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Reverse the dominant paradigm. Men in charge, patriarchal and monotheistic religions, women subjugated. Ever felt like you didn't quite fit in? Like there's something more out there?

Here it is.

Throughout history, goddesses and gods have coexisted. Look at Hinduism, Buddhism, the modern Faerie movement, witchcraft, Greece, Rome. They all have goddesses owning as much--or more--power as the gods they lived with. We believe that it hasn't changed in the slightest, despite the beliefs of so many, who believe that women should be the next thing to nonexistent when it comes to spirituality.

Mothers, daughters, sisters, priestesses. They all are in power, in one way or another. The sheer strength involved in giving birth is indicative of that potency. The simple grace involved in soothing a sick child, the fierce passion involved in fighting for life. Women do hold power. And we celebrate that.

The women within this community are more than just priestesses. They are representations in the real world of the Great Goddess as we know her, whatever name she bears. The men you'll find here are more than just acolytes and priests. They are representations of Her Consort. One cannot exist without the other. We honor them both, and we welcome them both.

If this rings true for you, in even the smallest amount, welcome home. You are among friends. RSS Feed what is XML?

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