to puke or not to puke

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as per a suggestion in an article on erowid (i will post the link later) i took some gravol (antinauseant) with cactus balls.

much dry heaving and not being able to puke later, i wondered if the 6 hours of on and off nausea and stomach pain lasting till the next day were because the antinauseant had interfeared with the natural vomiting process.

also i am wondering if pukingon cactus feels just likea side effect, or if like ayahuasca it feels like you are purging mental and spiritual crap that needs to go.

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  • I'm not experienced at all yet, but very interested. I hear it said that it's the waxy skin of the San Pedro that causes the nausea, and does not necessarily have to do with the effect. So you can avoid most of the nausea by avoiding the skin.

    I agree some-what with what you say, that it could be like a purging thing, in a spiritual sense. Part of me doesnt want to miss out on the wholeness of the cactus. Scientifically, the alkaloids are not in the skin.

    I was referring to San Pedro. I have no Idea about gravol with balls.
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    Well, in a peyote ceremony when you vomit it is called "getting well" and you are thanked for purging for the whole group. Your "wellness" is then immediately shoveled up and the bad stuff is taken out of the tipi to a special spot that gets prayed upon and covered up after the ceremony.

    In my opinion, getting well on any psychactive cactus is part of the healing process. Grandfather Peyote is powerful medicine.....
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    I have worked mostly with the dried form of the medicine...It is harder to get down do to the concentrated bitterness but I have only autually thrown up one time and I had been sick with the flu for a week.after I got well quickly. I felt that more than the medicine comming out of my body it was the illness and I continued on a long and intense journey throught the ceramony....
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      one night during a sanpedro ceremony with a south american shaman. i was praying to keep the medicine in as long as possible. i had never vomited from sanpedro and i had allways prided myself on that. finaly i couldnt hold it in but i was trying to pull in the power to keep it in, breathing deeply through the nausea. finally i felt this huge bear come up from behind me and grab my head and force it down to the ground, i puked my guts out. my head was just held there by the giant bear paws forceing me to look at my own then spoke to me..."did you really want to keep that sickness inside of you, be strong like me but don't be so strong that you carry your sickness as a source of pride."
      the purgative aspect of the medicine is very cleanseing if not in a physical sense a very spiritual sense. as you can see right there i learned a good lesson from vomiting. i would never take an anit vomiting medication with sanpedro or peyote. never.
      you don't allways have to vomit, if you find vomiting to harsh ask to be shown by the medicine another way to get rid of the energy that you carry that you dont need or must release through vomiting, most of the time i just touch my hand to the earth and thats all i need to do, but sometimes the only way to go is to vomit. point is that a huge part of the healing action of these plants is that they relase energies that cause illness, either spiritualy physicaly or both....
      • Or more commonly during the ayausca experience..."BLAHHHHHH! I am puking for all mankinds sins"...over and over and over again.
        Makes ya' laugh.

        Not as nice as the 'being reborn' experience, most certainly.

        So if you need to puke, yes please as the swoosh says, 'just do it!'

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        thank you little lighteningbolt for your repsonse

        i tried to find the erowid article again so that i could comment on it and suggest the detrimental effects of taking the antinauseant, but i couldnt seem to find the same article again.

        if anyone runs across it please post !

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        I have yet to get sick (now we will see, lol!), my teacher told me you get sick in direct proportion to the amount of ego you will not let go of. only my small and limited experience.
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          thats about right!
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            Hmm, that's completely different than in a NAC ceremony which uses the Peyote Medicine. Getting well has nothing to do with ego. When you get well you are either healing for everyone, everything and/or yourself. Usually it's all of the above.
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              I said i have limited experience, sorry to have offended with my definition. I also have never felt sick with Peyote Medicine either, but please forgive my ignorance.
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                I am not understanding you, are you implying that my medicine experiences are not of quality because i did not feel the need to vomit? The most jarring part once was that mescalito followed me in the mountains for a good part of the night.
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                  No no, not at all. I was just telling how my tradition views it. That's all, nothing more. No judgement whatsoever. Everyone is free to pray as they see fit. My apologies if I worded it badly, or if you were offended.
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                    i dont think that what your talking about H and what travis is saying is actualy too differant. when some one gives over their ego they are getting well and so is every one else... its not differant at all really if you look at it on your head...
                    : )
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                      You are correct LLB. I guess I forgot to mention that. Grandfather Peyote will wipe away any ego that you might be clinging onto and get to the heart of the matter, to the issues that need the healing and/or work. He has spent much time healing others through my body. My last two ceremonies have been physically rough and afterwards I have been thanked by many for doing that work for them.
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    yeah cleanseing is a huge part of sanpedros medicinal qualities. think of it as putting your life in the hands of a surgeon, its going to heal you fix you up, if you need to puke, fallow the doctors orders, knowing that part of the nausea is just that the doctors orders. if your allready physicaly clean and spiritualy clean your not going to puke. being clean is the best anit nausea!
    • I've puked and not puked . I've puked early (within 45 min) and later on (90 min). I haven't been able to tell any difference in effect . I have had stomache pain from times when i did puke and when i did not . Stomache pain is a common side effect for me but mainly on higher dose like 15 inches 3 inches thick and a potent piece . the puking can be healing or a side effect i think it just depends on the person , their state of mind , and more importantly, what the plants have in mind for you that day . the dizziness only lasts the first couple hours or so . I suggest just riding it out . THC can help the vertigo. after that passes stomache pain can develope . For me it can be so painful i think i'm dieing! knives in the belly for hours on end . This seems to be because of really bad gas and some other substances have done somethingi similar to me . after either throwing up or 2 hours passes and you decide you are not going to throw up you might try some gas x . The stuff works great and i know package says take only 4 per day but after researching you can't really od on it or anything like that .it has no drug interactions either. I take two max strength then every couple hours or when i feel the pain building take one more . I would not take more then 8 in a day . 20 min after taking it you can magicaly feel your belly shrink and the pain decrease . All the gas causes pressure on various muscles in your back which leads to horrible back cramping so you may not be able to tell whats happening down there at all especialy if your too high. Not everyone has these stomache problems with pedro or other drugs and also i stopped eating red meat (now only chicken and fish) and try to avoid fried foods or dairy for a few days before and that really helps . ohhh and make sure you drink PLENTY of fluids the day before because you probably can't get much down for 12 hours or more.

      so i say LET THE PUKE FLY ! these days i actualy stick my finger down my throat and get it over with and then i feel much better .

      Endure the vertigo by staying still ! really its not even close to having a hang over or hawaiin woodrose

      gas x BEFORE the stomache cramping pain etc develope if thats a problem for you.
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    I think it's definitely a purging wonderful thing. I threw up once on SP and I can't even explain it...I only threw up a little but it felt like I had coughed up something dark from deep inside of me. I've thrown up other times on it and it didn't feel like that...but I still think it's always been helpful.
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      keeping the medicine down long enough is sometimes hard for people though. espeicaly if they have a weak stomache or hyper active gag reflex. some angelica seed tea or tincture taken before the ceremony could help ease the nausea. but honestly trying to keep it down is a good discapline because it also requires that you stop trying to keep it down when you really need to purge.
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    i reckon you puke when you should, and you dont when you should. i didnt puke for a long time, like the first few hundred times i took it, but i found puking to be a real good getting well also and no i like to puke more.

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