Cancer sun scorpio rising help!

topic posted Fri, June 18, 2010 - 1:25 PM by  James
Anyone got any tips for getting a girl interested in me or telling me what kind of girl could possibly be attracted to me?

In degrees..
sun 29 - cancer
rising 06 - scorpio
moon 06- Gemini
venus 21 - cancer
mercury 23 - cancer
mars 00 -libra
jupiter 05 - sagittarius
saturn 24 - pisces
uranus 28 - capri
neptune 24 - capri
pluto 27 - scorpio
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    Fri, June 18, 2010 - 8:51 PM
    Tell me your birth day.
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      Sat, June 19, 2010 - 4:20 AM
      july 22
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        Sun, June 20, 2010 - 9:57 PM
        why do you ask
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          Tue, June 22, 2010 - 9:40 AM
          excerpts from Robert Camp's LOVE CARDS
          You share your birthday with Danny Glover (actor), and Rose Kennedy, matriarch of the Ted, John And Robert Kennedy political dynasty
          You can achieve the highest degree of material and spiritual success, you often attain financial affluence and have inherent protection over your life. Lies you tell will eventually catch up with you in this life. Beware of becoming complacent. You can bring others to truth by your own understanding of a particular system of truth. You have calling as a bringer of light .
          You must have absolute responsibility over the words you speak and commitments you make and be.careful to practice what you preach. One of your lessons to learn the correct use of power, perhaps by experiencing the negative effects of power struggles and abuse of power..
          Childhood issues tend to cloud your romantic choices. You are gifted with many pleasurable experiences, more than the average. Watch out for the tendency to over-indulge in the sensual side of life. The women make good wives and mothers. The men are often dominated by certain women in their lives. You can have a least one very good marriage in your life. jWatch that you don't over idealize your romantic ideals to the point of becoming unnecessarily dissatisfied with you flesh and blood partner(s) Take care in your choices of partners.
          You can initiate others into new ways of thinking that can better their lives in many ways.You can be an instrument in the transformation of others, leading them their own higher self. A silent voice speaks to you in the pattern of unchanging energy resonating with your life's purpose.
          True happiness comes to you as you serve as a conduit for information of a constructive or even spiritual nature. You are endowed with a great deal of intuition.
          Secondarily, your planetary ruling influence includes a great deal of personal power and potent spiritual energy. The enlightened need to sand as an example of someone who has passed through the fires of self-transformation. You usually attract powerful people and encounter manipulation and power struggles. You will pass through several personal deaths during your life. Like the phoenix, you will arise from the ashes of your own burial to fly again with new wings.The eagle represents the Scorpio that has undergone this essential transformation.
          You can be trusted to fairly and honestly manage the funds and resources of others. You have power in love. You may become well known, perhaps as a.teacher, artist, or performer.
          Pay close attention to health matters. You must learn to administer power with wisdom. You have charm and magnetism to get what you want from others. You can be aggressive in marriage. Your power mainly affects the "inner child" within others and your emotional manipulations tend to take the forms of withholding affections, shaming or making others feel unworthy.
          You have a wonderful gift that can help and heal. Become aware of how your choices affect others. Difficulties will arise every time you abuse your God-given gifts. Guided by wisdom, your life will bring wonderful results in your own life and in the lives of all you touch
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            Tue, June 22, 2010 - 10:03 AM
            You can handle just about any type relationship you can imagine for yourself in which you bring something your partner values.
            Do you want to know what would make a good lifetime mate for you or are you just curious about what types you would enjoy being with and doing fun things with? You could get on well with an Aquarian/pices rising
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              Wed, June 23, 2010 - 3:42 AM
              Jimmy, could you send me your whole natal chart on private message?

              I'd need to see aspect your planets are making and in which sign\houses they do it.

              from what you got, I'll pick few planets and make "general" of what you should look for in relationships.

              "sun 29 - cancer
              rising 06 - scorpio
              moon 06- Gemini
              venus 21 - cancer
              mars 00 -libra "

              You are attracted to girls which are social, warm, polite and beautiful (Mars in Libra). You also like girl which are naturing, committed and emotional (Venus in Cancer). Security is important to you (Venus in Cancer). Intelligence and communication as well as trading ideas are also important to you (Moon in Gemini) and I guess you are attracted to girls who can talk for hours (Moon in Gemini, Mars in Libra), but you need personal freedom (Moon in Gemini). You can appear to be cold and distant sometimes (Moon in Gemini) but I guess you just know how to control yourself at times (Rising Scorpio). You might be attracted to other water signs (Sun in Cancer) or perhaps Capricorn girls (your opposite), since you love ambitions, committed and determinate people (Rising Scorpio). Your Sun, Venus and Mars indicated that you look for partner and it's important to you, but you can be well on your own (Rising Scorpio, Moon in Gemini). Curiosity might be your strong trait here because of this and you might be attracted to partner who are slightly "dangerous and unknown" to you (Rising Scorpio).

              in general, when we are looking for what attracts men, we look out for his Venus and Moon in his natal chart. This would indicate what kind of a woman he is looking for. In your case that would be someone with traits of Cancer and Gemini, meaning, highly talkative and social girl who is intelligent, but also emotional, loyal and committed. Venus represent a girl in man chart, while Moon represents him wife (or mother). Mars here represents raw sexual energy, in other words, what kind of a woman you are attracted on simple physical level - in your case Libra-like girls. You are probably sexually attracted to social, beautiful girls, but when looking for relationship, you should look what your Venus tells you.

              in woman's chart, we look out for Mars and Sun. Mars is her boyfriend, while Sun is her husband (or father). Venus in girl's chart represents her sexual attraction. This might sound confusing, but man and woman have different approach to sexuality.

              next thing, to indicate what you are looking for, check out your 1st and 3rd house and where they rulers are. Then, check out 5th house and it's ruler (it's house of love given) and 7th house and it's ruler (house of parntership)... You might also want to check out 11th house (house of love received) and what aspects all of these planets are making.

              first aspects to your Venus and Moon (Mars and Sun in woman chart) are also important, so check them out. These first aspects might indicate what you are looking for in partner.
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        Wed, June 30, 2010 - 7:46 PM
        I am Sun in cancer 8 degrees Cancer in the 8th house and I have Scorpio rising. I feel like I have a lot of inner emotions that goes beyond the surface or facade. I also feel like people who notice me are either fascinated about me or ignore me as I think I have a tendency to shy people away, maybe like I scare them, but I am only guessing. There is always these extremes with others. Mostly people always stare at me and give attention to me when I approach them when I just want to do what I have to do and leave. This even happens when people are driving down the street they will turn an look at me. I really don't want the attention and would rather not be noticed. It is so frustrating.
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          Re: Cancer sun scorpio rising help!

          Wed, June 30, 2010 - 7:55 PM
          I have a lot of deeply felt emotions that I don't allow most people to see. It makes me feel extremely vulnerable, and revealing them would only make for greater hurt later.
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          Re: Cancer sun scorpio rising help!

          Wed, June 30, 2010 - 8:34 PM
          I thought men liked attention from women..? Anyways, if you don't like the attention that you are receiving, get tinted windows, or don't look around to see if people are staring at you, that's what I do.
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            Thu, July 1, 2010 - 7:14 PM
            Hi, its been awhile. How are you? I think some man likes the attention from women, this gives us somekind of comfort of how the relationship is going. Of course, too much of anything can be a bad thing.
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              Re: Cancer sun scorpio rising help!

              Fri, July 2, 2010 - 12:27 PM
              You're asking me how I am doing? Thanks for asking..

              I wish that I could say excellent, but that's not the case lately. I've been up, down and around, I've been making huge amounts of effort to try and be happy recently. Bottled up emotions seem to be wanting out, I've actually had a couple of crying spells, it's pathetic, it will pass. Nothing that I cannot handle. =)

              How are you and your scorpio rising female doing?
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                Re: Cancer sun scorpio rising help!

                Fri, July 2, 2010 - 5:00 PM
                I should have kept that response 'light', lol on a positive note, I hope all is well with you and that scorp girly.

                My oldest brother will be taking me to dinner tonight, I'll give him an interesting ear full instead, ha! Getting dolled up always cheers me up too. =)

                I hope that everyone has a great weekend, and Happy July 4th to all of the Americans!!
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                  Fri, July 2, 2010 - 9:21 PM
                  No, no, Michelle I want to know what's up. Sorry, I got home late. I just got home and it's already 00:03am (Eastern time). I went out after jogging this afternoon with some classmates for dinner. However, I hope you are feeling a little better now, since you are out and having a good time with your family. I am sure you will dress up lovely, because I saw your photos. Goddamnit, Michelle you not only look good but you have taste for dresses!. But I would like to know what went on and how are things now.

                  Please remember this. You don't have to be "light" with me, I wasn't light with you when I had my post. So let's keep it real.

                  Me and the scropion girl had some interesting twists, somethings I don't think you would believe, since I never would imagine things would go this certain way and how all ended.
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                    Re: Cancer sun scorpio rising help!

                    Fri, July 2, 2010 - 11:07 PM
                    Michelle, since you are not online yet, let me tell you my interesting two weeks and how all the shit went down south.

                    Two weeks ago, we ended me telling you that I will contact her for the last time and see how everything goes, whether or not that she will come out. She told me when I texted her that she was busy then, the next day she texted me and told me she have time after work (June 22th), I remember that she complains about how she had a bad birthday with her friends last year, so I made reserves at a French restaurant, and told the mangner that I am taking a friend who had a bad birthday last year and I want her to have a better one tonight to make it up for last year. Also, I know that she likes chocolate so I searched for a chocolate factory shop near by. The day when we met, everything went to plan, we had chocolate, I brought her one of every kind chocolate there is in the shop. She bites off half a piece and I had the other, it was great. When we were at the dinner, we had a great time, our eyes connects over and over again, the feeling when one looking into another's eye is fucking amazing (a.k.a mind fucking). Well, besides the mangner was drunk when we got there and told her happy birthday(when I especially told him it was not her birthday), he aslo brought us desert which was specially made by their top cheif and two drinks. We talked and talked, afterwards it was getting late and she had to work in the morning 9-5, so I walked her home. While we were on the way to her home, I told her I really like her but I just don't know how this will go, I told her that she shows me signs here and there but sometimes she went cold, so its a little confusing for me. She told me that she doesn't know either, its been over 2 years since she had her last relationship with someone and she doesn't date much. I told her that we just met least than a month, I think everything is going a bit fast, so I think we need more time to get to know each other. She agrees. Afterwards, we passed by a flowershop, I brought her lilies and a vase, lily is her favorite flower. I remember this when we first met that she told me when we were passing by a flower stand. She was very happy, you can just tell when you see someone truly happy, the emotions and the feelings comes through you.
                    When we were at her place, we hugged and talked some more.

                    The next day afternoon, she texted me. She said "Thanks for a wonderful evening last night!"

                    I wrote : Hi, XXXX. I'm excited that you text me. Do this more often..haha but I am glad to have pleased you and I enjoy your company too.

                    She wrote back : lol, I was like damn I forgot again. I do it to my dad too. I always tell him that I will call later, and never do.

                    I wrote: Yes, actually I counted 5 times to be right, I was thinking maybe I didn't please you enough or you are not comfortable with me. I felt terrible before!.

                    She wrote back: Don't I'm just bad about my phone.

                    I wrote: Yes, I know. I want you to know I care. I want to see your smily face and sparkly eye.

                    She wrote: =)

                    June 24th the next day. She texted me again.

                    She wrote: hot damn its a scorcher today.

                    she asked me that her best friends are coming over the weekends and if I want to come join them. I told her I would like that.
                    Her friends are a couple, she decied to go see a broadway show. Billy Elliot was the show we saw. This is last Saturday the 26th.
                    That day we started in the city, we were to meet up after she and her friend got ther nails done. But I waited 2 hours for them, since there was a line when they arrived to the nail salon. I didn't mind it at all, because things happens, we all been late before. When we finally meet, I met with her friends, they seems like nice people, and we had late lunch together.

                    Later we went on line to buy tickets for the broadway show. I paid for the tickets of course and for me and her only. I paid for her ticket and is because I feel, entertainment, food and drinks should be guys responsibility when you are out with a girl that you are dating and its clear we are dating, other than that is the other parties duty to take care of.

                    The show starts at 8pm we had time, we had a lot of time, so the girls decied to go do some shopping, we stopped at a starbucks for some drinks while we are on our way to Aldo. Just before we reach to Aldo, we stopped at one of those lotion/perfume shop, by the time when she got the things she want and is about to checkout, she couldn't find her credit card where she had it when we were to pay for the tickets. She didn't have more than few dollars on her and she didn't have anyother card. She freaked out, so I paid for her stuff and we moved to somewhere we can sit and try to find her card. She looked and looked but she couldn't find the card. I was thinking she doesn't have anyone here in New York, her friends are only here for the weekends, and by the time she gets a new card it will be in few days. So I went to the bank and took 500$ cash and I gave it to her. I told her to use it for the time being, she can always give it back to me when she gets her card back. She said that she have checks that she can use, so its okay. But in Brooklyn where we live, most places don't take checks, either cash or credit. In the city, manhattan, maybe some places would take checks but it will be hard to get by these days with only checks. I conviced her to take it, she hugged me, and I told her lets go finish our shopping. We got to Aldo, and she brought some shoes, using the cash I just gave her. I was happy that she used it, because I am glad I have helped her and none of her friends did, even her best friend. Later that night, we saw the show and after the show her best friend's brother came to meet with us, he bring his girlfriend, and we all had late dinner together. It was fun time, and the night ended me taking her home with her friends, they are staying at her place for the weekend.
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                      Re: Cancer sun scorpio rising help!

                      Fri, July 2, 2010 - 11:29 PM
                      WOW! You all had a fabulous time!

                      Regarding the woman of interest, you were honest and direct, you didn't give up when things got tough, and you showed genuine interest in her, great job!

                      Do you have plans to see her again?
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                        Fri, July 2, 2010 - 11:39 PM
                        I am not finish, don't rush... like I said there is a twist and it's coming.
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                          Sat, July 3, 2010 - 1:24 AM
                          June 27th, Sunday. The next day, there was a LBGT parade in the city, she and her friends were already there. She texted me afterwards.

                          She wrote: In the city for "pride"... <---( she wrote this and she was a English major and have gotten the English degree, it should be parade and not pride)... if you want to meet up. If the whole thing is not your thing, it's okay though. We're going to dinner later too, if thats better for you.

                          When she texted this, it was 12:52 afternoon and I was in the fitness room workingout.

                          I wrote back: I have been waiting for you to invite me. Why would I miss a chance to be around you, where do you want me to meet up?

                          She texted the location.

                          I wrote: I will be there asap, I will call you when I get there. I need to take a shower, I am in the gym.

                          She wrote; Take your time

                          This is the first time ever, that she told me to take my time. It always been rushing for me to get to her and where she needs me to be. I felt comforting when she wrote this.

                          I wrote back: Thanks babe.

                          She wrote: Yeah never call me babe. Like ever, I hate it.

                          I call someone a babe, is because they are being a sweetheart and being nice. It was just an expression, I didn't mean to offend.

                          I wrote back : ...... ok. I am sorry.

                          She wrote: its okay.

                          I wrote : xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx... (<-- her name) ...on my way to the train, I will see you soon.

                          When I got there, they had enough of the parade and was waiting for her best friend's brother again. I was hungry since I was workingout for 2 hours. But we had to wait for her best friend's brother, I didn't mind to wait when she told me that they were stuck by the road blocks but they were near by. Later the brother finally came, again he came with the girlfriend. Then we went to have late lunch, we had good time there chatting and eatting, I ordered tiramisu ( its a popular Italian cake) that XXXXX likes for desert. Then we started from NYU area and walked all the way to sea port. We talked for 2 hours, no one planned anything but just to show up to the parade and have BBQ dinner at harlem. Her friends complained, where to go?, it was hot and the sun was big and bright. Her best friend later had minor sun burn. We then walk to a near by subway and went uptown for drinks while we wait for dinner time.

                          Up to this point, everything seems fine, while walking to the place for drinks. Her hand bumped into me, so I hold her by her right wrist with two fingers for the first time. I was shy, I have to admit, I didn't want it to be so fast and we are with her friends. When we got to the place, we drinked from each others cup. She tried mine and I tried hers, it was lovely. Afterwards, we have a few hours to burn before dinner, we went to the central park and she showed her friends where we were before, when she and I took the love boat to the pond and a theater.
                          Then we went for dinner.

                          At the dinner table, the guys ordered their food together, while the ladies ordered for their own. I chatted with everyone, even took the "knife picture" where we put a knife near one's partner and someone take a photo for it. It seems like its their tradition to do so I followed along. When I was about to have my photo shot with her, she faked to be stabbed by me, and her friend took the shot while I was in shock. It was a funny moment. I think we all had a good time at the dinner table. When the time, we are about to leave and check out, me and her best friend's husband split the bill, again her brother and the girlfriend didn't pay. We gave our cards to the waiter and we are waiting for our cards to come back and sign the payment sheets. The waiter came back with only 1 card, and two payment sheets. Mine was the one that was missing.

                          I asked the waiter "where is my card" and he said "he gave it to the maganer and that he will ask him for it". So we waited but it felt werid I can see it from everyone's faces. So I make a joke that the card was stolen, but of course if the card was stolen, then why did it passed through the credit card machine and the waiter came back with 2 payment sheets. So I walked over to talk to someone who was working there, and ask him if he knew where the maganer is. He replied that he was the manager, so I asked him for my card. He told me no one had given him any credit card and he doesn't know why the waiter said he had given him my card. Turns out the waiter had lied, and losted my card for whatever reason.

                          Interesting right? The day before was XXXXX's card that was losted and now mine. That was a debit card, I have a credit card also, so I am fine until I get my new card. The waiter was sorry about what happened, he was nervous and scared that he would lose his job, so he tried to buy time to find my card. I totally understand, people get nervous and say the wrong things and also do the wrong thing and try to make it right. Happens to me before and can happen to anyone and I understand, he is just trying to make a living, I told the manager that too. I also said that I don't mind this had happened, and its fine. Things happen, but just be more careful the next time, and I don't think the waiter should get fired for this. He was scared, and didn't mean to lose my card anyway. The manager was nice, he gave me his personal business card and told me the next one is on the house, just bring this card with you and I will know. Then we left the restaurant.

                          Everyone told me that I should be pissed off, and that they would be pissed and be angry if it had happened to them. I said, I lied before, and I am sure we all did. We have to forgive so others can learn. The night went on to outside of her best friend brother's place. He and his girlfriend will take a ride from her best friend which is his sister and get back home. The brother is a grad student here in the city. So we waited at the near by 24hr store for them to get their things. While we were waiting in the store, I saw a red velvet cake. I only had 5 dollars in my pocket and no card, I left my credit card at home. I usually don't use credit cards, since I don't like to be in debt. And if I got the money to buy things, then why borrow the money from credit card, debit card will be much better choice. Debit card was the card that I lost back there. I know she likes this kind of cake, so I brought a piece and for her. She can eat it for desert tomorrow at work. Now I only got pocket change left. When the brother and his girlfriend was ready, we took the train back to XXXXX. Again as always I took her home and walked her to her door. Her friends then all said their goodbyes to me and went upstairs, she and I were alone by her door. We hugged and she asked me if I was coming to this Friday's (July 2nd) BBQ event from her work with her co-workers. I told her "sure I will come". She said she will call me in advance to let me know time and place.

                          Since last Sunday night, I haven't contact her. I was hoping she would contact me again or maybe she wants to focus on work and we will eventually meet up this Friday, everything can be save for that day when we meet.

                          Michelle, what do you think happened next?? I want to know your reaction so far.
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                    Re: Cancer sun scorpio rising help!

                    Fri, July 2, 2010 - 11:14 PM
                    True, you spilled the beans on what was happening pertaining to you and that scorpio lady..sounds to me that it didn't end on good terms?

                    Actually, I am surprised that I let that info out..I seem to be spitting bits and pieces out here and there..then I return to my normal reserved self. I had a refreshing time tonight. My two oldest brothers are visiting and are in town, they both brought along their girlfriends. It's been nice to catch up and be in there company. My oldest brother, he is 28, he saw right through me, he could tell something was on my mind, and he cared enough to offer to take me out one on one and talk. He gave me a lot of sound advice, and yes, I do feel better. Basically, I've been single for over a year now, and I am having some difficulty in the romance department and within myself..struggles that we all go you know.

                    Thanks for the compliment on my taste. I like to look good and smell good.
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                      Fri, July 2, 2010 - 11:33 PM
                      Well, lets not spoil more of what might happen later, shell we? I want to lead you step by step to the final twist, I think it will blow your mind back. As it did for me. Haha...

                      I am glad you find ways to help you relieve your feelings. I know we just met and this is internet, it is hard to trust anyone in this space. But I want you to know, whenever you need to express something and please feel free to do so with me. I don't mind, when you didn't mind responding to my problems.

                      It's cool that you have a brother like that. I am glad that you have someone to take care of you. Are you from a big family? I am, I have 3 older sisters, one older brother and one step bother.

                      Now, wasn't you the one told me single life is better? I am starting to like this life even more, not to say what will happen in the future but what happen will happen and relationship should come natural. I have been singel for almost 3 years now, the last relationship was special for me. I will save that story for another time, at least I will finish the present one first.
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    Fri, July 2, 2010 - 10:31 AM
    I am a cancer too, I think you will know when a girl is interested in you. It is a feeling that cannot be explained when two comes together but you will notice. Almost like Bittersweet feeling, where you are excited to know she is into you but you just don't know all the reasons of why and how deep.

    The best way to attract someone, I think in my option and is to be yourself. You have to be comfortable with your own skin, personality, the way you dress, communicate and how you want to live your life.

    Oppsite sex can be attracted to you since you are not being fake, there are people who pretend to be someone else which they are not who they say they are. Those people are unstable and very flaky, not mature, untrustworthy, ....etc. In my experience that are many people like that and I would guess 80% or more. So be yourself and you can find the other 20%.

    Once you starts to understand who you really are, you can explore the world to find more about yourself, at the sametime, you will learn more about what kind of girl you wish to be around with. This girl will match "you" and by you I mean who you really are.

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