Wesson Oil Wrestling- hot and naked

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So, I was speaking to a fellow TNG-er about Edges likely moving. We are planning a kick-ass, hot and very fuck-a-licious event fundraiser on May 10 including the burlesque troup: Twilight Vixen, some incredible items for the silent auction, dinner, a 2am brunch, MC'ed show and more.

BUT, what I really really really want to do is oil wrestling. We have several of our local groups helping with the event in various ways and it was suggested that TNG might take on the oil wrestling bit! I've purchased a 12 foot wide circular pool, we have plans for the cleanup and showering aspect, and we have all the plans already mapped out for the 'how to'. Would you all be interested in taking this and running with it?

What's needed: Folks willing the wrestle! Folks willing to wrestle other folks willing to wrestle hahaaa And a lot of talking up this event and making sure we do what we can to get folks out and help us ensure a smooth transition to a new home!

Thoughts, questions? Interested, not?
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    Thu, May 8, 2008 - 9:38 PM
    So we are coming down to the last couple days before the party. How is this coming?
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      Thu, May 8, 2008 - 10:41 PM
      Wrestling will start at 8:30pm so once the show is over folks will need to quickly take their places.
      $5 entrance to the tent to watch the wrestling, and an additional $5 to sign up to wrestle.

      Many folks already have a partner in mind to wrestle.
      Does someone have a stop watch so we can give them say, 5 minutes tops--ready set go!
      Does someone have a whistle to call time?
  • Wesson Oil Wrestling- hot and naked

    Sun, May 11, 2008 - 2:22 PM
    So, the event was last night - and it was sooooo much fun! We also raised a bunch of moola! It was $5 a head, to watch - and we had at least 30 spectators. Plus the wrestlers paid "entrance fees" and the audience was generous with the tips! Thanks to everyone for participating!

    I had a great time being the "number gal." And, not only were NaughtyDoc and the crowd/participants absolutely hilarious, the wrestling was one-of-a-kind entertainment! I laughed so much, my sides hurt!

    I have to say thanks to our wrestlers, because there would have been no event without them.
    They were really good sports, considering the amount of mess they were in and the potential for personal injury! And then they had to clean-up with a freezing cold "shower." Wow! These guys were dedicated!

    Karen (Hardest Wrestler!)
    McLovin (Most Flexible!)
    Shelly (Most Slippery When Wet!)
    Trouble (Best in Show!)

    YOU GUYS ROCKED!!! :-)

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