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For those who derive pleasure form receiving or giving saline injections into the scrotum
and masturbating and having massive ejaculations. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Has anyone got an infection from infusing?  topic
bad reaction  topic
Infusion or injections  topic
Hodeninjektion  photo flag
Hodeninjektion  photo flag
Hodeninjektion  photo flag
Hodeninjektion  photo flag
Fuck yeah  photo flag
walking the street at full size  topic
UK Contacts?  topic
1 liter  photo flag
pumping  photo flag
want saline injection in France  photo flag
contact in France  topic
Call for help!  topic
My 1st saline infusion..  topic
saline vid  topic
Can't Seem to find anyone in Minneapolis or St ...  topic
Infuse into head of cock?  topic
Minnepolis Anyone?  topic
Minneapolis Saline Guys??  topic
Finding saline?  topic
saline  topic
party  topic
Mentor needed in N. TX.  topic

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