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For those of y'all seeking a new level of geek-speak,intelli=lectualism, sci-vision, and all of the other hobby-endeavours that serve to create the singularity that is you... also you must like to dance about like a sprite... and want to mess around with mental well-being... otherwise there are no other requirements...

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Be a dork, it's fun....  topic
Power of words  topic
Hi-dilly-ho-dilly  topic
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E tu, Nintendo?  topic
I was listening to psy-trance and suddenly: th...  topic
Weekly update from Geekovia...  topic
Not sci... but cheesy...  topic
Physics news o' the week...  topic
Astronomy Picture of the Day  topic
Postmodern fun...  topic
Compressed-air driven car  topic
Making music  topic
Radioactive emissions from saturn  topic
So when we doin this?  topic
Party and get sci-painted by me... this friday...  topic
Something a bit meatier...  topic
The sweetest note...  topic
Optical illusions: FUN TIME!!!  topic
Lost your marbles?  topic
Need a housemate? I cook like THE WIND...  topic
<3 YODA <3  photo flag
Here's a couple fun articles...  topic
Richard Dawkins tonight...  topic
Gettin' hi to sci in HI....  topic

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