive the most compatibe for me, but he was so shy, and he never made a move, even though I know he liked me. I still think about him, I hope I meet him someday and that he then has the courage to ask me out. :) I have no idea what his rising sign was, but I´m guessing water, because he had beautiful, sad eyes, so blue and dreamy. He is my dreamguy.
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      Wed, September 7, 2011 - 3:31 PM
      hey Nightcap i hope you meet that man someday too he sounds nice!
      I agree with people who are deep and passionate: i find i attract mostly people who have lots of leo in their chart, especially their ascendant

      but yes a whole soup of signs and planets make our perfect partner...i have a libra sun/scorp rising/ gemini moon and ive been told that i am attracted to chatty, charming and talkative partners because of my moon
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    Sat, September 10, 2011 - 11:13 PM
    From my experience, sextile Ascendants are most inviting and harmonious.

    Of course it helps to have their good planets in your awesome houses. And vice versa. In this case, the attraction and rapport are enhanced.

    I know at least two Leo Ascendants. Not my favorite. (Square Ascendants supposedly have too different aims/goals in life - 2nd house cusp says it: different values.)

    Maybe the Leo AC people have planets that fall in your 5th/8th/7th or wherever is most relevant to you...
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      Sat, September 17, 2011 - 11:00 PM
      I had this specialized chart done online last year and one of the things it said for partners was this:

      "The partner(s) probable Sun or Asc. sign(s):
      primary: Taurus, or Scorpio
      secondary: Leo"

      Of course, this doesn't all have to do with my Rising sign because it is based on my whole chart but I think it could be pretty correct considering my Venus and Mars (both in Fire Leo and Sag). My Sun is in Virgo - I tend to be automatic friends with Scorpio and I am often attracted to them. So I definately could see a main base of Taurus and Scorpio to be best for me. I definatley want some Scorpio in there.

      For me though, I tend to attract some Air signs which have never worked out for me in a partner. My last two serious relationships were with Libra Suns (one I have chart for had lots of planets in Libra including the Rising Sign). Someone told me that it is because my Mercury is in Libra which is what he had. But he also had Venus in Scorpio which what I think attracted him to my Rising Sign. I can chat on well with the Mercury in Libras but something is missing with the Libra Sun and I think it might be not enough fire or they tend to be too "even tempered" for me - they are almost too lald back which makes me feel a bit like an emo freak. :) Right now, there is another Libra interested in me and I like this person but I just KNOW that it is gonna be the same thing again in general. I can FEEL it. The Air signs don't pay enough attention or have enough consistancy to not to drive me nuts. It iwll have to be a friends thing.

      So even though I do have three planets in Libra - I think that air signs are not for me in the romance department. A Mercury in Libra person with a mixture of the other three (taurus, Scorpio or Leo) is best probably but I never meet any. :(I would rather have a Scorpio type anyday if I had to choose.
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    Mon, March 5, 2012 - 9:24 PM
    I was married to a taurus with taurus rising.
    didn't turn out too well. in fact, our entire relationship was shit. he cheated on me before we even got married.
    that's okay though. when he joined the airforce I ended up spending most of his moolah, and then proceeded to attempt a divorce over the phone. that lasted about a month or two, then we stayed together for another few months and I broke it off again, that time permanently. not for revenge, but now I'm deciding to see it as a fair trade. fool even hit on all my best friends and was trying to screw around with this 14 year-old chick. he was a downright womanizing, ignorant and selfish bastard the entire time. /end grudge-filled rant about young marriage.
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      Tue, April 3, 2012 - 5:59 PM
      None of these for me. Leos do nothing for me and neither do Aries. I like Earth Moons and Aquarian Suns. The ascendants have varied, water, air and earth (no fire). I think for me it has to do with Aquarius being my fourth house so their suns are in my fourth house (feel like home) and my Moon is Taurus so Moons in earth signs get along with me.
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    I think most Scorpio risings attract Libra and Taurus because we usually have these signs somewhere early in our charts so u can relate easily but not enough for true compatibility. I think Taurus is just too stubborn without having to resort to manipulation and Libra, unless influenced with a lot of Leo or Scorpio, is not enough of a challenge. I think pisces rising with some earth and fire thrown in there somewhere would suite our tastes just fine. Talk about dreamy! I found the following info on and I have found it to be useful. hope this helps!

    In nature, everything has an order and is the result of previous actions, initiatives or events that are connected through a virtual string. It's the seed that sprouts and becomes something else. It's what we often call the evolution of matter (and life).

    This also reflects through the zodiac signs in astrology. The 12 zodiac signs can be seen the same way, in an evolutionary way, starting with the beginning, the ignition, the sparkle, represented by the zodiac sign Aries.

    The other zodiac signs follow in a certain and fixed sequence, representing mundane evolution in 12 steps (the 12 zodiac signs), sprouting from the Aries sparkle.

    After initiating Aries comes kind of some materialization through the fixed earth sign Taurus which is followed by mutable (and spreading) Gemini. Then follow, in this order, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and, finally, Pisces of dissolving, release and letting go.

    This mundane order of the 12 zodiac signs is very important and builds the basis of western astrology.

    Aries is the initial and starting sign out of which all other signs evolve and sprout. In other words, Aries is our reference point.

    Aries is the self-igniting force or drive. Opposite of it, we find Libra, the force that drives "the other(s)", the outer world and environment. Libra is everything that is outside of our own Self and our own world. It's everything we can encounter and meet (human beings, animals, material things...).

    The Aries-Libra axis is also called the axis of relationships, meetings and encounters because it represents the ME (Aries), the own world, against the YOU ("the other"), the social and outer world at large (Libra).

    When following the natural (and archetypal) evolution through the 12 zodiac signs, some signs are more in sync with the primary urges, ignited or initiated by Aries.

    Because Aries is a fire sign, the fire signs are quite in sync with Aries. They understand Aries, follow Aries or spread its principles.

    Some signs though, do not grasp Aries, they don't cope well, don't understand or follow the principles of this sign. These signs are disjunct or inconjunct the primary urges reflected by Aries.

    These inconjunct signs are the signs that are 30° (and 330°) and 150° (and 210°) aside from Aries, following the natural order of the zodiac signs. This means that Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces are "out of sync" with Aries because they are disjunct or inconjunct Aries.

    These 4 zodiac signs are incompatible with Aries one way or the other. They are incompatible with the primary and archetypal urges reflected by Aries.

    When we transpose these mundane, archetypal and natural principles to an individual horoscope, the Ascendant becomes our starting point, as if it has Aries quality.

    Whenever the zodiac sign that is on the Ascendant understands the primary drives of archetypal and mundane Aries (like fire signs do), chances are you feel in sync with the environment, with the other(s), with your partner(s). You can easily adapt to the other, to others, to the environment. There is some basic agreement.

    Whenever one of the disjunct zodiac signs (Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces) is on the Ascendant, you tend to be "out of sync" with the other(s), with the outer environment as if the other(s) don't understand you, as if you are living in another world, as if you are born at the wrong moment and/or the wrong place etc.

    It's as if you seem not to find "the right" one, feel neglected and/or rejected easily. You don't fit or match the environment, the outer world and meet people that seem not to be a (perfect) match. You seem to be far ahead of your time, or far behind...

    Does this mean that you will never encounter any "perfect match?" No not at all!

    However, with a disjunct zodiac sign on your Ascendant, you will have to understand that:

    1. you will ALWAYS have to sacrifice something dearly if you want to match with the other, any partner or your environment 2. a good match will not be easy to find at all and will take time, so, expect a lot of trial and error 3. the best match is not the one that you think it is or that YOU try to force

    Well then, how to find the best possible match?

    The best way to live the inconjunct is to, well, live it... This means that:

    1. you should find a partner who, one way or the other, "does not fit" at first sight. Search for a partner with a huge age difference or someone of another social environment or culture, or someone who does not "fit" physically (very tall when you have a small stature, very slim when you're obese etc...) or ...

    2. you should learn to go for compatibility, not attraction.

    3. you should make a choice out of people who also have a disjunct or inconjunct sign on their Ascendant but so that it trines your sign.

    For example: if your Ascendant is Taurus, search for someone who has Virgo on the Ascendant (Taurus and Virgo trine each other)

    If possible, don't go for someone who has the opposite sign on the Ascendant as this will clash and will reinforce the incompatibility, almost surely resulting in a break up (if confirmed by other configurations).

    For example: if your Ascendant is Taurus, DON'T go for a Scorpio Ascendant.

    A good second choice is when the zodiac sign of the other's Ascendant is sextile your Ascendant. Keep in mind though that this is only a second choice!

    For example: if your Ascendant is Taurus, go for someone who has Pisces on the
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      Thu, May 3, 2012 - 10:39 PM
      Wow, that hit the nail on the head. I have a Taurus Asc. and I thought this part was so true for me:

      "Whenever one of the disjunct zodiac signs (Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces) is on the Ascendant, you tend to be "out of sync" with the other(s), with the outer environment as if the other(s) don't understand you, as if you are living in another world, as if you are born at the wrong moment and/or the wrong place etc.

      It's as if you seem not to find "the right" one, feel neglected and/or rejected easily. You don't fit or match the environment, the outer world and meet people that seem not to be a (perfect) match. You seem to be far ahead of your time, or far behind..."

      I also find it amusing that all of my parents (I have 4) and my closest friends have inconjunct asc. that aspect harmoniously with my own. But darn it all! I am often intrigued and attracted to scorpio asc. women. My scorp moon feels comfortable and in sync with their outer nature even though my Taurus asc. is consistently perplexed by it. Guess I'll just have to live, learn, and love. Thanks Shantavia for the info!
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    Re: The best partner for a scorpio ascendant

    Thu, May 10, 2012 - 2:13 AM
    9° AS in Scorpio
    22° retrograde Scorpio in Neptune
    House 1

    19° Sagittarius Moon
    House 2.

    18° Gemini Mercury
    House 8

    16° Cancer Venus
    House 9

    15°Retrograde Libra Mars
    House 12

    Life Path #7

    I have No planets in Cap, Aqu, &/or Pis 3,4,5 Houses Aries shares my House 5 with Aries in Saturn 9°

    married 1989_2011 to 25° Virgo Sun/Capricorn Moon/Leo Mars/Libra Venus
    Boring! Many arguments. life path #8.

    Been with
    Libra Rising
    Scorpio Sun
    Scorpio Mars
    Scorpio Mercury
    Scorpio Venus
    All House 1
    Aries Moon 7th House

    Love & Hate, passion positive & negative. Will never work. 11 years, he still calls.

    I like a= #7 Life Path Male with
    14° Aquarius Rising
    25° Sagittarius Sun House 11
    19° Sagittarus Mars House 10
    9° Aquarius Venus House 12
    15° Capricorn Mercury House 12
    5° Scorpio Moon House 8 /cusp Libra

    I know his chart. I know the challenges & the extremely positives.
    I use 'astrocafe' natal chart compatiblity.
    I know what it says including other tools I have read.

    Honestly, when I saw his chart, intuitively, I knew him before I read. There were a couple of aspects that shocked me, but is not my job to control his choices in life.

    We are friends who live very far apart. I extremely like him. Time will tell. I understand him deeply. I respect him, trust him. He makes me laugh, smile big and he is positive.

    Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces, Leos, Virgos, Taurus Sun signs are attracted to me. I usually get their bday secretly out of them. I have an app on my phone that quickly shows me their chart. I usually do not like what I see, but 9/10 times, before I see their chart or know their Life Path #, I knew before hand what they are about. Basically. I see the Why, when I see their chart.

    I usually keep quiet about what I know, unless I want them to go away, then I tell them all about themselves! Leos usually deny! Scorpios keep quiet & get angry. Virgos argue with me. Saggies listen & laugh. Pisces listen.
    Life Path number is usually always correct. Short, sweet, direct, & simple. Mm/Dd/Yy added together & reduced down to 1 #.

    I am a 7. I get along mentally with 7s, 9s, and 1s and mostly 5s. 1s are too bossy. 7s understand each other. 5s are fun. 9s are deep. I get along with all #s 1_9, because I understand them & must respect their way of thinking & feeling & their nature.
    I married an 8, who was married to his $ & things ~over me. Never again.
    I was with a psychic 6, who is ultra sensity & lacked in logic.
    7s are lone wolf or high eagle. Is a choice.

    People are complicated yet simple. I have studied charts intensely since 2009. Mine first. I have several books.
    Today, I am content with being alone vs loniless.

    I hav tried dating and am open for dinner dates, although, males do not keep their word, expect me to chase them, I will not, and many call expecting me to drop every thing last minute to go to dinner.
    I state, "thanks for invite last minute, but I hav previous plans"! Like staying home!!!

    This happens all the time! I been out 1 time this year & he cancelled following dinner & never called back! I jnown him 4 years. We were friends! Were!
    I get, "you are hard to understand" & I guess that I scare guys? I do not chase guys & I am strict on no drinking or illegal drugs. I dont want sex until I really believ or trust the person. When I say I hav no sex life, seriously, I do not think they believe me. I am serious. I see their eyes. They think I am crazy. If I am single 5 years, do the math, if I had sex with every guy that wanted to take me to dinner 1/2/3 times, that would be many!!!!
    What happen to Integrity & Morals & Dignity & Respect?
    99% of guys who approach me in last 5 years of being single want to control me! Have sex right away & lie to me! Yuck! I know, like attracts like. Not always true for me in all ways.

    I read people too fast & maybe I am to be single for long time, especially when guys won't even keep their word on a dinner date!!!
    I will only date a sober person, that limits my choices today.
    My Sag sun/sco moon is 100% sober his entire life! I lik! He lives very far away, though. Moving is not in my life plan for atleast 2 more years. We see each other once a year. Communicate daily. I hav learned understanding & patience & tamed my jealousy a bit. our itmimacy is like fusion & unexplainable in words. He taught me, "enjoy the silence" . He makes time stand still & he says there is a soultion to every issue, always.

    I deal with what is on my plate today. I expect best for myself. My yes means yes . My no means no.
    Full Moons sexually frustrate me! I deal with it! Scorpio moon, especial full in May! Ummmm... I miss my Sagittarius highly. I hate the word 'miss', because is as if I lost him, because he is missing. I know where he is! I just want to be with him, but I want him to be happy & hav a normal healthy life too.
    My life is focused on my teenagers, grandaughter & work. Simple! I read, workout at gym & mt bike on trails. My life now is focused on that & being happy single.
    I guard my heart & my mind from others; why shouldn't I !?
    Most people in my life time try to use me, control & trap me & tell me how they want me to be! No way!!! Been there done that. I understand what it means to have Neptune in Scorpio 1st House (22° retrograde) I know why I did the things I did my entire life until 3 years ago, for everyone, but Me! 2004_2007, I almost drank myself to death with straight hard solid liquir. (7_15_2007!) I woke Up! Took mouths for me to get out of the Fog! Divorced 10_7_2001 with 3 children! Cheating selfish husband. Doctor,said "you are PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE" Yeah! I get that NOW. NICE GIRLS LOOK THE OTHER WAY. WELL, NICE GIRL IS OVER RATED! I will not be anyones' doormat again!

    I am a 100% sober Neptune 22° Scorpio in my 1st House! Retrograde. Yes, is my Dominant degree in my chart.

    Ok I have a Starbucks addiction & chocolate addiction! So What!
    / I read every day !!!
    I read the Secret, The Power, The Magic (rhonda byrne) ; "born only once" dr conrad baars; "The Boundries Book" ; "are you the one for me"; "its called a brakeup because its broken"; "people pleasers" (how to please myself first); "approval addiction" (how to brake the cycle of needing others approval) & other books have influenced me greatly in 5 years. I study Newton, Einstein, Frued, Ab Lincoln, Jesus, The Book of Romans, the Book of Daniel and more. Keeps me busy!
    "we only know what we know" aristotle
    "to thy ownself be true"
    "for every action, there is an equal(=) & (+) opposite re-action" newton
    "Life's only true meaning is to Love unconditionally & be Loved; no matter what"

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