Mescalin and drug testing

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Does anyone have any idea if in typical drug tests (I know they can all be different, so it's not a sure thing here) if they are testing for mescalin? I was working regularly with a Bolivian cacti on inner healing and now I am being drug tested. I can't come right out and ask my probation officer about this. So just looking for some thoughts. Thank you and blessings.
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  • i do not know......... i doubt it though but who knows what they look for.....hopefully someone may know the answer you are looking for
    how long does mescaline stay in the system?
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      My understanding is that traditional drug tests are not designed to detect mescaline or psilocybin. I'm sure they could develop one, but there are more substances out there that are more of a target. I would try to do some more research on it just to be safe, however...
      • You are probably in big trouble. Mescaline in your urine should probably be the least of your worries.
        • " You are probably in big trouble. "

          elaboration please.....

          since such cacti contain a cocktail of Phenethylamines...
          it could be possible (i think) that one could mistakenly
          give a positive for amphetamine...
          but I doubt that they would stay in your system too long...
          at least not as long as herb.

          not trying to scare you... but it seems I may have read this at some point.

          I would look for more reliable info than "seems" and "may-have" though...

          good luck!

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            ssqtch is right thats really the only thing to de concerned about... but mescaline fully metabolizes in your system rather quickly so really i wouldnt worry about it unless you take it a few days before the test. but they dont test for hallucinogens really...
            ive seen the test kits and been shown how to do it at work... i work in a psych ward...
  • A. Mescaline isn't illegal to have in your system and
    B. The half life of halucinagens is usually very fast or testable only by spinal tap...which is illegal on a live person, so unless you're worried about being prosecuted postmortem, you'll be aiight
    • While phenethylamines are different from amphetamines, they may through metabolic processes be metabolized into amphetamines. So, you do them at your own risk. 72 hours, though, and you should be okay. Your facts aren't completely right, McT. But, if it came down to it, any job that I couldn't do and smoke herb at, isn't the job for me, anyways. :)
      • Hi, I'm new and tend to lurk.

        First thing, don't get too scared, fear kills.
        Not talking crap, done probation.
        Talked them out of 95% of the UA's scheduled.
        I was SO offended (charges were non drug related!).

        If they're testing for Meth (3 day window),
        that's exactly all those little chemists are testing for,
        in the LEAST expensive means necessary.
        Government agencies are all on a budget.
        Don't let the CSI shows fool you,
        most labs can only do so much and are forced to select witch social agendas they can afford to enforce.
        You've heard about the rash of mescaline heads on the street corners right? Didn't think so.
        I've met groups of enlisted servicemen at raves in TX that told me exactly what they could get away with dosing.
        No testing for LSD, Mescaline, or Psylocybin. No social problems to threaten public ego.
        At four hundred dollars a hammer they do whatever they need to.

        Now on the other hand, heard about a guy in a circle of friends who was getting a job working for Nortel, tougher security clearance
        than MOST military posts. He shaved his head and nared his body. They still found some random hair and kicked him down the line.
        My point is that unless you're in an above miltary situation, chances are your probie looks at you as a case load to shuffle with all the other cases. If they're searching for Meth, they're not going to find shit.

        Be aware, not paranoid. I might be paranoid if a drug acronym was my profile name (hint, hint... my name is Mary Jane, I like walks in the rain and doing illegal shit I can get busted for). Gee, why lurk? Drink a shit ton of water while fasting if you're really worried. Day of the test, lay off the water so you're not dilute.

        Check head shops online for more info. There is a wealth of info out there.
        Most important, they're not after "Cacti-heads".

        Whatever happens, let us know.

        • The question is not what they are after. Its what mescaline becomes while being digested. Being as it has a speedy quality it is assumed that it may come up as an amphetamine
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            and then if it does
            you can tell then you ate dinner with a native american family who ate cactus.
            • Serious. Tell them to take it to a lab and retest it. see if there really is any amphetamine in it
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                always look for jobs were they dont test you, i am a sculptor and yard monkey, i nevere get tested, though i have felt that that restriction on my life might be beneficial at times..............
                • Sure can be beneficial at times. At other times it just pisses you off
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Does anyone posting here KNOW of anyone this has happened to? All I have read is what-ifs and other paranoia. Are you chemists? Did Dahmay or anyone you KNOW, I mean, KNOW, test positive in such a manner. Sorry, it sounds like bullshit and paranoia. I didn't KNOW the servicemen I spoke of, but it wasn't third party I heard about or I suspect and inferance kinda crap. I spoke to them and they had done their homework.
                    Most tests have a certain number of panels, i.e. substances they test for. If some agency or job spent the bucks for a 7 or 9 panel test, they may test for and find psylocibine. But is their anything even partially factual that suggests mescaline synthesizes in the body to resemble the draino and battery acid cocktails that make meth? Otherwise I cry bullshit and suspect even disinformation narc-ishness. If corrected.... well then I stand corrected.

                    (When they're after you you'll KNOW.)
                    • Oh... and keeping shit jobs because of reeeeally stretching to the what ifs, give me a break. The fact your higher conscious is attracted to these teachers should override such base fear in time.
                    • psudoephedrine causes a false posotive for meth. Even if Mescaline did cause a false posotive you could have them send it into a lab. Im sure the lab could tell its not meth. I dont think It would. Ive eaten some cacti the day of a drug test and passed but it was only a minute ammount.
                      • Right on, almost what I was saying. You suspect but haven't seen or known it to happen, but your scared it might happen.
                        We're not talking about pseudoephidrene. Cacti... um, yo. Pseudoeph. is totally otc., and yeah you'ld want the re-test.
                        But once again, does any of the 3999 on this tribe KNOW of any mescaline getting them in any sort of trouble due to testing? It's a simple question. Not suspect, deduce, infer, or otherwise guess, but have some sort of knowledge, first or possibly second hand actual dealings with a bust? Otherwise you're doing "The Man's" work for them. OOOOOOOOhh, be scared of what they're not even fucking testing for in the least?!? Come on, get real.

                        Some facts. Please!
                        • Wow just, tell us how you really feel! :)
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                            • I hope my loss of etiquette may be forgiven. I can be eloquent, and at times I swear.
                              My apologies. I just find fearful conjecture frustrating on a site where people are hoping to glean facts.

                              "You are probably in big trouble. Mescaline in your urine should probably be the least of your worries. " (Christ)
                              What does that mean? Be worried about what?

                              "since such cacti contain a cocktail of Phenethylamines... it could be possible (i think) that one could mistakenly
                              give a positive for amphetamine... " (ssqtch)
                              Close to some facts but once again, I guess and suppose.

                              "I have this feeling it could come up as an amphetamine " (Kyle)
                              Do I have to even explain what's wrong with that statement.

                              "A. Mescaline isn't illegal to have in your system and
                              B. The half life of halucinagens is usually very fast or testable only by spinal tap...which is illegal on a live person, so unless you're worried about being prosecuted postmortem, you'll be aiight." (Mc Teej)
                              Hey! Some facts.

                              "psudoephedrine causes a false posotive for meth." (Kyle)
                              Nobody was talking about cough medicine, and psudoephedrine is a constituent of some meth recipes. That is old news.

                              "While phenethylamines are different from amphetamines, they may through metabolic processes be metabolized into amphetamines. So, you do them at your own risk." (Christ)
                              Christ Christ! May?!? Perhaps I'm wrong but my understanding is that chemicals do what they do, especially in the body, not sometimes and once in a while, but consistently. Perhaps I'm wrong, cool enough, but that's why I'm asking if anybody KNOWS their chemistry.

                              So since I've done a stellar job of outing myself here, this is how I really feel. I feel that because you do entheogens of various kinds you shouldn't live in fear because your pot buddies and shamanistic friends are ate up with paranoia. Your plants surely want to teach you better. Because you reach to the source with the aid of these teacher plants, you shouldn't have to work in a gas station or work under the table. (Which is OK if that's what you want to do.) You are in a small percentage of thinkers just for this interest alone. This is good.
                              Be informed of facts. Make decisions on facts. Is there any better advice?

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                                ] Pharmacokinetics

                                Although the ED50 is variable with dosage and individual, the LD50 has been measured in various animals and is reported as follows:

                                * 212 mg/kg i.p. (mice)
                                * 132 mg/kg i.p. (rats)
                                * 328 mg/kg i.p. (guinea pigs)

                                It is reported that mescaline is 1000-3000 times less potent than LSD, and 30 times less potent than psilocybin[citation needed]. About half the initial dosage is excreted after 6 hours, but some studies suggest that it is not metabolized at all before excretion.

                                Tolerance builds with repeated usage, and it is suggested that a cross-tolerance can be developed with LSD and psilocin.[2]

                                Mescaline appears to not be subject to metabolism by CYP2D6[3] and between 20 and 50% of mescaline is excreted in the urine unchanged, and the rest being excreted as the carboxylic acid form of mescaline, a likely result of MAO degradation[4].

                                Q: How long does mescaline stay in your system? Re: drug test
                                A: Mescaline is not tested for by the standard drug tests used by corporate, military, school, or legal organizations. While it is technically possible to test for mescaline, because it is so uncommon the test would be quite expensive. Unless there is a very specific reason why someone would be suspected of mescaline use and therefore tested specifically for is extremely unlikely that they will perform this test.

                                In the unlikely case that such a test was given...mescaline is most likely detectable for 3-4 days, perhaps a week at the longest.


                                we do drug testing on our patients before they are admitted into our hospital. Mescaline is not tested for unless they are specifically looking for it and they never specifically look for it. It does not come up as something else... and even if you did it the day before a drug test when they could find it in your urine ( and it is passed relatively unchanged in your urine) they are not looking for it any way... unless you went into an ER totally having a crisis and were on mescaline while in the crisis they probably would not have the ability to easily test for nor the desire to test for mescaline... they would just notice the pupils and take it at that...

                                as far as the spiritual and political aspects of drug testing are concerned... i personally will not work for some one that does drug testing as a mandatory requirement for hiring me. it is a ridiculous, absurd and incredibly demeaning thing to do to a person and i dont like to encourage them... why would i want to support the work of a business or employer that does not respect me? give them the best years of my life and perpetuate their disrespect of people by doing them a job well done? no i dont think so...

                                if your really really wishing not to add to the internet rumor wheel and would rather prove something then allow information with out source rule your life, I would go to wallgreens drug store and buy your self a general all purpose drug screen that tests for all of the major drugs and peepee on it while and perhaps even after useing mescaline and then publish your results on erowid. do every one else a favor as well.
                                • although the title does say "mescaline and drug testing",
                                  the OP says it is "bolivian cacti" that he is concerned about,
                                  and I think it is the many, various other phenethylamines contained
                                  within some "bolivian cacti" at various levels that theoretically could
                                  give a false positive for amphetamines.
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                                    I really dont see what the theory your talking about is...
                                    *3,4-dimethoxyphenylethylamine or DMPEA is a metabolite in the body allready which is supposedly in the urine of schizophrenics...
                                    *3-methoxytyramine (3-Methoxytyramine is a metabolite of dopamine.)
                                    *tyramine (Tyramine occurs widely in plants and animals and is metabolized by the enzyme monoamine oxidase. In foods, it is often produced by the decarboxylation of tyrosine during fermentation or decay. Foods containing considerable amounts of tyramine include meats that are potentially spoiled or pickled, aged, smoked, fermented, or marinated (some fish, poultry, and beef), most pork (except cured ham), chocolate, alcoholic beverages, and fermented foods, such as most cheeses (except ricotta, cottage cheese, cream cheese), sour cream, yogurt, shrimp paste, soy sauce, soy bean condiments, teriyaki sauce, tofu, tempeh, miso soup, sauerkraut, broad (fava) beans, green bean pods, Italian flat (Romano) beans, Chinese (snow) pea pods, avocados, bananas, eggplants, figs, red plums, raspberries, peanuts, Brazil nuts, coconuts, processed meat, yeast, and an array of cacti.)

                                    not to mention some isoquinolines/TRITERPENES that would NEVER EVER be tested and are hard to find even if you are looking for them...are whats in bridgesii ( or Echinopsis lageniformis)... not to mention they would not be confused or give the result of an entirely different class of chemical.

                                    theory... 6. An assumption based on limited information or knowledge; a conjecture.

                                    the information out there just look it up...

                                    there is nothing in bridgesii that could be confused with amphetamines... period...

                                    • Thank you.
                                      That was beautiful.
                                      Factual answers.
                                      Your base of knowledge and understanding of the subjects at hand is impressive.
                                      I wish I quite had that grasp.
                                      I'm confused why it was like pulling teeth to get someone who knew to answer.
                                      I knew that it was uncommon to test for mescaline and things that aren't a social agenda.
                                      I doubted but wasn't sure as to the false positive.
                                      I also got frustrated and lost my manners along the way.
                                      Apologies again.
                                      I think I did everyone a favor.
                                      I got you to answer.
                                      Here's your second favor, sorry, later n' out.

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                                        well... i guess i had to prove it to you... the only reason i know is because i read as much as possible about those things... having good research skills is important too.
                                        I used to be the mod here actually...
                                        i still think that it would be great to take a general piss test and see what happens just for kicks. because even though all of the information points to NO NO NO NO, you never actually know until you prove it.
                                        tell you what the next time I imbibe bridgesii i will test my pee pee while im on it and even see if any thing comes up ok.
                                        i use the exact same tests used by medical centers and law enforcement... because thats where i got it...

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