Religious subjugation of women

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I was moved to write this topic after reading some on Eves' ( our newest member) homepage. Apparently she is righteously pissed off about it. I would be too, if i were a woman. But I'm not, and being rather selfish, it's hard for me to get worked up over something that does not affect me, lol.
Anyway, why is it that many popular religions call for subjugation of women? My admittedly weak theory is that in olden days since Man was bigger and stronger than women, he could just make up any old crappy story and enforce it since he could just bitchslap the woman if she didn't like it. Except in San fransisco, where men wear panties and the women will beat the fuck out of you, and corn hole you with a huge strap-on.
I find it strange and amusing that people get pissed off about this type of rather mild "Men -are-the-head -of-the -household" Christian beliefs, when truly outrageously horrible and deadly human rights infractions occur daily throughout the world by the followwers of that lying murdering pedophile, Mohommed.
Daily, little girls are by the thousands suffering the trials of female genital mutilation so the don't ever cause a man to sin. They suffer honor killings, for the crime of being raped and embarrassing their families. the cannot go outside without a male family member. they cannot attend school outside of Islamic studies. They must cover all their skin, lest the cause a man to fall into temptation. The must never look a man in the eyes. They must be sexually available to their husbands at all times except moon time, in any way, no matter how deviated he wants, regardless if she wants to or not. Wedding night is not looked forward to with delight, more like a sentence to prison for life- as marriages for love are never approved- a woman must marry whomever her father chooses, and sh'ed better be still sewn up ( scarred from her mutilation). the sex is painful, and will never bring pleasure since the clitoris is removed, often with other part as well. Scarring from this "operation", performed in mud huts throughout Africa and Arabia, lasts a lifetime. It cannot be reversed.
The horrrors visited upon women in Islam are FAR worse than any minor inconveniences brought by Christianity, which is voluntary. Islam is not. A woman who turns away from Islam is an Apostate- she will bge killed.
I don't understand where the outrage is for these women. I think it stems from the USA'a paralyzing political correctness, which forces us into a straightjacket- unable to act on or even criticise even the most egregious human rights outrage. Thats why Islam is probably going to take this country by storm, as it has all of white Europe. Everybody here is too much of a whining pussy to make them stop, whereas Muslims, although entirely crazy with religious delusion, have huge balls and are afriad of nothing.
There is a book called "Infidel", a powerful tale of a womans journey through her life as a muslim, to her enlightenment and escape in the west- to Holland. Her name is Ayaan Hirsi Ali. This book should be required reading for all americans- especially women. I will link it in a minute.
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    Thu, May 27, 2010 - 6:58 AM
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      Thu, May 27, 2010 - 7:10 AM
      Honor killing statistics underreported, and muslim "hate crime" stats overinflated.
      Trampled flowerbed at a mosque? A hate crime. Muslim girls murdered for being raped or having a (gasp!) boyfreind? "predjudiced" stats not required due to pressure from CAIR and other entities that should not even exist in the USA.
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        Thu, May 27, 2010 - 7:50 AM
        You folks may remember the murder in Holland of the filmmaker Theo Van Gogh. He was slain by a rampaging Islamic thug for daring to present a short skit about the subjugation of women in Islam. Where is the Progressive liberal womans outrage for this crime?
        Interestingly, the Islamic community in Holland did not condemn the act- rather, they ecouraged it. Ayaan Hirsi Ali was his freind and coworker on the project. She recieved so many death threats ( she had worked her way up from refugee, to citizen, to being elected to the dutch parliment) that she was evacuated to the United States for nearly 2 months. She previously lived in hiding, protected by the dutch secret police, on an Israeli embassy compound. It is absolutely unnaceptable that an elected official must live in hiding from islamic terrorists, basically the whole islamic community, in a European country. I dunno how it turned out- i think they got tired of her riling up the towelheads ( so they could get back to the task of kissing their asses, as Europeans are wont to do) and they took back her citizenship and sent her away. Without protection in Holland, she would have certainly been killed. I think she lives here in the US, and I'm glad.
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    Thu, May 27, 2010 - 10:36 AM
    I suppose it is true that a good ol' witch trial or burning at the stake was certainly the high water mark for inconveniences brought by Christianity and those days thankfully are far behind us enlighted folks in these United States, unlike the other named religions. This just leaves us now to deal with simple discrimination and hypocrisy - hardly a big deal at all. Still, relativistic positions like this could just as easily go on to show that at least the Muslims are not actively killing millions of Jews at this moment, like some apparently misguided Christians were doing not all that long ago. So I am sure it is easy to point to something worse to say something else is just not so bad there is it? But that doesn’t go ahead make it right, ethical, or moral, does it? Discrimination has no place in God’s plan. It is a simple human failing taking place around us every day, by people who just like things the way they are. And that abhorrent behavior *is* voluntary needs to go the way of the witch burners.
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      Thu, May 27, 2010 - 2:41 PM
      It's true that Christians have committed horrendous crimes throughout the centuries- of that, there is no doubt.
      It's also just as true that the only reason Muslims aren't killing millions of Jews at this moment, ( and infidel Americans) is that they simply are unable to do so. Otherwise they would- and I suspect they yet will, due to our "tolerance". Tolerance only works when it is reciprocated. UIslam is not tolerant. They command beleivers to convert, kill, or enslave. You can tell a chjristian on your doorstep you're niot interested. Your greatest worry will be, he might return. I usually answer the door in my boxers with a beer in my hand, heeyok! It works.Otherwise, it's just a great weakness by the "tolerant" side.
      My personal position is religion would be a freakin' joke, if it didn't cause way more suffering than it cured. There's a thousand religions, and they all claim to be the "one", and death to the others, Lololol. JFC.
      Yes, I am comparing them relative to each other. One is million times worse, and people are afraid to address it because Christians won't kill you, and Muslims will- and no one is afraid to criticise Christians- it's quite popular with the American left ( yet they have so much tolerance for everyone else). Fear and dread of a right -wing America supercedes any and all rational comparison between these two religions. Why else would we have a fucking nigger with the middle name Hussien as a president? Why do almost all- 99% of naturalized muslims vote democratic? Because they know that the other side will shut down their nefarious activities.
      Fortunately, I live in Arizona, and there will be less prayer rugs ( yes, they keep that under tight wraps) found in the desert on our southern border.
      I'm gonna laugh my ass off if I live to see the day when liberal hippy chicks are made the bitch-property of some gnarley towelheads. HAHAhahahah. Man, are they ever gonna wish for the good old days- no more freedom, no more reefer, a fist in their mouth every time they open it, HEEYOK. Can't call the cops bc they'll just say, why were youy out of the house without the Hidjab, and your new husband has the right to beat your ass. I don't think I'll make it though- it's gonna take longer than europe to capitulate, prolly 30 years for America, i don't have that much time in me I don't think.
      Yes, it IS relative. Christianity is a minor annoyance for strong-willed feminists. Islam is total and absolute slavery for women, period. A rational person cannot compare the "plight" of the christian woman, lololol, to the real plight of the shackeled muslim woman.
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        Thu, May 27, 2010 - 3:11 PM
        "Infidel"- Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Read it-
        It moved ME to tears- that never happens. ( mostly bc I usually couldn't give a shit, lol)
        Not many other women have had the nerve to stand up and say enough. None that survived, anyway.
        Nothing the American or European woman, black or white, has has had to contend with compares to this womans' life. Glass ceiling? Lol, at least you're allowed out of the house.
        I wish she could convince people how lucky they really are. But fat chance of that.
        It would make a great movie! But no one has the balls to do anything inflammatory in Hollywood, or prolly even independant film, that iriitates muslims. JFC, even Southparks' creators are ducking and dodging now. And that is REALLY pissing me off. I love me some Cartman. Christ on a crutch, I want to BE Cartman.