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Directly from our brochure:

"The Service of Mankind Church Essemian Sanctuary of the Goddess (aka SMC or SM Church) is a modern Natural Religion, committed to the restoration of some of the ancient religions worshipping the Great Goddess. We are interested in the historical research of many ancient, Goddess-based, matriarchal cultures to the extent of simulating the existence of such a society in our present time. The simulation could be extended to include a Goddess-based, Amazonian-like society, in which present day assumptions of the active and passive gender roles respective to male and female are reversed, and women have assumed extraordinary power. We are not afraid to explore a societal simulation where women become the oppressors and men the oppressed, even to the extent where men assume roles as slaves in a female dominant environment.

"To explain what this has to do with Goddess worship, we offer the following. Since we believe that the worship of a male gender God has resulted in a rationalization for the legitimacy of a male dominant society, it then becomes apparent that the practice of Goddess worship could also have a similar effect upon gender domiance presumptions. If such an effect were to result in an inversion of the present societal paradigm (whereby the female becomes the dominant gender rather than the male), it may be concluded that such an inversion of gender dominance is an essential element of Goddess worship.

"SMC believes that the ideal Goddess worship environment indicates teh necessity for a female dominant societal paradigm, and thus retains as one of its principal religious objectives the acquisition of resources for the eventual creation of an isolated and private communal living arrangement, where a Goddess-based, female-dominant, disciplined lifestyle can be fully effected. Insofar as we believe that the realization of our unique communal lifestyle objective is a Goddess-directed religious mission, SMC seeks special women and men who are prepared to experience the full consequences of living in such a communal situation, and are able to help bring such a commune into existence."

In summary:

SMC is a modern Natural Religion, like those of old, that worshipped the Great Goddess and created a matriarchal society to reflect their spirituality. We are interested in historical recreations of the cultures that lived by it, such as the Amazons, Babylonians, early Egyptians, etc. In such a community, the current assumptions of gender roles (males are in charge, women are subservient) would be reversed, and women would once again attain extraordinary power, to the extent that men hold the identity of slave.

We hold the contention that if the predominant worship of a MALE God has resulted in males being in power, then it makes sense that worship of FEMALE Goddess would require women being in power, even outside of rituals and ceremony, and in everyday life. (i.e., male God=males in power, female Goddess=females in power).

We feel that this reversal is a necessity, and thus is a religious objective of our church. Eventually, we would like to create an isolated, private, communal living arrangement, involving a large group of like-minded and equally faithful people, where a Goddess-based, female-dominant lifestyle can be practiced on a daily basis. Because of this goal, SMC seeks those who are CALLED, and ready, to create such an existence, and desire it as much as we do.
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