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topic posted Thu, July 31, 2008 - 3:11 PM by  marquis
does anyone know about the kleem mantra? nobody cant seem to tell me anything about it. i was watching it on youtube with dr sivababa, he didnt really go into detail with it just explain that u can attract many things and its a powerful mantra if u dont know what ur doin. does anyone have any info, sites, and how one can get started? what do i need to know about this kleem?
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    Fri, August 1, 2008 - 7:49 AM

    Swami Ramdev of the Audarya Fellowship goes into deep meaning on the mantra Kleem as follows.

    Kleem is the seed mantra of para shakti in its action aspect formed as such.
    Sabda brahma is the knowledge of the supreme spirit manifesting itself in
    indistinct sound called Anahata. This sound kleem comes from Ka + La + Eem. KLA
    denotes creation coming to preservation stage where knowledge is essential
    towards action. We saw what eem stands for the desire as well as the clear
    conception for the desire. The seed letter Kla ending with bindu connotes non
    dual Brahman known as Para Shiva or Para shakthi. Therefore the seed mantra
    Kleem stands for the predominance of kriya shakthi which manifests like the
    lustre of moon. Kleem also means the state, where there is no assumption. It is
    the junction where fulfilment of all desires takes place and therefore this is
    also known as the Kamaraja mantra.

    The deity kriya shakthi is Mahalaxmi who is evident in two forms - the malignant
    and the benignant.

    In the former case Kali as durga works fear and panic in the heart of the timid
    and unwary. In the latter case kali is as lakshmi, is the foster mother to the
    knowing and tenacious. The bindu connotes that in all ways the import in the non
    dual Brahman. Kleem corresponds to the second stage of speech madhyama vak. Its
    place of pronunciation is the head, where the ideas begin to take the form of

    In Love and Light
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      Sat, August 2, 2008 - 9:51 AM
      this question would be better put on a tantra tribe than a sanskrit tribe as it has no literal sanskrit meaning. Its meaning is composed of the tantric significance of the letters which compose it.