What are "Intense Eyes" Really?

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What is your definition of intense when it comes to eyes? To me, using the word "Intense" to describe someone's eyes seems rather broad. Whenever someone has "Intense" eyes in relation to a Scorpio Ascendant or a Scorpio Sun, the eyes (Especially in a dark brown color), usually have to have a somewhat intimidating quaility to them. Now we all know that not every Scorpio Sun or Scorpio Rising has eyes like these, so i think we are using the wrong word here. "Powerful" would be more appropriate.... i think. Power in the eyes draw you in, and it makes the eyes the first thing you notice about a person. It could be the color, shape, or the look in the eye, but something just goes "Pow!" when you look at that person's face, and i think this the "type" of intensity a lot of us Scorp risers have. For example, i think Talim from Soul Calibur has powerful eyes:

I know, she's not real, but this is just to give you an idea as to what i'm talking about. Intense is a very broad word, and all too many times the word "Intense" when used in correlation to Scorpio, the more dark, maybe even evil type of intensity is brought to mind, which is a cookie-cutter stereotype at best. Intense or powerful doesn't always mean "Dark".
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  • "What is your definition of intense when it comes to eyes? "

    Penetration. Activity...
    • Pentrating eyes. The kind that can see right into you and read all of your hidden secrets without a word. They can pierce your soul and make you feel so uncomfortable you blurt out a confession even when you had no intention of doing so. They never do a shallow scan of anything, people, a room, the road they're on, a park, etc. They are always piercing the surface to see what's below and they are uncannily accurate. Those are Scorpion eyes. My mother has them and it unnerves me when I look in the mirror and see her gaze staring back. I can see how it intimidates other people.
      • Ive read about this "Intense eyes" thing regarding Scorpio ascendants. Take one look at Tom Cruise's face and POW!
        People have told me that I have a very intense stare. Its a good asset to have! OWN IT! Its awsome when you want to get the truth out of people. Its even better when you are in the same room as someone who has DEEPLY WRONGED you, and they can not handle it. Its an "overall presence" being a Scorpio Riser! We intimidate and make an impression.
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          Exactly <Its even better when you are in the same room as someone who has DEEPLY WRONGED you, and they can not handle it> I have experienced.. one person had cheated me and then when I came to know that.. I called him to my farm house and then I didn't speak a word..I just looked at or rather into/through him and the next moment he made a confession in tears....Intensity was too much for him to handle..I think We SCORPIO RISERS have a lot of Presence and its REALLY INTENSE......
      • I like your definition of probing under the surface of everything. But there are also other variations of scorpion eyes such lusty bedroom eyes or even appearing drunk... Power is a state of mind and your eyes give away the most. Eyes that focus. Eyes that know when not gaze at someone. Eyes that know.
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    Could "intense eyes" simply be eyes that do not look away? Eyes that keep on looking you into your face, without a smile or anything else that would most people find assuring?
    I mean it's pretty intimidating if someone does not look away in the first place, when you have eye contact. And if this staring into your face is not accompanied by any sign of friendliness, I think that facial expression is the same as when someone is extremely angry and ready to lash out.

    I'm not a scorpio rising but have a natal trine from pluto to my ascendant - and transiting pluto is going through my 1st house. Lately I've been experimenting with this intimidating sort of look. It's not very hard. All I need to do is make sure I keep a blank face, stare into their eyes with no friendliness whatshowever, and everyone is getting nervous.
  • hm, intense eyes I'd say is something that makes one's own eyes grow bigger when they suddenly look at those "intense eyes"

    a bit of a combination between surprise and shock... but pleasantly so
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      I have just been told that the intensity my eyes project to other men is 'I'm going to kill them"

      The intensity my eyes project to some women is" I'm gonna eat them"

      frigging hilarious!!
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    I'd have to say that the answer to this question lies in breaking down the word: "in" and "tense." As Scorpio's opposite sign, Tauruses tend to show an outward tension and sharpness, whereas they can be big softies on the inside. Scorpios on the other hand usually appear very soft and pliable, but behind the gracious exterior tend to be very tense and emotionally controlled, always ready to attack if needs be, though we are careful not to show this side unless absolutely necessary.
    • "I'd have to say that the answer to this question lies in breaking down the word: "in" and "tense." As Scorpio's opposite sign, Tauruses tend to show an outward tension and sharpness, whereas they can be big softies on the inside. Scorpios on the other hand usually appear very soft and pliable, but behind the gracious exterior tend to be very tense and emotionally controlled, always ready to attack if needs be, though we are careful not to show this side unless absolutely necessary."

      Mmm, ya - controlling a storm inside but no one can see that from the outside.
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    Speaking a million words with you eyes without having to make a peep out of your mouth. That's intense.
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      People with intense eyes
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        My experience with intense and penatrating eyes
        People with strong emotions have this eyes, often evil people, persons who are evil/good, extreme persons with intense emotions

        Scorpio risings often do have strong and intense eyes, their eyes penetrate through you and you look away cos you feel uncomfortable, but yet you feel attracted to them

        "Pluto conjunct Ascendant" also do have intense eyes, often intense and scary appearance, like Scorpio Ascendant

        and People with strong Pluto often have too intense eyes, who has several Aspects with Sun Moon Mercury Venus and Mars
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          * When you can look at someone with so much love in your eyes that you make then cry - intense
          * When you can gaze into the eyes of another for a split second and stop there heart beat - intense
          * When you're angry and your stare is cold and piericing like daggars to the heart - intense
          * When you want to destroy someone and have a look in your eyes that you want to rip there heart out and devour it - intense
          * When you're staring into the eyes of another and can have extremely high rises of sexual passion - intense
          * When you can look at life with the innocence as a child does - intense
  • I am not sure if my eyes are intense or penetrating but my boyfriend does complain when I am upset and I look at him. He told me to stop looking at him because the way I looked at him scared him. He said I had this look in my eyes that was freaky lols.
    • Ive been told my eyes are intense among many other things...dont let the main pic fool u though my eyes (not trying to be vain but I get my eyes from my dad and I love him to I'm proud) are very green...I guess check it out for urself lol .....My rising sign is venus is in scorpio and im on the cusp of scorpio and sag (although i really only strickly relate to scorpio)
      • I think there are (at least) two different types of scorp-eyes: the snake "slit" type (person often slender, "willowy") & the more coarse type of tarantula/shark gaze, the owners of these are often not as "suave"-looking as the first type. First type has sometimes not the classic curved eyebrows, just straight thin ones. I´m not sure if bushy brows are a mark of the Scorpio, I´ve seen these on quite a few rams.
        • Add to that a third observed eye-type: the watery, BIG crab-eyes which many scorp-women sport. The borderline between crabs & scorps perhaps is a bit blurry..?
          • I've never noticed that and grew up surrounded by Scorpios. The women all had normal size eyes but just an intense gaze that can cut through a person. The men didn't have big watery eyes either. I wouldn't say they were as intense all the time, but once they latched onto something - wow. The intensity would make people squirm.

            All of the Pisces I know have those big, watery eyes. And a blurry world view is a Pisces Neptune thing.

            For instance, I can appear extremely intense (my Scorpio Rising) or very dreamy and disconnected from the world (my Neptune in the 1st house and probably my Libra Sun although I'm cusp of Scorpio). I think that's even more unsettling for people. They see me as dreamy and unconnected one minute, then focused, intense and unrelenting the next. It really shakes them up.
            • This whole subject came up for me this week. 1st - I was very upset at my boss (who is a Scorpio) and was venting in a big way (lots of Scorpio stinging going on) when suddenly a guy who is very, very close to me said, "Stop being bad!" LOL He was REALLY upset over it for days. I guess the Virgo Sun in him won out over his Scorpio Moon (which is conjunct to my Neptune at 1 degree so I guess he likes the dreamy me better).

              2nd - I was interviewing people all week and they all were put off by that intense gaze. Everyone one of them had to look away many times. It's not intentional. When I interview I'm focused on the interviewee and their answers. I'm watching everything about them to see if they are telling the truth or stretching it or outright lying. I guess that intensity is too much for them. The strange thing is that I was told I had more people post for my open position than they've ever had post for a position. Not bad for "La Gringa" as they call me.
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    I am a Pisces with Scorp Rising and I have always been told that I have the most intense eyes... The last person I was involved with (also a scorp rising) told me (quote) that my eyes "have their own center of gravity that drew him in and he couldn't ever get out". My eyes are also very very dark brown, but I had a Scorpio (Sun) who had the clearest blue eyes and they were equally as magnetic. They could look right through you. I have been told the same about my eyes. It has made some people very uncomfortable with me.
  • it seems most people that are aware I'm attracted to them can't look me in the eyes for very long, and I notice they have a habit of wandering. if I stare long enough they start stuttering and things such as that. I love having little staring competitions with my scorpio rising friend - we always break down and giggle.
    now, in bad relationships where I get very angry and don't say anything but stare with a blank expression at the other person, more often than not they will tell me to stop staring at them like that... the last relationship, the guy did that and I got so frustrated because I really had no idea what he was talking about and he made a big deal out of it. that's the point where I had to simply walk away and cool down before I said cutting things without fully meaning to.
    I don't really know where the intense part comes in. I've been trying to figure it out. I noticed that my eyes seem to reflect things differently depending on mood, but I'm not quite sure if that's it. I think it's more in the way of how we stare without flinching. sure, I've flinched plenty, but mostly it's others that do the flinching around me.
    • Sinix- same for me.
      I learned at a young age that I should just look at people's foreheads or hands or some other part of them, because I WANT to connect with people, but I don't want to freak them out. At job interviews I look at them right in the eye in the entire time, I can't help it. I think for those that really go with the flow, they trust my energy when I do this, but those people come one in a million. Most people will get on the defensive and find it highly suspicious that you are interfering with their energy space, and will be threatened by how easily you're breaking down their little "bubble". They will also be irritated that although you are doing that to them, they can't break down yours. Scorpio risings slay the false personalities of those around them while completely hiding their own true nature. This can be wonderful for some and the most irritating thing in the world for others.

      So, I think thats what the whole "intense eyes" thing means. Its not really about how it looks, its about how it "feels". I believe thats also why your ascendant dictates your physical appearance. I know it seems unlikely that an ascendant can dictate your physical appearance, but its not really on a physical level...its very very esoteric and a kind of psychic energy that people give off "physically".

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