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topic posted Thu, June 29, 2006 - 10:02 AM by  Michael
You are here because you have camped with us, said you want to camp with us, or we want you to camp with us. This is not a roll call, just creating the stream of communication, even if you are not camping with us.

It seems that thoughts of camping are in the air. For some reason Camp Rum & Cock [CRAC] is becoming a popular destination on the Playa. This popularity means that we have a need for some type of organization. Please, let’s not get too organized.

The camp was founded on casual drinking and slackery. We are friends who camp next to each other with no expectation of any particular participation or contribution. We just end up sharing stuff and helping each other because we are friendly.

I created these to help us communicate.

A mailing list: (Joining is not mandatory. I just like making mailing lists.)

A Flickr pool:

*Pass this info on to people who are interested in camping with us.*
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