Ascendant in Scorpio, Descendant in Taurus

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With Scorpio rising, you may exude a very charismatic and intense demeanor. Others may find you magnetic, mysterious, passionate and alluring. The source of your charisma is your inner strength and resolute personality. Your intensity is derived from your personal command and earnestness. Frequently, you're reticent and secretive because you don't think that others will accept your ideas or actions. You tend to watch people closely, and you have good perceptions regarding other people's motives. You generally like to be left alone to live your life as you please and you do not tolerate anyone's intrusion into your private life. Fiercely devoted to your personal convictions, you adhere to a belief system that you will develop through your life experiences. Scorpio rising seldom lacks in ambition. Many with this rising sign recognize their talents and are dedicated to accomplishing their goals with fixity of purpose.

Taurus on your descendant makes you desirous of sensual and earthy personalities who are comfortable with themselves. Taurus personalities generally enjoy pleasure, ease, and luxury. Taurus is the most sensual sign in the zodiac, and many are just flat out sexy. The Taurus beauty archetype is generally a very well shaped body that is round and curvy in women and muscular yet lean in men. Their physical allure can be considerable, and they project a "touch me" vibe that you will definitely notice. Taurus loves to be held and touched but will not settle for just anyone. Taurus individuals like quality, comfort and substance. Taurus individuals generally have an unfettered and flowing sensuality, but only after they've chosen a special someone whom they trust. The physical attraction between the two of you can be quite strong, and this magnetism is probably what makes both of you wait it out until trust is established.

Trust. Yes, both of you need plenty of that in a relationship. In fact, the two of you seem to innately mistrust each other on first meeting and only, slowly, over time do you develop a sense of trust with each other. Luckily, both of you are patient enough to wait it out. Patience. Yes, it's a virtue you both have, but here's where you differ greatly. Scorpio knows how to wait for the right time, but seldom is he or she happy about it, and can be quite bitter during the wait. Taurus is genuinely patient and complacent about waiting for better timing. The problem for Scorpio is that waiting makes Scorpio insecure, while Taurus is innately calm.

Another problem, and it's a big one, is that both of you are stubborn. Both of you can be very resentful and vindictive when you don't get your way. Subsequently, compromise is needed. And herein lies yet another problem. Scorpio hates to compromise. As a Scorpio, once told me, "I don't compromise, I look for win-win situations." This is a great attitude to have in the business world, but in personal relationships where emotions and all kinds of irrational impulses exist, how do you define win-win? Scorpio can probably figure out something, and as long as Taurus sees a recognizable winning you're set. However, when Taureans feels as though you're benefiting and they're not, then look out. Unrelenting antagonism and a fierce counter attack will occur. Yes, that cute, sweet, cuddly and squeezable Taurus can truly be a raging bull when they get angry, and they will come looking for what is owed them; and in the process you may end up having a cow.

Many great things can come form this combination, if you let it. But the two of you have to be very honest and frank in your dealings with each other. The two of you can certainly handle the bare truth and Taurus is a mighty strong sign that won't falter at the sight of a challenge or struggle. Subsequently, keep the dealings above the table and clearly outline each other's personal gains. You can both truly compliment each other. Taurus provides endurance, loyalty and tenacity of purpose, while Scorpio delivers commitment, thoroughness and fortitude. With this pairing, in time, you'll see Scorpio rising becoming more calm and permissive, while the Taurus partner becomes more subtle and objective.
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    Re: Ascendant in Scorpio, Descendant in Taurus

    Thu, November 15, 2007 - 11:49 AM
    "Scorpio knows how to wait for the right time, but seldom is he or she happy about it, and can be quite bitter during the wait."
    "The problem for Scorpio is that waiting makes Scorpio insecure"

    Yeah, I've been dealing with that for a while now. Mars in Cancer wasn't helping, either; I've been feeling pretty useless the past few weeks. Now that it's retrograde, though, I literally woke up this morning and knew that I couldn't be held back by anyone but myself. Like my strength of will had been recharged. (What's up with that? Mars Retrograde isn't supposed to have that effect.)
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      Wed, February 13, 2008 - 7:45 AM
      It's strange, since I'm a Taurus already. To most, I seem to lack any sense of patience at all. I've not yet figured out if it's true. All I know is that I always wait for the right moment, and despite my growling and whining, I'm always willing to wait if I know something is coming to me.

      All others hear is my complaining though and write me off as having a problem with instant gratification. ;)
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        Wed, February 13, 2008 - 10:00 AM
        where did you get this from?
        i really resonate with it - even the partner stuff as i come into relationship with my unconscious (Ascendant and Sun in Scorpio, Descendant and Moon in Taurus). i often feel a great deal of internal tension as these internal opposites butt heads.

        hehe. i dont negotiate, i navigate - and diplomacy is the art of letting them have it your way. which is an entertaining game to watch when 'they' are also ''i'.
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    i don't get it... if you're a scorpio ascendant, aren't you automatically a taurus descendant? isn't that how this works? i thought it did.... 0_0;;;
    cuz... that's what i have... so it's weird... does it mean i have both qualities?
    i'm confused~~ T_T
    • I think Jin has a point here. Isnt having an ascendant in scorpio mean you have a descendant in Taurus automatically ? For me its the same thing. Or is this topic really about a relationship between the two ? Jin the descendant is what you are drawn or attracted to is how i understand it. It is a missing part of you. I do feel drawn to taurus types, they have a calming effect on me in general but they have been my worst enemies too ! Come to think of it, no one has pissed me off more than taurus people ! I know both are fixed, i feel the scorpio keeps evolving and transforming, while the Taurus is really stubbornly fixed. And this can lead to conflicts. And they will do anything to get material comforts, but the fact they are usually so grounded and sensual, is really sexy in a way...
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        Sun, May 11, 2008 - 10:24 AM
        Yes, that is true. They mean different things though, so the post was just explaining what each 'does'.
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          Re: Ascendant in Scorpio, Descendant in Taurus

          Sun, May 11, 2008 - 12:09 PM
          my north node is in Scorpio and my s. node in Taurus. I have rising Scorpio and moon in Taurus. So, im just wondering now, how that plays out in relation to the ascendant/desc. ?are the descendant and moon the same thing?
          • Descendant and Moon are two different things. Look to Deep's description of the descendant two posts back of yours, he encapsulates it well. The Moon is a personal planet that you happen to have in either your 6th or 7th house, most likely, and it is your emotional part of self, the part of you that remembers everything at some level that ever happened to you at an emotional level. Taurus moon people enjoy all the qualities of Taurus that are described on this thread, at an emotional, desire-based level. The Moon is the ruling planet of the sign Cancer.

            You are familiar with Taurus energy, it is a place of current and past mastery in you (South Node) are more familiar with Taurus than most Taurus descendant natives because of this nodal placement. If your South Node is in the 7th House, you have been way more focused on "other" than self in your history, and your destiny path is to become comfortable with the intensity of your own pure existence as a self-contained being. You will ideally balance yourself between your Taurean past and emotional needs and the Scorpionic face you show to the world which is something to become comfortable with and accepting of even if you never fully "live" there.
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            Re: Ascendant in Scorpio, Descendant in Taurus

            Tue, December 9, 2008 - 9:55 AM

            My ascendant is scorpio, descendant taurus and moon taurus.
            I feel that I am sometimes taurus and sometimes scorpio depending
            on situation. I seem to waiver from one to the other. What I do know is
            that I am reaaaally stubborn and will cut off my nose to spite my face.
            I also play people at their own games and they don't even realise.
            However, I only do that after I have been upfront and honest and it doesn't

            I think our placement definitely needs security if they are in a long term
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              Tue, December 9, 2008 - 4:39 PM
              I'm the same Zoe. Actually I didn't wait for anything but I think that's because I met another Taurus moon who is conj my moon at 0 degrees. We're in synch and we instantly trusted each other. Forget anyone else though. He's more trusting than I am but I'm completely distrusting. What's more, I only want to be touched by him and can't really stand anyone else touching me even if it's family or friends. I'm very peculiar about touch. Of course everyone wants to touch me just like the description says and that freaks me out no end. They can feed me, give me pretty clothes and beautiful jewelry but do not touch me. That has to be the Scorpio Rising. It's all black and white with Scorpio.

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