my experience of ball kicking

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Way back in the early1990s, when I lived in New York City, I had my most memorable ball kicking experience. It was with a young law student who did some part-time pro-Domming at one of NYCs prime dungeons.

When I saw her add, I was sold! It said that she was looking for real masochists for intense ball kicking. I hadn't really experienced it before this, so she was both my first real experience and, in perspective, the best one so far.

When I talked to her, I realized that she had a real passion for ball kicking, and that she knew how to do it, without doing permanent damage. I felt secure enough to give her space to do it her way, and not interfer with her.

I asked her if it was ok for her to strap me into my black leather straightjacket, use a ball gag and a leather hood. She said sure, and that's how it started.

With me powerless, blinded and gagged, she started out really soft. Without her feet in nylons, she begin by teasing me - rubbing them against my balls. Then she started to kick my balls really lightly, and it felt really good...

That was the first 5-10 minutes. From this point on she turned up the intensity step by step, going from light kicking to medium, and from there to really hard ball kicking.

Because I hadn't done it before, I wasn't really sure what to expect, or how much I could take. But with our arrangement that was not really an issue. We had agreed to do it her way, and that's what we did.

After maybe 30-40 minutes of kicking, she was up to full speed. By then, every hit was really painful - and I mean really painful!

If I could, I might have used a safeword by then, but that was not in our agreement - so I just had to take it. I couldn't even fall down on the floor, like a guy normally does when he's kicked hard in his balls - because she had attached some of the D-rings on my straighjacket to a wall.

By the time it was over, I had tears in my eyes - that's how intense the pain experience had been!

Did I regret my agreement with her?
No way!

Would I do it again?
Of course I would!

Ball kicking is a very intense sensation, and a great one. That's why I joined this tribe..
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    Sun, April 8, 2007 - 9:33 AM
    The main thing is to work up to it < myroncbt > 12/29 19:59:19

    I have never had someone kick my nuts for me-- once I tried to get a girl to do it, but all she could handle was a little slapping. With my balls tied up, it resembled a boxer's speed bag (you know, like in Rocky). When done correctly, it's more about shock and slight pain which I find to be very pleasurable. Certainly it takes both trust and technique. I did have a pretty intense orgasm with a girlfriend who used a leather whip on my ass and thighs, while I was blindfolded, occasionally hitting my cock and balls (yearning for the shock, sensation), then finishing me off with a blow job. I guess she liked me. I think I sat there in a lump for about five minutes before I could string together a coherent sentence.

    I have done my own self-punishment in some form as long as I have been masturbating, which is like from age 6. I am not kidding. I used to entertain myself with nurse or Amazon bondage fantasies. What I have found is that if you start out with slapping, then increase the intensity as much as you can bear, you can take more and more. If you get jabbed sharp in one ball or the other it can cause the wrong kind of uncomfortable pain, of course, or just one big wallop right of the bat will take the breath out of you, but I'm talking about wide, blunt blows, steadily increasing, with time to recover a bit. Usually I tie my balls with string or a rubber band, but you have to be careful that the rubber band doesn't cut off the circulation for too long. You can do this by having a looser rubber band, or by tying a leash to the rubber band that you can pull to take the tension off. It is also a pleasant sensation to tug tug tug on the leash and make the whole package wiggle around.

    If you cut off the blood flow to your dangly bits completely for several hours, you will castrate yourself. I do not recommend this, since most people prefer to enjoy the continued manipulation of their genitals. And yes, you can rupture testicles, but I think it takes ALOT of force and a sharp attack. Maybe there's something about increased blood flow to the area that allows more and more force to be used, since my balls get pretty swollen. I have got to the point where I have been hitting myself pretty damn hard.

    I have tried all manner of novel approaches to self-induced ball busting. The element of surprise is hard to reenact. Once I tied a gallon jug of water so that it would swing into my tied, exposed balls while I was blindfolded. I set a candle to burn through a string holding it back. The problem was, I could hear the string snap, and it gave me a split second warning. Another time I put my balls on the rim of the toilet and let the seat drop on them from further and further away. I have tried hammers and cinder blocks. But at this point my favorite implement, and the simplest, is a boot. For added momentum, fill it with coins.

    Last night I literally worked up to the point where I was racked with an orgasm that had me incapacitated for quite a while. Roughly the scale as with the previously mentioned girlfriend, but I admit there's an added aspect to having it done to you by someone else. All I did was to work up to it, take breaks to rest, intermittently fondling and teasing myself. And ultimately, that's what's going on. You build, and build, and build. When I came, the entire event took several seconds, rising like the pitch of a siren, finally wailing. I must have milked my balls dry, because when I pulled a quick jerk off today I hardly got a drop.

    So, ball busting definitely flips my switches, but to each his own. There's lots of things that other people like which I don't-- I am very hetero on the continuum for example, though I am not homophobic. So long as you aren't hurting small animals or children, or victimizing an adult without their permission, or exposing your self to people in the shopping mall, who am I to judge?
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    Wed, May 7, 2008 - 3:07 PM
    I mainly remember being invited to kick my boy's balls early on in our relationship. I'm still new to topping, so I was wary about doing any serious damage. In an attempt to honor my goal at self-discipline through warm-up and build-up, I simply swung my foot back and forth, slowly, as though I were sitting on a high chair. He'd grunt and simply widen his eyes a little at each connect first, looking dreamy and enthralled. As I continued, though, a slightly frantic note took root in his stare as his grunts became yelps.

    I remember how intimate it felt to know that as the top of my foot landed between his legs, he'd jump a little. It was an odd connection to cherish, but I had more of his body surrounding mine than I usually do during pain play. I remember simultaneously being awed by how much toruture he was tolerating, feeling as though I wanted to take him in my arms and cuddle him, and feeling a dangerous glee in the fact that I was causing his eyes to water. I found myself wondering what it would take to make his eyes cross, to make him clutch at his balls and fall over. I remember grinning crookedly into his upturned, pleading face and grinding the sole of my foot into his very hard dick.
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    Sat, January 9, 2010 - 6:14 AM
    I've been into ball busting all my life and i'm now lucky enough to have a girlfriend who is willing to give my balls a good kick or punch and generally recieve about 4-5 painful blows a year from her. I have had over my life time i have experience 6 women who have kicked knee or punched my ball very hard including my current girl friend.

    It is a womens right to kick a mans balls

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