For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

topic posted Wed, October 19, 2011 - 10:47 PM by  queenfluff
Do you girls feel like you wish you were born a man? Only because it is easier (not because you FEEL like a guy or want to be one. lol,)?

I found it interesting when I read the section on Scorpio Women here:

I realize this is true for me in some way. Even though Scorpio is a feminine sign, the planet Pluto is a one heavy planet to carry.

Funny how my favorite color has always been dark dark red. Like crimson. How on target. How exhausting it is to be a Scorpio Rising woman. Most men (and some other women) are afraid of me. Are there not many out there that can handle us?

Sometimes I feel it would be easier to try to hide my Scorpio and let my Neptune come out more because at least that won't scare people away lol - but that isn't me than. The Scorpio comes out too quickly - even when I don't realize it. I just wish more people out there where strong enough to take it.
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    Thu, October 20, 2011 - 3:07 AM
    hm, i love being a girl

    i have moon conjunct ascendant though, so i can appear to be friendly if i want to..but when im in a bad mood or angry, i have pluto conjunct ascendant in scorpio exact at 0.37 degrees, i pretty much look like a demon.

    i have issues with men, haha....i hate them in i dont want to be a man even if im a bit masculine in personality.
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    Thu, October 20, 2011 - 1:29 PM
    Very practical...wanting to be a man. Ok, indeed it would fit my personality just as bad or just as good.

    There isn't a clear explanation in the article on why would 'we' want to be born men. Is it because women are too restricted by the roles society gives them? And then Scorpios being too realistic to fight against the roles, just find the situation inconvenient and annoying at some level. But will swallow it and make the most of it.
    In my case to be honest, I would just want things to change for women or women to change...more courage/ more self-confidence/ more focus/ more initiative/ more breadth and depth of knowledge...less abuse, a less gender-focused education. Revolution !!!

    Who knows maybe someday it will be complete. Things are changing. Anyhow... if we agree to the theory that humans- the same humans- are born into one gender or another over and over again...then it's clear that a change of society is the only sustainable long term solution to accommodate reality.
    No roles for me. Yes, I'm a definitely a woman- just redefine !
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      Thu, October 20, 2011 - 11:52 PM
      I am not masculing looking at all. I have been told I am fragile looking because i am small and thin and my features are more delcate and Neptunian (Neptune conjunct Asc within 10). But I guess my aura or some of personality exudes that masculine energy or strength. You know how they say not to piss off a Scorpio? Or that we don't stand for any BS? Well, that would probably be me. I can't stand people who I can tell gonna play me or flaky relationship. I have no time or patience for them. So, I guess I see that more as a masculine energy.

      For the opportunity - yes! That is what I was thinking. As we all know, women don't always hold positions that they deserve and not because they don't have the power but because they are women sometimes. SO that Scorpio enerrgy in a man's body might get us farther -easier. I know I personally have problems with that because I don't look like much and people are suprised when I can lift heavy things and that I have stamina and energy - or that I can survive crises that would make other male signs cry in their soup.. For me, it is almost like the femaleness is a confusion with the Scorpio energy. Scorpio almost has to modify itself in a way.

      I think the the whole idea too is that even though we may not want to be men nor look like men - we are aura's are not delicate - which is why we are not black nor white but that dark shade of red - well, is some version of pink in a way but with a twist. :)
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    Thu, October 20, 2011 - 10:41 PM
    Do you really think it is actually a matter of other people being strong enough for your Scorpio energy, or more a matter of your being abrasive, extremely self oriented and immature? Some Scorpios are stuck in patterns periodically requiring extremely intense energy release, especially when pluto is conjunct a personal planet or the ascendant. Failure to have constructive outlets for their physical and emotional energy can be problematic, but the need to control and combat can be toned down or at least used productively. At some point, the native must come face to face with some type of extreme transformation. This requires endurance and very powerful energy, so make your battles big enough to care about and small enough to win. No sense in picking fights just because you get pissed off or offended in small ways. Sometimes others just aren't aware of Scorpios sensitivities and revenge ( or shall I say self defense ) tendencies.
    The penetrating, explosive and intimidating presence can be toned down or focused to be used in one's work. Surgeons, demolitions technicians, heavy metal recyclers, detectives, psychic healers, brokers, adult entertainers, crime scene and emergency room techs, etc. do well with the direct Pluto/ Scorpio energy. On the dark side, vampires, heavy metal artists, assassins, black magicians, plutocrats and sadists can work the Scorpio/ pluto energy with skill and ease. Terrorism also has accentuated pluto aspects

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      Thu, October 20, 2011 - 11:42 PM
      " your being abrasive, extremely self oriented and immature" Why do you assume I am all these things? I have been told I have a very "mutable" (changable) chart - getting stuck in pattern isn't something I identify with. Pluto is conjunct my sun; Neptune to my ascendent.

      Uh, definatley not. Not self-orientated at all.I have a VIrgoo Sun - I am constantly thinking about others needs before mine (actually too much and end up sacrifices my own needs for others way too often - I am just learning now to put myself first every once and a while).

      Abrasive - only with ex-bf's who hurt me. I have moon in sag in the 1st house. There is no abrasiveness anywhere that I show people unless they hurt me real bad.

      Immature - no, no way. I have already gone through my Scoprio ego change - more than once probably . (I am not young btw). So immature - if I was ever immature - that was left back in high school. I don't have a big ego and I don't think I ever have. No one has ever told me I am immature - people tell me I am wiser than normal for my age.

      I have been told by people that they found me intimidating at first because I seem powerful (even though I do not feel like that inside at all - I am all nervous Virgo around others). After they get to know me, they tell me "I can't believe I was ever intimidated by you. You one of hte nicest people I have ever met." My point is that most people go by their first impression and that is the Scorpio - so I often don't get a chance to show them anything else. It ruins it for the rest of my chart. You would think having Neptune conjunct within 10 degrees of my ascendant would defer some of the Scorpio but I don't think it has.

      Normally I would challenge my Pluto conjunct Sun into my work as it is in my 10th house but I got laid off so I have no work like that right now. At least not paid work.
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    Re: For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

    Sat, October 22, 2011 - 8:35 PM
    You hit the nail on the head with this one. WOW. Yes, I observed that many Scorpio females, despite being a feminine sign, are very masculine. When I say masculine I mean in their nature, not physically. Scorpios are water signs but in my opinion they are tougher than the other 11 zodiac signs. They are too intense for their own good..

    Yes, as friendly as I can be, people act cold around me. It confuses me. I really think it's because us Scorpio Risings, or just Scorpios in general, tend to stare at people too much! lol admit it :-) We have a staring problem (atleast I do anyways, haha.) And not only do we stare, but we have the eyes of a killer.. it's a very intese glare. To be honest If I wasn't me, I'd hate me too.

    The plus side is that people find us irresistible and very seductive. They say that when we stare at them in that 'certain way' they feel as if we are trying to seduce them. That's obviously not always the case.. lol.. I've had many guys think I had a thing for them and when I asked why they simply would say, "Because you always stare at me." Staring doesn't mean anything though, it's just what I do.
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      Sat, October 22, 2011 - 10:58 PM

      Thanks! Your first paragraph is exactly what I mean! Now, I don't know what is actually like to be a guy or what it feels like to be one - but I still don't always feel completely "girl" - in my nature, as you stated. I definatley LOOK very GIRL (WOMAN actually lol) and I think anyone would be surprised to know that I don't think of myself that way. I don't think of myself as a woman I think of myself as a person - and I wonder if that comes from our feminine/masculine nature/energy that we have. Like the link I posted - the Scorpio female is confused in a way of why she wasn't born a male and even though blue booties look like the right choice - she can't chose them because - well, she is a girl (just for examples sake - I don't really see colors as gender assigned myself :) ) But her REAL shade is a darker than pink - so the dark red since it is in the same color scheme as pink. :)

      I was watching a movie with Nicole Kidman in it - Scoprio Rising (Eye Wide Shut). Even though she is playing a part - I feel I can see the masculine aggressive energy in her.

      Omg, yes, I like to stare but it is mostly because i love to people watch and I like to space off and daydream alot. Not because I am really trying to intimate someone - although I CAN do that very well if I do it on purpose. I always win the "stare" contest. lol! To me, when I look in the mirror, my stare doesn't look that intense so there is probably more coming out of it at others that I don't see myself (but I do have Neptune in 1st - we can't always see what is - very foggy).

      With the men, I get more of the "You are intimidating thing" . I have had a few say stuff like "I don't know what it is about you - but I like it." No one can ever really put their finger on me - that is classic Scoprio Rising though - "hard ot get to know". No one has ever told me my stare in seductive - they have said that about OTHER parts of me though lol!. Mostly I get "mean looking". lol

      Funny thing about the staring - geez, men stare at me all the time - that never means they are interested either. hahaha!
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        Re: For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

        Sun, October 23, 2011 - 7:47 AM
        lol yes, yes, YES.. and YES!

        people who are ruled by the mysterious sign of scorpio are usually very daring and just love rebellion. Many times when my friends and I were coming home from a concert late at night, I would always beg them to walk through dark alleys with me.They always think I'm 'weird' and I could feel how they emotionally keep their distance from me. I'm not sure why danger excites me, but it just does.. Sadly though curiousity killed the cat, so we have to be cautious.

        speaking of cats... I like to think of cats being ruled by pluto. All cats, to me, behave like scorpios. They are very curious, very fiesty, very slow-moving, very flexible, very calm.. But when you look at dogs they are generally very outgoing, very playful, very noisy, and very goofy. I like to think of dogs as being ruled by jupiter. All dogs, to me, behave like fire signs.

        I don't know.. maybe I just sound crazy? Do you agree with me, lol?
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          Sun, October 23, 2011 - 7:51 AM
          Oh, also.. Hitler, who was a very cruel and evil individual, had so much presence. I was curiois about his astrological personality and so I found out he has Scorpio rising with pluto conjuct his ascendant. this explain why people were so intimidated by him and found him to be intense. He was an extremist (a very common scorpio trait)
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            Re: For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

            Mon, October 24, 2011 - 3:09 AM
            LOL I have scorpio rising with pluto exactly conjunct my ascendant and that is so true most people are intimidated by my presence, but Hitler was not a scorpio rising and pluto wasn't in scorpio in 1889 when he was born, you can look up his chart in the astro-databank on and to answer on the topic I was a tomboy in childhood I was always playing with the boys never with girls and dolls and I figure that this is only because we like all kind of challenges and the satisfaction of showing that we can do it also everything is about power for a scorpio rising, but after discovering the benefits of being a women :P I don't have any desire or regrets related to the fact that I'm not boy ;).
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              Mon, October 24, 2011 - 12:44 PM
              I would say my childhood was definately more "girly" - Barbie dolls (although my Barbie was quite dominant over Ken and he knew it!) and that sort of thing but I also loved to be outside on my bike (than again, I grew up in a time before everyone had PCs at home, video games and mobile type devices) and gymnastics. I didn't play with the boys except maybe my brother but than again I was so shy - I couldn't even talk to the boys! In true Scorpio style, I only had a small close circle of friends - and they were all girls.

              There are definately some advantages to being a woman (esp. a powerful one) but do you feel that you have a lot of masculine energy too because of the Scorpio Rising? Sounds like you don't always identify with "girl" stuff given your tomboy childhood? :) Esp. with the Pluto conjunct the rising. I have Pluto conjunct my Sun. Definatley amplifies the Scorpio in the chart. :) Sometimes I don't know what to do with that energy!
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            Re: For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

            Mon, November 21, 2011 - 3:03 AM
            hitler was a libra rising, on the very last degrees, so he had a chart like a scorpio rising (because of all the houses in the certain signs) but essentially he's a libra rising. He probably slipped into scorpio though early in his life because of this, the rising sign progresses about 1 degree for each year of your life.
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          Mon, October 24, 2011 - 12:37 PM
          Haha! Yes, I am like that too! I think it is a Scorpio thing - we are not afraid of much. I am always questioning the darker side of life. Interests in the occult, death and anything paranormal is, well, "normal" for me. I like the adventure of unusual and different because I think as Scorpios we often challenge ourselves to face these things or we are challenge to face them - whether we want to or not. It is like practice or something - the more "danger" we face the stronger we get. I think it is part of our evolution. I know I get challenged with things I don't necessary want to face. Once I do, afterwards, it is like "Ah, that's a piece of cake."

          Do you have any Sag in your chart? I do. Moon and Mars. I think the Sag part of me kind of combines the the Scorpio for wanting that "weird adventure" in my life.

          Yes, I think the same of cats. I have always "owned" cats - recently two of my lifelong kitty companiions have died. I have one cat right now. But yes, the cats are like me - aloof, hard to understand, limited BS tolerance and they don't give a crap. :) Owls are similar to cats in my opinion. I love owls. Mysterious, strong and hard to know. Don't care if youy like them or not. :) I do like dogs but honestly I am definatley more of a cat person because they match my personality. Dogs are definately more social animals - extraverts. Cats are more introverted - like some of us Scorpios.
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            Re: For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

            Tue, October 25, 2011 - 4:17 PM
            Yes I have Sun in Sagittarius as well as a whole lot of other things, but it's funny, even though you would think sagittarius dominates my chart and that I'm more fire; I'm not. Even with just four planets in Scorpio, according to, I'm more water than fire. This is only because of the planets in Scorpio because I don't have any planets in Pisces or Cancer. It's crazy though because it shows us how intense the Scorpio side of us is.
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    Re: For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

    Tue, October 25, 2011 - 5:05 AM
    interesting question. Tbh I feel like a man. But I´m more shy. I actually wish I was more feminine in spirit, if that makes sense.

    I do belive that it´s easier to be a man, but scorpio risings don´t take the easy way. We want something profound, and life as a woman can be just as profound, if not moreso, than as a man.
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      Re: For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

      Tue, October 25, 2011 - 5:12 AM
      I also want to add that I love everybodys contribution on this thread, and I agree with meny of you, specially Misu.. (sorry, didn´t catch your name): I got told I have a serial killer stare, ha! I have covered my eyes on my picture so you can´t decide for yourselves, but yup, they are pretty serial killerish, lol. My eyecolour is also yellowish, wich has been said to indicate that you are a child of devil, haha. :)
      In all seriousness I personally think I am more of a neptuninan person, at least that´s what I´m trying to be. Universal love and selflessness is what I respect in people the most, not selfishness, power, and controlfreak-ism (as the sign scorpio is associated with, yuck). :)
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        Tue, October 25, 2011 - 5:41 AM
        yup nightcap, i noticed you are neptunian. you remember i told you, you seem like a pisces, because you seem into caring and all this stuff (which is so weird for a asc/moon/venus/pluto in scorpio!), do you have neptune aspect in your chart?

        i read this article somewhere online and it made me laugh:

        ok #1-i'm 24 ,pluto is my chart ruler and i have pluto in scoprio conjunct my scorpio ascendant at 0.24 degrees and i HATE it!! i think this is what is ruining my life. everyone i meet is instantly repelled by me! it's weird! they stare at me like trying to figure me out but there's nothing to figure out, trust me i'm not deep, i have no alterior motives, i just want to be left alone. other people have seen it, i prove it to people all the time. basically all you have to do is go to a public place with me and watch how people react to my presence. my mom especially, she says she feels bad when people give me dirty looks so i'm not maiking this up. and it's funny because someone above posted about what people with this placement do when they see someone giving them a cold stare back and my answer to that is we probably aren't giving you a cold stare you're just another person who thinks we are and is giving it "back" to us. lolalso i don't think it's my demeanor or my stature that makes people want to challenge me or feel intimidated by me because i'm tiny! i'm not intimidating at all, i'm 5'2", a mommy, and i think i'm kind, but my god some people look at me&treat me like i'm a serial killer or something (heres a link to photos of me to prove i am not SCARY..or maybe i am haha this collage was made for a different site but whatever its on my photobucket account.

        i have pluto conjunct ascendant at 0.37 degree so my situation is like that of the girl above. although i do have moon conj ascendant and i can look approachable when i feel comfortable with a person. i proved this because when i was in university, and i dont trust people there, nobody ever asked me out (And im a damned good looking girl). but when i start to live at home, i feel comfortable of course and when i go out to buy stuff, sometimes guys would catcall on me and stuff. but when im on pluto conj asc mode, nobody would touch me with a ten feet pole. haha.
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      Re: For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

      Tue, October 25, 2011 - 6:00 AM
      Actually, I take back my comment. I don´t feel like a man. There is no such thing I think. I´ve always had a hard time grasping the concept of gender. To me it doen´t mean anything. The fact that some of us have a pussey and can bear kids and others don´t doesn´t say anything about who we are. To be agressive and intense is not a masculine trait at all. It´s a trait of those who are agressive and intense, as I see it.

      I played with boys and girls equally, and I also became sexually active at like 6 years of age (kid stuff) with both boys and girls, I saw no difference between boys and girls. I am now heterosexual, and I like men who wear womens clothes.
      Just some thought on gender, is all.
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      Re: For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

      Tue, October 25, 2011 - 6:18 AM
      It´s funny you should mention how we intimidate people, because yesterday I went to my danceclass and this scorpio guy who works there (yes, I investigated his sign) looked at me and said hi, but in a humorously shy way, to signal to me that he was a bit scared to say hi. I know scorpios though, so I understood that it was a joke, a way to tell me that I look too serious or similar, because a scorpio is NEVER truly scared. I just said hi back and went on my way. Truth be told, I don´t really like scorpio men, I think they are sleezy.

      I have several neptune aspects. Neptune, along with saturn, is the most prominent planet in my chart, except for pluto of course, wich dominates with about 90% lol. I am very much influenced with scorpio placements, that´s true. But I think scorpio is a misunderstood sign. It can be very emotional, just like pisces, but in a different way, if that makes sense.

      My neptune aspects:
      Neptune Sextile Pluto
      Neptune Sextile Ascendant
      Mars Sextile Neptune
      Jupiter Conjunction Neptune

      My pluto aspects:
      Pluto Conjunction Ascendant
      Sun Sextile Pluto

      The reason why I come of as piscean is perhaps because 80% of my chart is dominated by sextile aspects. The rest 20% is conjunctions (four, lol) I have NO squares or anything like that.

      And fwiw , I couldn´t open your pictures Sohryu, but I know what you look like. A mixture of sweet and sour, lol. :P
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        Re: For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

        Tue, October 25, 2011 - 4:26 PM
        ps. I don´t mean to say that al scorpio men are sleezy, that is far from the case, but alot of the ones I met were not very nice, but even they had some attractive qualities. Mostly though, I dont have a good chemistry with scorpio men.
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          Re: For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

          Wed, October 26, 2011 - 12:53 PM
          agreed. Scorpios rule sex. they're the masters of seduction. this explains why people find them to be sleezy.. alot of Scorpio risings are also the same way. It's in our nature- not to be sleezy- but to just ooze sexiness.
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    Wed, November 2, 2011 - 12:25 PM
    I definitely feel feminine and love to be a woman (must be my libra sun) but ive always thought like a man and some friends comment on it. I hate drama and discussing problems, and i would rather just run away until things calm down a bit. In some ways i do feel like guys have it easy, especially when it comes to forming friendships and bonding with other guys, whilst girls can be back-stabbing, bitchy and two faced :S i wish things were different.

    I dont have an intimidating appearance at all with my five foot 3 frame and big brown eyes but i have been told im 'different from the other girls' lol dont know whether that was in a good way or bad way. but i do feel out of place when im out with other girls - we think completly differently.
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      Sun, November 6, 2011 - 1:33 PM
      I do not wish that I were a man... I have a perspective that's a bit oddball, but I feel like it is much harder to be a man in this world than a woman. I have a developing theory that women are much more tied and connected to this world, this Earth, and because of that we can use our feminine/goddess energy to help heal the collective karma of men, which I believe to be deeply wounded. I think women are more anchored to this world on a primal level, and when we tap into that, we find we are loaded with a near endless supply of strength and personal reserve, which can be used constructively to do work to resolve the painful plight of man.

      I am not one of those Scorpio risers who stares - I HATE to be stared at, watched, etc. I hate it oh so much, it feels offensive and downright rude to me. I occasionally find myself wanting to watch a person but I try to be very careful about it because I know how uncomfortable it is if the person is sensitive to the sensation... if they look up and display signs that they're getting "that feeling" I withdraw my energy and sort of apologize under my breath because I am very much a Golden Rule kind of gal.
      • Re: For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

        Mon, November 7, 2011 - 5:00 AM
        I agree with Desiree (about the staring part also).
        The only times I've wished I was a man was about physical, silly things, like being able to pull the couch so that I can vacuum without breaking my back or, carry grocery or, lift heavy things at work or, travel alone to places like Morocco or, beat someone up :P etc.
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    Mon, November 21, 2011 - 6:37 PM
    I think this means that although we're ultra feminine (almost overpowering in it), we resent that men have the freedom to do what they want without all the ridiculous garbage ideas thrown on women about their behavior. But of course any Scorpio, rising or Sun Sign, is going to take one look at that and say, "I can play the game better than you can. Just watch me." So we play the game back on them and win.

    And I definitely love crimson red. My toenails are always painted that color (my finger nails used to be) and I love sports cars in that color.

    Almost every word of that Scorpio woman was me except the house part. I could give a flip about my house. I hate it. I feel like you don't own a house, it owns you. I find them oppressive. I totally want some man to take care of all of that and not bother me with it. I don't even care if he hires someone as long as I don't have to have anything to do with it. I like to live in very nice places, but I don't like making decisions about it or doing the work myself.

    Then again, I'm Libra with Scorpio Rising.
  • Re: For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

    Tue, September 25, 2012 - 10:28 PM
    Not in particular. I can't say that I am very feminine but at the same time I never wished to be born a man. I don't think it is easier either. Men struggle with their own issues like attracting females for example. I have typed myself according to socionics typing system and it says that my type is feminine but on the road to masculine which is how I feel inside:
  • Re: For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

    Thu, January 24, 2013 - 11:10 AM
    Sorry, late on the posting, only just joined! But interesting...I always thought that I think more like a man and have said on a few occasions that I was most likely a male in a previous life! haha! I think maybe it's just the more powerful aura that we associate with the male energy (?). And my favorite colour is black...similar to your dark, crimson red :)
    • Re: For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

      Thu, January 24, 2013 - 8:35 PM
      Actually, I recently spoke to a karmic astrology and she said you were a male in your past life if your Moon is in a male sign in this you.

      I have Sag Moon - I was a male in my past life. Explains alot. hahaha! I thought that was really interesting! Because that means everyone born during the days the Moon in a Male sign are souls that were males in past lifes. I guess they switch off! Guys get a 2 days, than girls and so on and so on....

      Of course, you have been male in other lives before the previous one.

      I agree with you on the other points! I don't feel male like sexually or like a gender. I just someone think I "think" more male at times although I am so emotional that I know I am a girl. It is actually a bit surprising to me that Scorpio is a female sign.

      But yes, I do think that Scorpio energy IS more yang than yin because of the power, sex etc associated with the sign which we always attribute to belong to the yang (male) energy of life.
  • Re: For the Scorpio Rising ladies...

    Wed, February 13, 2013 - 5:31 AM
    Funny you ask, I've been confused for a man multiple times!
    Mostly online. Nobody who meets me irl confuses me for a male. I have more of take charge and speak out personality.
    I also hate when others try to pressure me into gender roles and make me act more feminine.

    Through I've always attributed it to my socionics type being more masculine than others:

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